How To Create Purpose Passion & Meaning In Your Business And Life


Recently I attended live advisor training event hosted by Brandon Stuerke’s, where he posed a thought-provoking question to the audience: “What’s your WHY for building a successful business?” The room got really quiet, then all of a sudden hands starting shooting up all over the room as advisors eagerly shared their story and how they were making a lasting impact in their local communities and in some cases around the world. I sat there taking it all in…being involved in this amazing industry, it’s easy to get swept away with pursuing accomplishments, accolades, exotic trips or breaking “production records.” One advisor in particular briefly shared with deep conviction his personal mission and project that he is actively involved with. He spoke up and said that he wanted to “automate” his practice, so he could spend the rest of his time dedicated to his service project. Later at dinner, myself and Fernando had dinner with a small group of advisors where everyone shared their “war stories” and their current service or passion projects outside of their business. During this intimate dinner, advisors opened up their world to me and shared their “WHY” for doing what they do, and I found i truly inspiring. One advisor really stood […]

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The Proven Formula for a Perfect Headline

How To Create Killer Headlines

Being around the online marketing realm for more than 5 years now, I’ve seen my fair share of good and bad headlines. The Financial Advisors who blog spend a lot of time writing awesome content, but how many of you spend time creating powerful & engaging headlines? I’m willing to bet that you are not spending enough time on this.

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Mr Rogers $20 Million YouTube Presentation Secrets

Many of us grew up watching Mr. Rogers, or maybe you have children or grandchildren that tuned into Mr. Rogers on PBS. I stumbled across a video that truly encapsulates how you can be powerfully persuasive with online videos or in-person with your clients. After watching the video below, I was able to see the two biggest strategies to keep in mind when you want to powerfully share your message with your audience in a way that connects with peoples’ hearts and minds.

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Why Don’t I See You on Yelp?

financial advisor on yelp

Do you like flushing money down the toilet?

If so, then definitely stay away from posting as a financial advisor on Yelp…

But if you don’t enjoy flushing money down the toilet, it is time to pay a little attention to Yelp.

Not only can this get you positive “FREE” exposure, but it can also help you get found online free, and even result in new clients and referrals.

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What Do Your Prospects See When They Google Your Name?

google your name

Are there skeletons coming out of the closet that you don’t want your clients, prospects, friends, and family to see?

It can be a very scary scenario when you have things out on the web that aren’t flattering to you or your image…and in some cases you don’t even know about it. An irritated old client, client’s children, and even competitors can post something negative about you (like a negative review, scam alert, etc) in just clicks of a button.

The good news is that if you have anything out on the web that is negative, there is a way to fix this.

But first let me ask you a question…

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To Blog or not to Blog…That is the Question.

blogging for financial advisors

Since starting Advisor Internet Marketing back in January of this year, I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this question by a financial professional…

“Should I really be blogging, and will it really help me generate new leads?”

My answer…”Nope, you should never blog…because if you do it will just make it harder for the few of us financial professionals who actually are blogging to continue to create massive amounts of free search engine traffic while stealing some of your prospects and clients, all while working from home.”

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