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How to Win Over Pie-in-the-Sky Rate Chasing Prospects

How often have you heard these words from your prospective client? “The other advisor told me I would get a bonus.” With all the fancy charts, teaser rates, and attractive numbers, it’s easy to dazzle the uneducated prospect with pie-in-the-sky numbers.

The challenge is that when the unproven index doesn’t perform as promised, you’re the one who has to deliver the bad news. You’re the one who has to explain why they aren’t getting the returns they were promised.

Why is it so easy to lure prospects in with unrealistic rates and bonuses? The fact is, there is a secret desire in our prospects’ minds that makes it easy. They all have the desire to get the most money for nothing. They all want to get in on the next Tesla stock, or on the ground floor of the next Microsoft.

It’s this buried urge to find “easy” money that makes it easier for companies to attract customers with unproven numbers. Imagine you’ve worked your whole life to save what you have. How embarrassing would it be to find out you’re losing money because you got the annuity? Wouldn’t you rather be able to brag to your friends how great of an investment you found?

This is where we come in as advisors. It’s our job to bring our prospects down to earth and paint a realistic picture of what is possible without losing the sale. It is your job to protect your clients’ money and avoid the uncomfortable conversation where you explain why things are not what was promised.

This is why in this episode of Inner Circle (our weekly mastermind) we discuss how you can convert rate-chasing prospects into realistic clients. Our Inner Circle mastermind is where our advisors share ideas, discuss strategies, and learn how to be more valuable to their clients.

How to Win Over Pie-in-the-Sky Rate Chasing Prospects


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In the episode, our annuity expert Steve Arceo shows rate charts from selected companies and they discuss how to overcome the pie-in-the-sky unreasonable rates shown. You’ll hear real-life examples of how advisors overcome these challenges and break down unrealistic rates into easy-to-understand realities.

You’ll also learn how to unlock the full potential of a client’s portfolio without fantastic numbers. In the annuity space, advisor competition can be fierce, but the advisor who delivers the most value can often win the sale.

You’ll want to incorporate these techniques the next time you hear a prospect utter those dreaded words.

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