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What Every Advisor Should Know BEFORE Joining A Done-For-You Digital Marketing Program

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting bombarded with virtual advisor “ideas” and advertisements for new fangled “webinar funnel” marketing systems to get in front of more clients.

As we all know by now, all of the advisor live events have come to a screeching halt…due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This has prompted all of the workshop marketing companies and FMOs to scramble and launch their own “virtual workshop” or webinar system in a hasty effort to help advisors get in front of more clients. 

And like the cavalry rolling through town guns a’blazing, these FMOs and workshop marketing agencies are coming to the rescue.

Many of these marketing groups are now jumping on the “virtual advisor” bandwagon and promoting “virtual advisor” ideas and “marketing systems”.

To my dismay, most of these programs haven’t actually been battle-tested in the field (heck, most of these marketing groups were promoting dinner seminars and workshops just a few weeks ago!).

My concern is that given these desperate times, many advisors may be lured into buying “unproven” programs offered by people that have minimal experience in online sales funnels or supporting virtual advisors.

Not to toot my own horn, but helping virtual advisors to succeed with done-for-you digital marketing is kind of in our wheelhouse. 😉

Heck, that’s pretty much all our team has been doing for over the last decade. 

Which is why I’m hosting an impromptu webinar that will walk you through everything you need to know BEFORE you invest thousands of your hard earned dollars into any done-for-you marketing or “virtual advisor” program. 

Rest assured, this won’t be a blatant sales pitch to join our program, but rather I’ll be revealing how you can objectively evaluate ANY marketing program and cut through all the hype or smoke and mirrors (and let you be the judge).

These difficult times are creating unprecedented opportunities for unscrupulous marketing organizations, which is why just released a brand new webinar which reveals:

  • The top 7 questions that every advisor MUST ask their marketing provider BEFORE you spend a dime on digital marketing.
  • How to know if you’re working with a “rent seeker”? (and why the answer to this question is the key to your business’s survival during these difficult times).
  • How the recent black swan event is forcing our industry to rethink their entire marketing strategy and business model (and what you should do right now to get ahead of the curve).
  • Why digital marketing pros in our industry are seeing a surge in annuity leads and appointments right now (while the rest of the industry is struggling).

Click the play below to watch the webinar replay:

If you would like to learn more about our done-for-you annuity lead program, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Watch our online webinar that walks you through our program from A-to-Z.

Step 2: Apply to learn more about joining our program to set up a time to chat.


Links And Resources Mentioned In This Webinar:

Jovan Will

He has gained a reputation as the go-to-guy for internet marketing for financial advisors. Jovan has worked with some of the top financial advisors in the country and helped them scale their practice to unprecedented heights.

He has been the mastermind behind some of the most successful financial services lead generation programs, having produced over 200,000 leads and $500MM in financial product sales.

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