Animated Whiteboard Videos for Financial Advisors

animated whiteboard videos for financial advisors

What an great interview today with Jill Addison, where we discussed all of the ways that you can be utilizing these super cool whiteboard videos for financial advisors. There are so many different ways to utilize these captivating whiteboard videos to attract new prospects. From your website, YouTube, e-mail marketing, blogging, all the way to sharing them at your workshops.

Make sure to watch the entire live Google Hangout right below and then go down and click the links below the video to get all of Jill’s incredible video tutorials and products.

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Important Marketing Survey for Top Financial Advisors

marketing survey for top financial advisors

Are you ready for some exciting news? And I am not talking about just the fact that you will have the opportunity to fill out a marketing survey for top financial advisors…

Well here goes.

Amy McIlwain and I have decided to join forces to give top financial advisors like you something pretty incredible in regards to marketing, branding, and creating leads online. We want to give you our very best internet marketing and social media tips each and every month…along with keeping you updated on compliance changes, new strategies of getting traffic to your sites, and even new short-cuts and apps that can make your life simpler and more efficient.

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Top 10 MUST READ Books for Financial Advisors

must read books for financial advisors

How often do you read a non-fiction book (or any book at all) as a financial advisor? What I have come to sadly realize is that most financial advisors are not reading enough, or in many cases, not at all. But I can’t think of a better way to sharpen your skills and become a better salesperson, a better presenter, a better marketer, and a smarter person than to consistently read new books.

And that is why I came up with the Top 10 MUST READ books for financial advisors.

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Top 7 WordPress Blogging Mistakes Financial Advisors Must Avoid

financial advisor blogging mistakes

The last month here at Advisor Internet Marketing has been incredibly fun, as we have met so many financial advisors who are truly passionate about sharing their message online.  Of course, many of you are also very new to this “content marketing” concept of blogging, creating videos, and other forms of content that gets found online.  And anytime you start something for the first time, there are bound to be mistakes.  So I created this blog to save you a ton of time, energy, and frustration, as I spell out the 7 most common financial advisor blogging mistakes for you to learn from.

The top 7 most common financial advisor blogging mistakes and how to avoid them…

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How A False Assumption Bit Me in The Butt…Literally [TRUE STORY]

websites for financial advisors

I am about to tell you a really funny (and very embarrassing) story about myself.  My hope is that you not only get a laugh, but learn from my mistakes of making assumptions.  And I promise you that I will do my very best to show you some value on how this incredibly funny story ties in with websites for financial advisors.

This true story begins last fall (2013) when I noticed that I was having “getting older as a man” problems…

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Financial Advisor Survey on Digital Marketing [Feedback Needed Please]

financial advisor survey

Here at Advisor Internet Marketing we are going to be rolling out some exciting new products throughout the year aimed at financial professionals like you.  In order to maximize the benefit for top financial professionals, we really want to hear from you on precisely what is the most important things for your practice in regards to online marketing.

So please take just a few minutes to fill out the brief Financial Advisor Survey on Digital Marketing below.  It will help us, help YOU.

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Financial Advisor Landing Page Optimization Secrets

financial advisor landing page optimization

Have you ever wondered how some of the most “minimalist looking” websites convert so many consumer leads while your website (with all of the great content and pictures) continues to be nothing more than a “credibility website”?  Well much of it has to do with first understanding the difference between a “landing page” and a corporate website (which most of you financial professionals have).  From what I continue to see out there, most financial advisors are not using landing pages correctly (or at all), so this blog should help you out tremendously if you are interested in creating more leads from your website.


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Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors


If you have watched any of the 31 Episodes of Hangout Madness you will know that we are pretty passionate about Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors.  In fact, that is our entire mission here at Advisor Internet Marketing…to help financial advisors “Go Digital“.  And in this final Episode of #HangoutMadness #31in31, Luke and I give financial advisors like you every reason why you will become extinct over time if you do not adapt and have a digital footprint.

Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors does not mean you stop what you are doing!

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Financial Advisor Video Marketing for Dummies


Earlier this month on Hangout Madness, we had guest Bill Winterberg (technology guru for financial advisors) on our live show to discuss all kinds of great tips on YouTube Marketing for Financial Advisors.   That hangout also spurred a bunch of other questions regarding financial advisor video marketing, so we decided to do a follow up live hangout that gave two very powerful video marketing tips that any financial advisor could implement in the next 48 hours.


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