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The Proven Formula for a Perfect Headline

Being around the online marketing realm for more than 5 years now, I’ve seen my fair share of good and bad headlines. The Financial Advisors who blog spend a lot of time writing awesome content, but how many of you spend time creating powerful & engaging headlines? I’m willing to bet that you are not spending […]

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5 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors (Plus Bonus Video)

In my last blog, I gave you the 7 Deadly Marketing Sins for Financial Advisors. And if you recall, one of the deadly sins was to NEVER send an email without a link back to your site (or blog, video, some call to action, etc).

Well today, I am going to get laser focused on email marketing, and give you 5 email marketing tips for financial advisors like you. I hope you enjoy. But more importantly, I hope you will start implementing some of these ideas immediately. Those who do will certainly see some positive changes.

The 5 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors…

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The Secret to Creating Leads From Your Seminar Online…

I have been waiting over a year to write this blog!!!

That’s right, last May (2013), my brother Luke and I embarked on a mission to do the following:

Open up a free Youtube account from scratch
Add at least one video per week starting only with “Ugly” black and white PowerPoint presentation (no cameras, microphones, etc.)
Have no associated website with the videos or the YouTube channel except for a simple $10 landing page
We would optimize our videos inside of YouTube (with some of the tactics we have learned over the years) to see just how many views we could get to our “Ugly” videos

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The #1 Blogging Secret That Changed My Business…

When I first began blogging back in 2010, I had no freaking idea what I was doing. There was no one in our industry teaching it, and I was too thick-headed (and too cheap) to take a course or ask for help. I figured that I was smart enough to figure out the #1 blogging secret all by myself using a little trick called trial and error.

Boy, was I an idiot!

So instead of searching for help, I did what any persistent, stubborn, and driven person would do…

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10 Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

We all want to keep visitors on our website longer, right?

Besides the obvious reason of keeping visitors on your site resulting in them being more sold on you and your business, did you know that the average time on your website plays a BIG role in how you show up in the search engines?

That’s right, Google loves websites that keep people engaged, and they can heavily favor and reward you in terms of how your site shows up in the search engine if you keep people on it longer than your competition.

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Financial Advisor Blogging Tips

To blog, or not to blog…

Out of all of the organic, content driven Internet Marketing pieces of the puzzle, the one that you can’t really live without if you have any intention of mastering online marketing is blogging. And that is why we put together this powerful video called Financial Advisor Blogging Tips.

The best analogy that I can think of to show you the importance of blogging is to compare it to your house. Could you ever imagine buying a home for you and your family that didn’t have a kitchen?

Yes, the home would still work in terms of shelter and a place to lay your head, but without a kitchen you would have to eat out every single meal. There would be no family unity, there would be no conversations around the kitchen table, and it would certainly be hard to ever have friends over.

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