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020 – Virtual Sales Secrets – Effortlessly and Ethically Convert Prospects Into Clients Without In-Person Meetings

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen how technology has changed our lives.

The Yellow Pages are gone and have been replaced by Search Engines.

Physical mail has mostly been replaced by e-mails.

And voicemails are disappearing and being replaced by text messages (unless someone is trying to sell you an extended car warranty, of course!).

Even the way we do business has changed.

…and as we all know, the pandemic came around and turned our industry upside down.

Things have mostly returned to normal, though the impact of the pandemic still remains.

Now more than ever Baby Boomers have been embracing technology and the conveniences it provides (even if they have their kids or grandkids show them the ropes).

In-person meetings and conference meetings in the boardroom have become Zoom meetings.

Disappearing are the days when people want to drive across town, fight traffic, pay for parking, and sit through a presentation… when they can now do the same from the comfort of their home.

It’s becoming more and more common when I speak with advisors that they are frustrated with the results they get from hosting dinner seminars and workshops (or being shackled to their office all week).

The good news is, it’s now easier than ever to plug into a virtual marketing and sales system and keep up with the changing way people do business.

FMOs/IMOs marketing groups have typically been slow to embrace new technology.

While change can be frustrating at first, those who embrace it have the opportunity to excel in front of those behind the curve.

In fact, there is a quiet revolution of innovative advisors that have embraced technology, mastered virtual sales, and built wildly successful location-independent practices…

…and they do it with only a cell phone and an internet connection.

And we want to show you exactly how you can master the art of virtual sales too.

Whether we like it or not, technology is changing our industry.

Those who embrace it now will be the ones who lead the field over the next 5 years.

Which is why this episode of the Annuity Experts Show is all about mastering the art of virtual sales, with our virtual sales expert, Terry Heys.

Terry Heys (who has been successfully selling annuities virtually for the past 10 years), gives away his 3-step process for ethically turning prospects into clients from his home computer and cell phone.

On this episode of the Annuity Experts Show, he reveals exactly how to take back more time by mastering the art and science of virtual sales.

Annuity Experts Show – Episode 020
Virtual Sales Secrets – Effortlessly and Ethically Convert Prospects Into Clients Without In-Person Meetings

On the show, Terry will reveal his virtual sales roadmap and you’ll see how a location-independent advisor conducts meetings, builds relationships and closes sales with no in-person meetings.

This is the exact system advisors are using now to build successful location-independent practices from any location in the world.

On the show, we revealed our best virtual sales secrets and techniques to closing more annuity business in less time.

On top of that, Terry reveals which low-cost tech tools he uses during appointments, to educate and engage prospects and secure a 2nd appointment.

You’ll get multiple effective sales techniques and virtual appointment tips you can use to boost your bottom line (whether you do virtual presentations or not).

Thanks to this virtual sales system, you can build your practice around your schedule and kiss running seminars and workshops on evenings and weekends goodbye!

Here are some timestamps and topics in case you want to jump to the good parts…

  • 6:39 – The single factor that has changed business forever.
  • 8:34 – Why virtual sales have led to highly successful practices… with only a handful of in-person meetings since 2010.
  • 13:43 – Worried that folks won’t want to meet virtually? Here’s the statistic that tells the real story.
  • 14:32 – Want to be an annuities leader for the next 5-10 years? Master this single skill (which takes about 6 weeks to learn).
  • 15:30 – What annuities guru Tom Hegna recently said about the future of annuity sales (that many people have completely missed).
  • 19:46 – The single place to start when working with any new client (so many people miss this).
  • 23:26 – Why case sizes have more than doubled in the last few years… and what this means for advisors.
  • 25:10 – Our three-step Advisor Freedom Formula walkthrough (folks have happily paid thousands of dollars for this in the past).
  • 27:10 – The ONE thing to focus on to ensure you’ll work with a client for the next 15 years.
  • 32:43 – A very common sales tactic to avoid like the plague (especially if you’re considering virtual sales).
  • 34:04 – The list of tools you need to handle the entire virtual sales process (it costs no more than $250).
  • 38:17 – The exact script and template you can use for the first call with a client (this is what we tell all our virtual advisors to focus on).
  • 44:35 – An obscure conversational tactic to draw them out, keep them engaged and deliver the “wow” factor.
  • 47:00 – How to seamlessly take a prospect into each annuity (and the one mistake to avoid).
  • 51:36 – Use this to build an ethical wedge between other advisors and client (especially if your client is “advisor shopping”).
  • 54:40 – The SINGLE question to ask at the 45-minute mark to ensure a next meeting, while giving your clients peace of mind.
  • 55:45 – The 5 common virtual appointment tips to remember, and the most common mistakes to avoid.

The way people do business is changing, but with the virtual sales roadmap, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep writing business over the coming years while everyone else is trying to catch up.

The advisors who embrace technology and master the art of virtual sales will be positioned to lead the field over the next 5 to 10 years, as the way people do business has changed.

It may seem like a far-fetched claim, but thanks to technology, you really can serve more people in less time.

By using a time-tested, 3-step virtual sales process, and some low-cost tech tools, you can serve clients anywhere in the country, from any location with a cell phone and an internet connection.

You can deliver first-class service, build relationships and help your clients make the best decision for them, without a single in-person meeting.

While some advisors are hesitating to make the switch to a more virtual sales process…

The virtual sales roadmap we shared on this episode of our Annuity Experts Show, is the exact formula we’ve been teaching advisors over the past 4 years to close more business without any in-person meetings.

And for some reason, we just gave it away.

Whether you want a 100% “virtual” practice or just want to add more annuity business to your bottom line this year…

…our Virtual Sales Roadmap will add endless value to your practice.

→ Annuity Experts Show – Episode 20 – Virtual Sales Secrets – Effortlessly and Ethically Convert Prospects Into Clients Without In-Person Meetings

P.S. A critical element of owning a successful location-independent practice is finding an FMO that caters to, understands and supports the needs of a “virtual” practice.

To learn more about our done-for-you digital marketing program…
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P.P.S. We don’t like high-pressure, hard sales environments, or any bait-n-switch unethical practices. We promise none of that on our call.

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