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Finally, an FMO with a proven done-for-you marketing system.

We help advisors build a wildly profitable practice, with just an Internet connection and cell phone.

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Kiss Dinner Seminars Goodbye!

Our digital approach completely replaces traditional dinner seminars and retirement workshops by delivering sales presentations to your prospects that are working 24/7, 365 days per year.

Automated Leads & Appointments

Our technology platform generates targeted annuity prospects and scheduled appointments on autopilot.

Close Business Virtually

Advisors can close business 100% virtually. Our process completely bypasses traditional methods, thereby eliminating the need of having a fancy office, large staff, or in-person meetings with prospects.

Digital Marketing That Actually Works!

Advisors can plug into a fully turnkey done-for-you system that predictably attracts qualified prospects without any complicated tech setup or implementation headaches.

Out with the old, in with the new

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for independent advisors that rely on traditional marketing methods. Sadly, many of the FMOs are inept at helping advisors use digital marketing to market their practice.

We think there is a better way to build a wildly profitable advisory practice. AIM is the first and only FMO that helps advisors grow a wildly profitable location-independent business with just an Internet connection and a cell phone.

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We Specialize In Using Digital Marketing To Drive Annuity Sales

Our industry-leading team has over a decade of experience specializing in direct-response digital marketing and virtual annuity sales coaching.


Years of Experience





What Make Us Different?

Is your FMO helping you prosper in the Digital Age? Our done-for-you digital marketing programs help advisors predictably attract annuity prospects and close more business automatically.

Driving Traffic

Our team of traffic specialists and media buyers have spent millions of dollars driving billions of views and website visitors.

Lead Generations

Our marketing messaging is proven to attract more ideal prospects and clients for our advisors.

Scheduled Appointments

We use automation and highly trained sales assistants to book scheduled appointments on behalf of our advisors.

Virtual Sales Support

Get access to virtual sales coaching and ongoing training via 1-on-1 coaching calls and masterminds webinars.

Total Freedom And Location Independence

With just an Internet connection, you can build a thriving virtual or “hybrid” practice and work literally WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want.

Low Overhead

Advisors can build a wildly profitable practice, 100% virtually without the need of a fancy brick and mortar office, large staff or overhead.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.
Our digital marketing program leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced predictive targeting to generate qualified annuity leads and scheduled appointments, 100% turnkey and fully automated.

Our Leadership

Jovan Will
Digital Marketing Strategist
Fernando Godinez
Media Buyer & Technology Specialist

Our Team

We are an FMO that empowers modern advisors to succeed in the Digital Age by offering done-for-you digital marketing programs and virtual sales coaching and support.

Predictive Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is composed of media buyers that specialize in advertising platforms that range from Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Display networks. We also have content writers, copywriters, and online sales funnel specialists that are experts in crafting direct response messages that produce results in our industry.

We eat, live and breathe digital marketing so you can focus on what you’re really good at:

Building meaningful relationships with prospects and serving more of your ideal clients.

Virtual Sales Methodologies

Our annuity sales and coaching team has a proven track record of helping advisors close millions of dollars over new business 100% virtually — without having to meet with clients in person. Our advisors get exclusive access to the tools and technology we use to quickly build rapport and create meaningful relationships with prospects.

Our annuity sales team will help you leverage the Internet’s power to reach more prospects outside of your geographical area. We can help you build your practice around your schedule and lifestyle so you can work whenever and wherever you want.

Advisors get a private invitation to our virtual advisor mastermind along with ongoing 1:1 and group coaching and support to help them close more business while providing massive value to their clients.

World-Class Back Office Support

AIM provides “best-in-business” annuity contracting from top-rated carriers along with world-class back office and case design support to get your deals funded.

Advisors also benefit from gaining exclusive access to proprietary annuities that less than 1% of advisors have access to.


Got questions? We’ve got you covered.

Can I hire your team?

Our team is actually not for hire. We dedicate our time and expertise exclusively to support our advisors with our done-for-you digital marketing program.

Do I need to move all my contracts to work with you guys?

We don’t require advisors to move over all of their annuity contracts. Our advisors must have a sufficient number of annuity contracts with us in order to do a good job helping prospects and clients properly research and review suitable annuities.

Do I need to stop doing dinner seminars?

If you’re happy hosting dinner seminars, educational classes, and workshops, and they are working for you — then we would suggest that you continue to keep doing them. We do have advisors that host local events in their local market area and run annuity appointments in our program.

Do I have to split my commissions with you guys?

No, advisors keep 100% of the “street-level” commission on all products sold. Our profits are tied to our advisors’ ability to close more business since we are compensated on the annuity override.

Is this a coaching program?

No, our program is a 100% turnkey, done-for-you annuity leads program. We do provide advanced annuity sales coaching and training to advisors that have their annuity contracts with us.

What if I don’t want to leave my FMO?

Our program is really designed for “modern” advisors that are not getting the full value from their FMO relationship. If you are totally satisfied with your FMO and they are helping you bring in millions of dollars in new annuity business —then by all means, you should stay with them.

Do you work with brokers, registered representatives or captive agents?

We exclusively work with independent financial advisors that are contracted with us.

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