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Done-For-You Digital Marketing That Attracts Qualified Annuity Prospects

How To Predictably Close Annuity Business With Just An Internet Connection And Cell Phone

See how to grow your practice with more freedom and ease:

  • Say Goodbye To Dinner Seminars. See the types of prospects we target and how we consistently generate highly targeted traffic, leads, and appointments.

  • Intelligent Sales Funnels. See how we use “psychic sales sequences” to indoctrinate and predict EXACTLY what our prospects want (and give it to them).

  • Automated Leads & Appointments. The technology tools and methods we use to convert leads into warm appointments on autopilot.

  • Advanced Annuity Sales Strategies. Get access to our proven virtual sales process and advanced annuity strategies to gain an unfair and ethical advantage over your competition.

Discover a Better Way to Build a Wildly Profitable Advisory Practice

This webinar will reveal the secret to generating more annuity leads and attracting qualified clients with our done-for-you digital marketing.

Register below to see how a select group of advisors are bringing in millions of dollars in new business by doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.

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“The FMO industry is broken. We’re fixing it. We help advisors grow their practice with just an Internet connection and a cell phone.”

– Jovan Will, Co-Founder AIM

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for independent advisors that rely on traditional marketing methods. Sadly, many of the FMOs are inept at helping advisors use digital marketing to market their practice.

See why financial advisors are abandoning traditional marketing and using a new “marketing model” to generate more annuity leads and qualified appointments than ever…

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