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How To Use “Lifestyle Design” To Boost Your Business, Energy & Happiness With Jason Wenk

One of my first podcast episodes that I released was episode #4 with Jason Wenk, which continues to be one of the highest downloaded episode ever, where we discussed How To Build A 7 Figure Business And Live Life On Your Own Terms.

Apparently, Jason’s message struck a chord with advisors.

Well, we decided to bring Jason back on the show to continue the overarching theme of making this year your best year ever.

How To Use “Lifestyle Design” To Boost Your Business, Energy & Happiness With Jason Wenk

I’ve seen a handful of “industry experts” teaching other advisors on how to grow their practice without the numbers to back it up OR they are so busy grinding and spending time working their business that they have neglected their health, family or happiness.

If you’re not familiar with Jason Wenk’s story, he built a $115 million RIA firm from scratch in just 5 years BEFORE his 30th birthday.

His company continues to experience explosive growth while helping advisors scale their businesses by following Jason’s success frameworks.

How To Use “Lifestyle Design” To Boost Your Business, Energy & Happiness With Jason Wenk

What really impresses me the most about Jason, is his passion to help advisors hit record production numbers ($20 – 70 million in new business)…while maintaining harmony in the other domains of life like health, relationship, family, personal fulfillment and happiness.

In this candid interview Jason shared:

  • How you can regularly condition your mind for success
  • The number #1 trait of the top and most successful advisors that Jason works with (the answer might surprise you, it certainly surprised me)
  • There is one book that Jason has read numerous times that’s had the most profound impact on his business
  • How you can use a little-known concept of “lifestyle design” to enrich your life and transform your business
  • The number #1 thing that is common among the most successful advisors that Jason Wenk works with that are hitting $20 to $70 million dollars in new business each year.
  • The absolute BEST way to invest into your practice in 2017

Check out our latest episode with Jason Wenk here:

Jason also shared some details about his widely anticipated program called the MM1 Collective and how it can help you achieve explosive growth in your practice this year.

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