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How to Use Simple Persuasion Techniques to Effortlessly Build Trust with Prospects and Increase Sales

In last week’s podcast episode, I interviewed Justin Christianson who revealed how to increase the number of leads and appointments for your practice…without spending more on traffic. Today I interview Dave Lahkani, one of the nation’s most recognized experts on applied persuasion, human influence and business growth strategies.   How much easier would your job […]

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7 Killer Insights To Earn More Money And Work Less

In our last podcast episode, I interviewed Jeremiah Desmarais on “How To Become The Preeminent Authority In Your Marketplace And Connect With More Affluent Clients. Have you ever felt like you’re stuck on an island? Have you ever felt “disconnected” from your clients, employees, your spouse or maybe you’re so busy working that you’ve lost […]

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How To Become The Preeminent Authority In Your Marketplace And Connect With More Affluent Clients

  In last week’s podcast episode, I had an awesome guest who shared how Virtual Sales Secrets To Instantly Boost  Profits And Freedom In Your Business Today I interview Jeremiah Desmarais,who’s been labeled “One the greatest marketing minds in the financial industry” by executives and thought leaders. Last year, Jeremiah delivered the Ted Talk ‘The […]

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New Chapters In Life, Why I’m Starting Over And How We’re Going To Disrupt Our Industry

So recently I’ve been exploring a new philosophy on life called essentialism, thanks to a book I recently read called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. What really intrigued me about the book was that it walks you through how to regain control of our own choices so we can channel our time, energy and […]

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These Are The Online Marketing Tools That You Need To Gain an Unfair Advantage Over The Competition

I’m going to share with you the exact online marketing tools that I have been using with Advisor Internet Marketing that help me research a specific market, spy on our competitors, quickly build and deploy our online marketing funnels, generate leads and appointments, and basically help automate our online marketing business. If you are a financial advisor that’s looking to get started with […]

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TOP 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

We’re a few days into New Year and you’re likely in the process of putting the finishing touches on your 2016 Business Plan. Included in that plan is probably how to increase the digital marketing presence in your practice. After all, obtaining new clients is always a top priority and focus of a good business […]

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10 Simple Actions That Could Grow Your Business Significantly

In 2015, most every financial advisor has a website. Advisors use their websites for many different reasons. You may use it to generate leads, phone calls or just to get prospects and clients to your office. But what every advisor with a website has in common is one thing: create growth. What if you could use your […]

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The Number #1 Secret Used By Top Marketers To Dominate Advertising Online With Fernando Godinez

Fernando has successfully managed huge internet marketing budgets (multiple six figure per month) and today will be sharing with you which numbers matter most in your marketing and how you can beat out your competition once you know the “Number #1” internet marketing secret.

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