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How To Predictably Close Annuity Business Virtually, Without Ever Having To Meet With Clients In-Person

Recently, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine who’s a serial entrepreneur having recently raised over $8M for his next startup venture.

One of the venture capitalists that invested in my friend’s startup shared some timely wisdom that I wanted to pass along to you — here’s what he said:

“In times of crisis, change is accelerated…”

And we’re seeing this play out literally right before our eyes in our industry. Interestingly enough, “virtual advising” has been around over the last decade — with very few advisors actually making the leap to master it.

Unfortunately for many advisors, the COVID-19 crisis is accelerating change faster than anyone expected. My prediction is that working with clients virtually will be the SINGLE MOST CRITICAL SKILL required for advisors to succeed — or to even survive in the months and years ahead.

Last month some annuity groups reported record levels of annuity production, which is largely due to the initial panic brought about by COVID-19 — prompting many clients to move their money out of the market and into annuities.

However, despite recent record annuity sales, we’re already hearing from some of the top advisors that their sales pipelines are drying up and many of them are now having a difficult time transitioning into bringing in new business “virtually”.

Unfortunately, for many advisors the only advice that’s being offered to them is:

“Your community needs you now more than ever.”
“Now is the time to be calling your clients to bring in new business.”
“Conduct Zoom meetings with your clients and convert your seminar into a virtual workshop or webinar.”

This is the type of advice that has been circling around in our industry, whether it’s from Facebook ads or the types of emails that have been inundating my inbox.

I agree with both statements above; but the reality is that most advisors do not have the experience or training to serve and support clients virtually.

And it’s not the advisor’s fault either, because many of the marketing groups have not evolved their methods to properly equip advisors to really succeed in the Digital Age. Oftentimes, many of the ones that are teaching advisors how to close business virtually don’t actually have a real world in the field and tend to grossly over simplify what it actually takes to close annuity business virtually.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but closing business “virtually” is a lot more than just firing up a meeting or Zoom call with your webcam turned on.

Fortunately, I can confidently say that empowering virtual advisors to succeed has been our wheelhouse over the last decade.

Look, if you were to tell me that you want to get on the radio, host dinner seminars, write a best-selling book, or hire a team of junior advisors…I’d be the first to admit that we probably won’t be able to help you.

But if you’re looking for a proven way to predictably close new business virtually with just an
Internet connection and your phone, we can definitely help.

Which is why we recently hosted a webinar that specifically covers how to confidently close new business “virtually”. On the webinar I’ll be joined by our resident virtual sales advisor who has trained 100+ advisors on our battle-tested virtual sales methodology.

I’ve asked our resident virtual sales expert to walk you through our proven virtual sales conversion process. We’ll be sharing with you how our advisors are predictably closing more new business than ever before — 100% virtually and without meeting with clients in-person.

Here’s what we covered in this timely webinar:

  • The simple 3-step process to predictably close annuity business without ever having to meet in-person.
  • The technology tools and methods to quickly build rapport and create profitable relationships with prospects virtually.
  • How to gain an unfair advantage over your competition and consistently beat other financial advisors.
  • How to build your practice around your own schedule and lifestyle and expand your prospect-base beyond your local market.

I sincerely hope you find today’s webinar helpful. Regardless of whether you work with us or not, you’ll walk away with proven ideas and tools to help you truly become a trusted “virtual advisor”.

So if you want to learn a proven sales methodology to meet with prospects and clients virtually, then I’d encourage you to watch our training:

If you would like to learn more about our hands-free, turnkey approach to generate leads and appointments along with our virtual sales coaching, here’s a couple of steps you can take:

Step 1: Watch our online webinar that walks you through our program from A-to-Z.

Step 2: Click here to learn more about joining our program and set up a time to chat.

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