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How to Use Simple Persuasion Techniques to Effortlessly Build Trust with Prospects and Increase Sales

In last week’s podcast episode, I interviewed Justin Christianson who revealed how to increase the number of leads and appointments for your practice…without spending more on traffic. Today I interview Dave Lahkani, one of the nation’s most recognized experts on applied persuasion, human influence and business growth strategies.   How much easier would your job […]

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7 Killer Insights To Earn More Money And Work Less

In our last podcast episode, I interviewed Jeremiah Desmarais on “How To Become The Preeminent Authority In Your Marketplace And Connect With More Affluent Clients. Have you ever felt like you’re stuck on an island? Have you ever felt “disconnected” from your clients, employees, your spouse or maybe you’re so busy working that you’ve lost […]

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How To Become The Preeminent Authority In Your Marketplace And Connect With More Affluent Clients

  In last week’s podcast episode, I had an awesome guest who shared how Virtual Sales Secrets To Instantly Boost  Profits And Freedom In Your Business Today I interview Jeremiah Desmarais,who’s been labeled “One the greatest marketing minds in the financial industry” by executives and thought leaders. Last year, Jeremiah delivered the Ted Talk ‘The […]

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Meet The Digital Dunce Financial Video Marketer

Do you think it would be tough to create hundreds of thousands of free views to your videos on YouTube?

Dot you think it would be incredibly tough to create qualified prospects from your online videos around the clock, whether you are actually working, at home, or even on vacation?

Does it seem way too hard, that you have no idea what you are doing, perhaps you don’t even know where to start?

Well you aren’t alone…

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Creating Leads Online From Scratch [Free Video Training]

Would you like to learn a system that will enable you to be creating leads online from scratch?


Well then you came to the right blog today, as I want to offer you my free video training that reveals all of the secrets, tips, and tricks that my brother Luke and I used to create online sales funnels, massive amounts of free traffic, and ended up generating hundreds of consumer leads.

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The Secret to Creating Leads From Your Seminar Online…

I have been waiting over a year to write this blog!!!

That’s right, last May (2013), my brother Luke and I embarked on a mission to do the following:

Open up a free Youtube account from scratch
Add at least one video per week starting only with “Ugly” black and white PowerPoint presentation (no cameras, microphones, etc.)
Have no associated website with the videos or the YouTube channel except for a simple $10 landing page
We would optimize our videos inside of YouTube (with some of the tactics we have learned over the years) to see just how many views we could get to our “Ugly” videos

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BIG Announcement and a Favor…

Hey there financial advisors,

My brother Luke and I are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited financial advisor training course on “How to take your seminar presentation online without a camera, web developers, or fancy/expensive equipment.”

We have been working on this since May of 2013, but we are finally going to wrap it up. We can’t wait for you to see the full 1-YEAR case study that we did by putting up “UGLY” powerpoint presentations on YouTube without a camera or any equipment. You will be shocked at how much traffic and how many consumer leads that we generated.

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How a mere $10 increased lead conversions 80.3% in 19 days [Case Study]

The $10 investment that increased leads 80.3% in 19 days…

I can’t wait to share all the details on this wild financial marketing case study! And one of the coolest facts is that many of you reading this blog today played a role in this case study and didn’t even know it. Moreover, for those of you financial professionals who are currently implementing digital marketing into your practice, you know just how incredible an 80% increase in leads can be.

However, if you have followed Luke and I for any amount of time you probably know that any incredible breakthrough like this is also associated with a lesson learned the hard way, or some “Digital Dunce” move that I had to laugh at myself about after the fact.

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