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The Annuity Ranking Report – This Lead Magnet Has Generated Over 2,000 Targeted Annuity Leads

How can you be certain that you are offering the most up-to-date information about the best annuity products available?

Offering truth and transparency of the most current annuity rates, rankings, and research is an unfair advantage used by top advisors.

Not only can the right annuity offer the highest income and protected growth advantages, but it may also save your clients thousands of dollars in fees.

Annuities can be complex.

One of the keys to building trust with prospects is having the confidence and ability to find the best annuity product(s) for their personal needs.

And the advisors that can simplify the complex are the ones that typically win the most business.

We all remember the famous story of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow as they follow the yellow brick road to find the answer to life’s most challenging questions.

Of course, once they reached the great and powerful Oz, they found out he was just a man behind a curtain pulling all the strings.

Annuities can be like that.

They seem confusing and complex to the average person.

However, if you can pull back the curtain and make them seem more simple…

You do a few things:

#1. You make the complex appear simpler.

Some of the top-earning advisors are masters at making the complex simple.

If you can pull back the curtain on annuities for the average person, you not only demystify a complex subject, but also lay the foundation for a prospect to become your client.

#2. You deliver value and service before they’re even your client.

This is an easy way to win business.

If you think you’re the only advisor talking to a prospect, think again. One way to stand out from the competition is to deliver value and service that no other advisor is willing to do until they know they have the business.

This opens the door for other advisors to step-in, step-up the service, and win more clients.

Oftentimes a prospect will think, “If they’re willing to go the extra mile and I’m not even their client, how much will they do when I am?”

#3. You build trust and rapport before your first appointment.

This helps tremendously if your first appointment is over the phone and not in-person. But any value you deliver, even before your first appointment, will demonstrate a level of service and help you build trust and rapport even before you connect.

All of these can potentially help you win more clients and close more sales as part of your marketing system.

Each month our team compiles our findings of all of the top annuities and their respective categories into what we call an Annuity Ranking Report.

The purpose of this report is to educate prospects who are actively researching annuities and see how the top annuities rank against each other.

This report has been successfully used as a “lead magnet” to generate 2,374 leads, but it is also a powerful sales tool that our advisors use in the field to educate clients about the top annuities.

Perhaps they were looking for info about an annuity that was recommended to them.

Maybe they were just looking into annuities in general and wanted to know if one was right for them.

No matter how they found our report, they now have access to more information on which annuity may be right for them.

However, much like reading a few health articles doesn’t make you a doctor, reading a few financial articles doesn’t make them an expert either.

The key to any successful marketing report or content is that it does 2 things.

One, it has to deliver value to the prospect. It has to be congruent with what the prospect is looking for, and it has to answer and address the questions and concerns of the reader.

Second, it has to compel the reader (or prospect) to contact you. Reports and content are useless if they can’t get the reader to take some type of action and contact you.

This can be easier said than done.

It can take a lot of planning, testing, and tweaking a report just to get it to work properly.

However, when you do get a piece of material that delivers value and compels the reader into taking action, it pays off over and over again.

In this episode of the Annuity Experts Show, we’ll walk you through how to use this powerful annuity report to not only generate leads but also highlight the top annuities so that your clients can make an informed and confident decision when they are ready to purchase an annuity.

The Annuity Ranking Report – This Lead Magnet Has Generated Over 2,000 Targeted Annuity Leads

During the episode, our annuity expert, Terry, walked us through how we put the report together, how we use it to follow-up with prospects, and how we use it to get more clients for our advisors.

We looked under the hood of hundreds of annuities… from different top-rated companies and designed for all clients’ needs, and we’ll walk you through all the major categories of annuities, including…

  • Income now
  • Income later
  • Protected growth
  • FIAs
  • MYGAs
  • SPIAs

If you’re serious about delivering value, first-class service, and potentially winning more cases, then you want to check out this episode.

Here are some timestamps, if you need to jump to the good parts:

3:00 – How the “shiny” new marketing idea distracts advisors from using what works.

5:30 – We revealed a powerful marketing concept that we use to generate quality leads.

8:10 – We shared the goal of our livestreams that you can copy for your marketing.

9:15 – What most lead capture pages do wrong after the prospect signs up (and what you can do to instantly engage them instead).

10:55 – How we use our Annuity Ranking Report to generate leads and support our advisors.

12:15 – We shared an advisor’s success story based on using our report.

13:24 – We revealed 2 key principles that this report uses and how we leverage them to get the best response from prospects.

13:40 – How to use the “Wizard of Oz” effect to wow prospects and quickly earn their trust.

15:00 – How to use the “Jerry Maguire” effect to get more clients to work with you.

15:55 – The beginning of the report, and we share what the driving purpose of it is.

16:40 – We gave an example of a rates comparison page and how it gets prospects to engage with our advisors.

17:10 – We shared what annuities we’ve been receiving the most feedback on recently.

19:01 – We walked you through the MYGA page and show you how to use it with a prospect.

21:15 – We shared what compels prospects to take action and contact our advisors when going through the report.

22:33 – We walked you through the FIA page and what you should understand that didn’t exist 5 or 10 years ago, along with an example of our FIA ranking report and how a prospect might use it.

25:10 – We explained 3 ways this report helps you deliver value, keeps you compliant, and helps you win more cases.

27:20 – What the RIA community is saying about annuities that can affect annuity sales.

28:30 – Why you would want to bring up SPIAs with your prospect even if they don’t need one.

30:15 – How to use this report to stay in front of prospects and re-engage old ones, along with an example of how we use the report to follow-up with a prospect.

34:39 – How the Annuity Ranking Report aids advisors who do virtual sales and how to convert any content into marketing material.

35:55 – We explained how some ads are misleading and use bait-n-switch tactics and how we combat that to our advantage.

36:40 – We answered the question of whether the report covers joint income examples.

37:50 – How most clients use the report, and what the report does that most FMOs miss that gives advisors an opportunity to get in front of more prospects.

39:45 – We answered the most relevant questions advisors are curious to know!

52:40 – We reviewed the key takeaways and how to use them in your marketing.

54:50 – What your lead magnet has to have inside to help drive more business to you (miss this and you’ll get low response).

56:15 – How to re-engage your leads with these reports and what approach or mindset you need to have to make these reports more successful.

58:10 – How you can get a copy of our report that you can use to model your own report.

And much more!

If you’re interested in creating your own marketing material that attracts interested prospects to you (or you want to tap into the power of our marketing material), you’ll want to watch the episode as soon as you can and download this powerful report for yourself.

→ Episode 029: The Annuity Ranking Report – This Lead Magnet Has Generated Over 2,000 Targeted Annuity Leads

P.S. If you’re looking to partner with an FMO that can potentially help you win more cases and you would like to know more about our done-for-you digital marketing system, give us a call at (520) 639-9479 or…

Click here to book your 1:1 Discovery Call with our team

P.P.S. Let us know if we can personalize this annuity report for your clients.

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