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Annuity Attraction Marketing – 7 Steps to Attracting Annuity Prospects And Booking Qualified Appointments

If your digital marketing efforts have left you with low-quality annuity leads and no clients, chances are you are targeting the wrong type of online lead.

Most FMOs don’t have the “know-how” to target, properly educate, and attract good leads.

Which is why many advisors get mixed results from their digital marketing efforts or end up buying annuity leads from a 3rd party lead vendor.

The other reason is many advisors listen to so-called marketing gurus who rehash marketing ideas (that might work for $40 diet pills) and try to resell them to advisors to make a quick buck.

These tactics flat-out don’t work when it comes to marketing and selling high-end financial products like annuities.

If this has been your experience with digital marketing… not to worry.

The good news is a proven framework has already been created for successful digital marketing that consistently produces quality annuity leads and appointments automatically.

In fact, that’s our topic for this episode of the Annuity Expert Show.

Annuity Attraction Marketing – 7 Steps to Attracting Annuity Prospects & Booking Qualified Appointments

We walked you through a proven 7-step digital marketing framework that advisors are using to predictably close annuity business…

Without hosting dinner seminars, retirement classes, or workshops.

This 7-step process not only attracts high-quality annuity prospects but also nurtures, educates, and converts them into appointments and clients (automatically).

On top of that, it weeds out the junk prospects who aren’t interested in buying an annuity (and will waste your time).

Here’s some of what we covered:

  • The types of prospects we target and how to consistently generate highly targeted traffic, leads, and appointments.
  • How to predictably generate annuity leads and qualified appointments (without hosting live seminars or workshops).
  • How to use the “psychic sales sequence” to predict exactly what your prospects want (and ethically indoctrinate them).
  • How to easily and ethically convert annuity prospects into clients without in-person meetings (by plugging into our done-for-you marketing program).

We gave away a lot more than just valuable info on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show.

We literally gave away our entire playbook on generating a consistent stream of high-quality annuity leads for your practice.

Want to know how to find the most qualified online annuity leads?

We covered that.

Want to know what types of ads are working right now?

We show them to you, and you can swipe-and-deploy them for your campaigns.

Want the secret to a successful digital marketing campaign?

We gave away our 7-step process to attracting annuity prospects.

Want to know the best way to convert annuity leads into booked appointments?

We covered that too.

And we covered the entire 7-step process to generating predictable, high-quality leads online on today’s Annuity Experts Show.

Plus, much more.

Here are some timestamps, if you want to jump to the good parts:

12:30 – What paid ad sources produce the best annuity leads and how to leverage them to your advantage.
14:50 – Why it’s important to diversify your traffic sources to ensure you get a consistent stream of leads.
16:20 – We show Facebook ads that we are currently using in our campaigns (that you can swipe and deploy).
18:15 – Examples of competing company ads (it’s good to know what the competition is up to).
19:45 – We show examples of emails we use for large email mailings (model your own emails after them).
20:15 – What Google display ads we are using now (a great way to see what your prospects are looking for).
21:30 – We cover conversion funnels, the different types, and which ones work best.
23:17 – We reveal one funnel that we utilize often and works very well at generating high-quality annuity leads.
24:15 – How “BuzzFeed” got a flood of clicks and how you can utilize their techniques for your ads.
25:35 – We cover the “Psychics Sales Sequence” and how to leverage it in your campaigns to turn leads into appointments.
28:45 – We show some of our most effective lead capture pages and share the ethical trick we use to get people to feel comfortable to click or sign up.
31:05 – Examples of information collected from our lead capture pages (this will give you an insight to what your target audience is looking for).
34:50 – We reveal how to get your high-quality leads to schedule themselves on your appointment calendar.
35:27 – We show our self-scheduling system, where leads can schedule themselves for the first appointment.
36:45 – Example of a follow-up email we send to a new prospect that gets them to take action.
38:15 – How to use “ethical indoctrination” to get your prospects to know, like, and trust you before your first appointment.
40:00 – We give an example of our “ethical indoctrination” campaign you can use in your campaigns.
42:15 – How to use a personalized follow-up campaign to provide value and educate prospects to take action.
43:45 – We give an example of a personalized email we send to interested prospects.
44:45 – We show you what a high-converting webinar page looks like.
47:30 – We show you how you can predictably generate leads on auto-pilot without running your own campaigns.
49:30 – We tell you how to get our free digital marketing bundle (with no hoops to jump through, just free stuff).
52:15 – We answer the question of how you establish credibility if you’re new to selling annuities.
53:30 – We answer the question about what the cost is behind a successful digital marketing campaign.
56:05 – We reveal our go-to sources for running digital ads.
59:30 – We answer the question of whether we make custom websites for advisors.

We gave away some of our most closely guarded digital marketing secrets that we normally only share with our clients.

These digital marketing secrets are the result of a decade of trial and error, winning and losing, and even getting banned from ad platforms (I explain that in the show).

Who this episode is for:

  • You want to consistently close annuity business from anywhere that you have access to a cellphone and the Internet.
  • You want to reduce or eliminate traditional marketing methods (i.e. dinner seminars, educational classes, referral marketing).
  • You have tried digital marketing, but you have not been able to produce consistent results.
  • You have joined a “leads program” that did not produce a favorable ROI.

If you’re looking for efficient and effective ways to get in front of more qualified prospects…

If you’re currently frustrated with the results you’re getting from traditional marketing methods…

Have tried digital marketing but have not been able to produce consistent results…

… are looking for a proven, turn-key, done-for-you marketing program that generates leads and qualified appointments and supports you in doing business…

And want to consistently close new annuity business from anywhere with an internet connection…

What are you waiting for?

If you’re serious about creating a steady stream of qualified annuity leads for your practice, then you’ll want to watch this episode now.

→ Annuity Experts Show – Annuity Attraction Marketing – 7 Steps to Attracting Annuity Prospects & Booking Qualified Appointments

P.S. If you would like to know more about our done-for-you digital marketing system, give us a call at (520) 639-9479 or…

Click here to book your 1:1 Discovery Call with our team

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He has gained a reputation as the go-to-guy for internet marketing for financial advisors. Jovan has worked with some of the top financial advisors in the country and helped them scale their practice to unprecedented heights.

He has been the mastermind behind some of the most successful financial services lead generation programs, having produced over 200,000 leads and $500MM in financial product sales.

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