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How To Sell Annuities Against Real Estate

Are you looking for a way to sell annuities against real estate investments?

Attracting former real estate investors to diversify away can be a challenge. Real estate offers enticing benefits like excellent cash flow and tax advantages that make it a tough competitor.

Yet, here’s the catch—even with competitive annuities, ‘cash flow’ might not be the ultimate decider for these investors.

Consider this scenario: a real estate investor with a portfolio steeped in rental properties or real estate holdings. The stability and high returns seem unmatched, but there’s a hidden cost—management headaches, unforeseen challenges, and associated expenses that erode those high returns.

This is where annuities step in—but not without their own misconceptions. Real estate investors transitioning to annuities might harbor doubts. Will annuities offer comparable returns without the hands-on effort and complexities? Addressing these misconceptions is crucial to facilitating a smooth shift from real estate to annuities.

We go through exactly how to do that in this episode of our virtual advising mastermind called Inner Circle.

How To Sell Annuities Against Real Estate


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Transitioning from real estate to annuities demands more than just sales tactics—it requires dispelling myths, highlighting potential benefits, and showcasing the strategic value of annuities in a real estate-heavy portfolio.

In this video, you’ll learn how to do that by seeing:

  • The main benefit your prospect is looking for when getting out of real estate (this has nothing to do with income).
  • How to address your prospects “pain points”… without coming off as a salesperson.
  • A simple Excel spreadsheet to give a quick “illustration” of the performance potential of a growth annuity.

When dealing with sophisticated investors, knowing your prospects’ true goals when purchasing an annuity may lead to more closed business.

See exactly how to do that by watching the Inner Circle episode on this page.

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