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002: Optimization Tips to Promote a Healthy Life & Thriving Business in Today’s Rapidly-Changing Environment with Jason Wenk


Today’s guest is someone that I consider a great friend, mentor and has been incredibly influential in my career.

But before we get into today’s show, if you missed the last episode, be sure to check it out because I interviewed Cody Foster, the Co-Founder of Advisors Excel and we delve into topics ranging from leadership development to how Cody has turned a personal tragedy into a noble mission of helping people overcoming mental illness and depression.

Well in today’s show, I’m interviewing my friend Jason Wenk, who is a successful serial entrepreneur and a influential thought leader in our industry.

Jason began his career at Morgan Stanley in New York at age 20 and was one of their youngest employees working on investment research and asset management systems development.

Jason entered the industry with a technology background, and one of his first experiences was to watch the stock market implode following 9/11.

This was the catalyst that led Jason to venturing off on his own to build FormulaFolios and his widely successful RIA called Retirement Wealth Advisors.

Jason’s latest venture is called Altruist, which is a fully-digital custodian with commission-free trading for independent financial advisors. Altruist is on a mission to make investing fair for everyone, allowing real people to earn more while paying less. Jason’s company Altruist has raised over $50 million in venture funding and attracted some incredibly talented and notable people to join their fast-growing team.

I actually met Jason back in 2013 and was impressed from the very first time I met him. He’s incredibly generous and authentic. The Jason you see in videos online or on his podcast is the exact same person you see when sitting down at a bar drinking beer and eating tacos.

Jason Wenk was the original founder of, which we acquired in 2015 and currently use to educate consumers about annuities and get them connected with quality financial professionals.

We cover everything from how to grow your practice during the pandemic to how to prioritize physical health and fitness while building your business.

On a personal level, when I found myself in tough times financially, Jason provided business opportunities for myself and my partner Fernando, that gave us the runway to be able to build and run the business we have today.

It’s an honor and privilege for me to welcome Jason Wenk to the show today, click on the link below to take a listen:

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Show Notes:

  • Why it’s important for advisors to reduce or eliminate friction when onboarding new clients.
  • What advisors should do to adapt their practice to meet the increased demand for virtual relationships with prospects and clients.
  • The 4 key pillars of building a successful advisory business: attraction, acquisition, experience, and relationship
  • How to increase your annuity production, while avoiding being salesy or a product pusher.
  • How to own the Google search results for people looking for financial advisors in your local market area.
  • How to properly use testimonials, Google and Yelp reviews to organically rank your website on Google.
  • How to use technology and “peer pressure” to promote long-term health and fitness.
  • How Jason went from living paycheck-to-paycheck to building a business with a bold vision to transform the financial services industry.

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