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Incorporate Tax Planning Into An Annuity Sale (With This)

Are you looking for a strategy to seamlessly add tax planning into any annuity conversation?

It can be a tightrope at times, attempting to weave the importance of ongoing tax planning to a prospect who is only considering an annuity product as a solution to their goals. Even worse, you, the advisor, can easily seem like a salesperson when highlighting genuine needs that are unique to your prospect’s financial situation. Today, we’d like to provide you with a proven strategy for incorporating tax planning into any annuity conversation.

In situations where a prospect’s situation will require ongoing tax planning, the key is to approach the first meeting with a few outlooks top-of-mind.

1. Start with the big picture.

In your initial conversations with a prospect, emphasizing the big picture to them is crucial. By framing the information you receive in the light of your prospects’ broader financial picture, pivoting into tax planning will seem more intuitive. Additionally, by keeping the focus on the big picture, any advice you give that might be outside of the confines of an annuity product will more likely be seen as trusted, expert recommendations.

2. Use questions to highlight tax implications.

Encouraging clients to explore post-tax returns is pivotal in shifting the conversation beyond mere growth rates. By emphasizing the substantial impact of taxes on income, advisors can showcase the need for a holistic financial approach, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of financial decisions.

3. Emphasize flexibility.

Stressing the necessity of flexibility in investment tools and strategies is critical. This strategy aligns financial planning with long-term goals and emphasizes ongoing management rather than one-off transactions. To do this, focus on products that allow for ongoing management in which you can account for tax planning in the future.

To explain this comprehensive strategy in detail, in this episode of our virtual advising mastermind called Inner Circle, we brought on virtual advisor Jacob E. Hall to walk us through a real-life example of a tax-planning scenario with a client. In the video, you’ll learn the psychology and planning approach he used to make his client understand the importance of tax planning while ensuring the client would ONLY place the business with him (instead of the local advisor).

Incorporate Tax Planning Into An Annuity Sale


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Here’s some of what Jacob discussed:

  • The most important question to ask in the first meeting that instantly puts tax planning on the table.
  • A way to “set up” an annuity recommendation so that the client sees the importance of tax planning (without resorting to sales tactics).
  • What to focus on in your client meetings to virtually ensure you’re never on the other end of a “rate-shopping” conversation.

In our industry, the advisor that provides more value to the client while getting them to know, like, and trust the advisor wins the business.

See exactly how to add tax planning into your practice by watching this episode of Inner Circle.

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