Top 6 Niches for Financial Advisors

“Riches are made in Niches”

This quote above is becoming more and more true every single day in America. And not just in the financial services industry, but everywhere. If you look at any occupation, you can see living proof that riches are truly made by defining, targeting, and becoming an expert in a certain niche.

To ignore this could be very costly as a financial advisor.

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How To Book Seminar Prospects WITHOUT Leaving Your House

how to book seminar prospects

Picture yourself giving your very best seminar presentation in front of your absolute most ideal prospect.

Now picture your ideal prospect smiling, and nodding their head YES in agreement as you nail every single slide, nailing every single point that you want to get across…

Now imagine this entire scene happening while you Sleep…

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The Authority Advisor (Book Review)

the authority advisor book review

Attention Financial Advisors:

Have you read The Authority Advisor yet?

Are you unsure what it is about and what you can learn from it?

If so, I believe the sub-title sums it up pretty well…

“If your prospects can’t find you online, then you don’t exist…”

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I found your next client on Facebook…

facebook marketing for financial advisors

I’ve got to be honest with you, when I kept hearing how well Facebook ads were doing for some of my Internet Marketing friends, I wasn’t just skeptical, I thought they were downright full of crap.

Especially when people told me they thought Facebook marketing for financial advisors could be a reality.

My thought was that Facebook ads would only work on high school and college kids looking for deals on video games, cheap pizza, and beer coupons.

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Top 10 MUST READ Books for Financial Advisors [Part 2]

top 10 must read books for financial advisors

After hearing so much positive feedback from the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors” blog that went semi-viral in our industry, I knew that I had to publish a second round for you.

So here you go, in no particular order, the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors, Part Deux…”

Finally, just like last time, I have provided you the direct link to buy it on Amazon as a live link in the title and in the picture of the book below each description.

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EXPOSED: The Fatal Flaw in Your Financial Practice

financial advisor marketing strategies exposed

You are either going to love me or hate me after reading the hard hitting truth in this blog…

But before I show you the fatal flaw that is holding you back from breakthrough success, let me first show you something that your competition is completely ignoring.

Laser Targeted Prospects Right Under Your Nose…

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5 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors (Plus Bonus Video)

5 email marketing tips for financial advisors

In my last blog, I gave you the 7 Deadly Marketing Sins for Financial Advisors. And if you recall, one of the deadly sins was to NEVER send an email without a link back to your site (or blog, video, some call to action, etc).

Well today, I am going to get laser focused on email marketing, and give you 5 email marketing tips for financial advisors like you. I hope you enjoy. But more importantly, I hope you will start implementing some of these ideas immediately. Those who do will certainly see some positive changes.

The 5 Email Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors…

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“Duct Tape Selling” Independent Review

In this video blog, I’m doing a book review on an incredible book by John Jantsch called “Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar”. John Jantsch is also the author of the top selling books “Duct Tape Marketing” and “The Referral Engine”.

Before I get into it I want to thank Paul Feldman of Insurance News Net for interviewing John Jantsch. Had I not read the great interview in your magazine, I probably never would have bought the book, I probably wouldn’t have read the book, and I probably wouldn’t be on video right now publicly in front of thousands of people doing this book review.
My overall one sentence description of “Duct Tape Marketing” – The book was awesome, and is a MUST READ for anyone in the financial services industry.

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Online Seminar Sales Funnel “Behind the Scenes”

online seminar sales funnel behind the scenes

Ever since we released our hit “How To” product that is empowering financial advisors to quickly take ANY seminar presentation (or PowerPoint presentation in general) online, how to drive free and paid traffic to the seminar, and how to convert the traffic into qualified prospects (all without any camera equipment or web developer), we have had many requests to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse before they enroll in the private course.

And the answer is YES!

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