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Build a wildly profitable advisory practice in the Digital Age.

It’s time to re-think the traditional methods of growing your practice.

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See how AIM can help you

Qualifying advisors can grow their practice through AIM’s cutting-edge digital marketing, virtual client acquisition methods, and advanced annuity strategies.

Done-For-you Digital Marketing

Annuity Leads[ON]Autopilot™ is our exclusive done-for-you digital marketing program exclusively available to qualifying advisors that partner with AIM.

We’ve ditched traditional marketing methods altogether in pursuit of generating annuity leads and appointments that get scheduled right on your calendar — automatically.

Annuity Leads[ON]Autopilot™ is the industry-leading marketing program that helps advisors predictably get in front of more qualified clients.

Effortlessly Close Large Annuity Cases Without Meeting Clients In Person

Advisors get access to our proprietary and modern approach to helping advisors consistently close new business 100% virtually (over the phone) while building a highly profitable practice around their ideal schedule and lifestyle.

You’ll discover the tools and technology to quickly build rapport and create profitable relationships without having to meet with prospects and clients in person.

Advisor Freedom Formula™ is our signature virtual sales coaching program exclusively available to advisors partnered with AIM.

Advanced Annuity Sales Strategies And Innovative Income Planning Methods

Ethically gain an unfair advantage over your competition by getting access to the latest income planning and advanced case design strategies. We host monthly mastermind webinars to leverage the wisdom and intelligence of the successful advisors in our program.

Our advisors consistently beat out competing advisors by helping clients maximize their guaranteed income and growth potential with advanced case design strategies only shared within our community of top advisors.

How does your FMO stack up?

See how qualifying advisors that partner with AIM are having more freedom and profits than they ever thought was possible without hosting dinner seminars, educational classes, or webinars. Advisors plug into a fully turnkey done-for-you system that predictably attracts qualified prospects without any complicated tech setup or implementation headaches.

Generate Leads

Get targeted annuity leads delivered in real-time to your email inbox and conveniently organized in our custom CRM portal.

Personalized Automated Email Follow-Up

Our system will keep prospects engaged and “top of mind” by sending out ongoing weekly nurture emails. Completely automated and personal to each advisor and with calls-to-action linked directly to book on your calendar.

Booked Prospect Appointments

Our team of trained virtual sales assistants call all of your leads and schedule appointments on your calendar.

Personalized Online Sales Funnels

We build fully customized campaigns and funnels for each advisor to encourage prospects to know, like, and trust you BEFORE you meet with them.

Virtual Sales Coaching

Get access to the exact sales system that our advisors are using to sell millions of dollars in annuity premium 100% over the phone. Get ongoing sales coaching and support with our team.

World-Class Back Office Support

Our world-class team will help you with advanced case design strategies and ensure that your deals get properly funded. We have access to proprietary annuity products and the best annuity contracts from top-rated insurance companies and all of our advisors keep 100% of their commission on business closed from our leads.

Are you prepared for the seismic shift occurring in our industry?

The pandemic prompted a seismic shift in our industry and the way we attract, serve and retain clients will never be the same.

Our advisors are able to build a highly profitable practice, while still having the freedom and flexibility that few advisors know is possible. The industry is changing fast and clients do not need or want to meet with you in person — as they did in the past.

Is your FMO helping you adapt to this seismic shift?

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.

Wayne Gretzky
Champion Hockey Player
Wayne Gretzky

AIM’s quality over quantity approach working with advisors

AIM works with a select group of trained and vetted advisors who are able to educate consumers on the proper use of annuities. We train advisors to use virtual communication tools and technology to sell annuities without in-person meetings.

Advisors must share AIM’s core values of putting clients’ needs first and foremost — not based on what pays a higher commission. Advisors must also act with the client’s “best-interest” in mind and commit to offering only suitable annuity recommendations.

Want to see how AIM can help you grow your practice with just an Internet Connection and a cellphone?

Our done-for-you digital marketing programs and virtual sales coaching is exclusive to qualifying advisors.

To learn more about partnering with AIM, click the link below to get started.

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See for yourself a detailed breakdown of how our program works and how it may be a good fit for you.

3. Book Your Call

Joining AIM is by application only. Advisors are required to book a Discovery Call to determine if we’re a good fit.

2. Watch Our Case Study Video

See how we’re helping other advisors successfully grow their practice in the Digital Age.

4. Phone chat

You’ll be getting on the phone with one of our team to see if we are a good fit. We’ll either decide to work together or part as friends.

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