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Former MMA Cage Fighter Reveals How He Built A Wildly Profitable Purpose-Driven Practice – Without An Office, Staff Or Any In-Person Meetings

It’s not unusual for a son to want to follow in his father’s footsteps.


When an advisor can build a wildly successful “virtual” practice in such a way his father wants to follow in his footsteps, it gets our attention.

This is the case with our guest, Sean Sparkman, on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show.

Sean is a former MMA fighter who transitioned from cage fighting to becoming a successful financial advisor.

He started selling insurance but quickly switched to annuities.

I met Sean a few years ago and he was struggling to get in front of quality prospects with retirement workshops and dinner seminars.

Sean was ready to ditch the seminars and embrace a marketing system and proven sales process that would suit his active lifestyle.

Now, Sean is doing so well, his father retired from his full-time job and became an advisor alongside Sean and they’re now on track to writing over 10M in combined business this year (plus gathering an additional +4M in AUM).

As a former MMA cage fighter and decorated martial artist, Sean knows how hard his competition is trying to beat him (both in the cage and in the marketplace).

But, he also knows that he can win the match with just one slight advantage, the right technique, a little more strength, or a little more leverage.

As an advisor, your competition is trying to out-sell you, take your clients and neutralize your sales process if you’re not on top of your game.

Every advantage that gives you an edge over your competition can help you create a profitable breakthrough in your practice.

Even a slight advantage can boost your appointments and sales without adding more hours to your schedule.

Which is why we want to dive deep into Sean’s sales process and virtual practice and identify key advantages you can implement right away.

Former MMA Cage Fighter Reveals How He Built A Wildly Profitable Purpose-Driven Practice – Without An Office, Staff Or Any In-Person Meetings

Because there is more to Sean’s story…

On top of that, they have…

  • No fancy office (both work from home).
  • No expensive staff (they use technology to save time).
  • No dinner seminars.
  • No retirement workshops or educational classes.
  • No radio show.
  • No TV appearances.
  • And no in-person meetings (they handle everything over zoom calls).

They do…

Spend ample time out on their boat, skiing and golfing…
… and Sean still practices and is progressing in his martial arts training.

Sean and his dad attribute their success to plugging into the right marketing system and committing to following a proven sales process to a T.

Every advisor desires to run a successful practice.

However, making money is only one part of the success equation.

The other part of the success equation is about living a meaningful life, enjoying amazing experiences, and spending time with the people you love and admire.

That may sound like a lot to expect from a “virtual” practice, but Sean lives it every day and has the numbers and the rave reviews to prove it.

Here’s a rundown of other critical topics we covered (with timestamps):

👉 9:12 – See how having a virtual practice enabled Sean to spend a whole month in Florida with his family.

👉 13:28 – See the production numbers Sean and his dad will hit this year… and why this has been his best yet (this will affect all advisors).

👉 14:20 – This one channel that Sean uses to market his practice nationwide (this may surprise you).

👉 15:18 – How Sean’s father closed a 1.3M deal in less than one year by plugging into one marketing system.

👉 21:55 – What most people don’t do that Sean attributes to his rapid success in the annuity sales business (that anyone can do).

👉 23:40 – The martial arts philosophy that Sean uses to continuously streamline his process from A to Z.

👉 25:50 – Sean takes us through a simple example of his entire sales process.

👉 27:13 – Sean’s secret to allowing clients to instantly trust him.

👉 29:39 – How Sean ensures a second appointment seamlessly.

👉 32:24 How Sean closes business with a client… without ever asking for their business (Sean rarely asks for the business).

👉 43:40 – The analogy Sean believes is the key to his success… and where others fall short.

👉 45:50 – How Sean addresses and avoids a common “deal killer” many advisors get stuck on.

👉 52:00 – The single secret behind the best people in the virtual advising industry.

Sean will share everything, from his “winning” philosophy, to how he serves his clients, handles his appointments, and closes without closing the sale.

Sean’s interview was an inspiring and motivating example of what you can achieve if you plug into the right marketing and sales system.

Join us as we twist Sean’s arm to give us all the secrets about winning in a cage fight and business.

→ Annuity Experts Show – Former MMA Cage Fighter Reveals How He Built A Wildly Profitable Location-Independent Practice – Without An Office, Staff Or Any In-Person Meetings

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