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How To Sell Annuities In Any Market

Are you looking for a strategy to sell annuities in any market environment?

In our industry, annuities are much easier to “pitch” to prospects during bearish market conditions. But what do you do when the market is strong and your potential clients are happy with the performance of their money? Is there a way to position annuities not just as a defensive tool… but as a means to amplify returns during bullish markets?

As we know, many prospects seek our guidance without having received regular financial guidance or direction. Consequently, a lesser-known aspect of their market performance might be holding them back, even amid favorable market trends like a soaring S&P.

What we’ve discovered is a crucial insight into the market performance for many of your prospects. This analysis not only sheds light on their current financial standing but also reveals a groundbreaking strategy to position an annuity as a way to capture more gains with less risk.

This Inner Circle episode sheds light on this crucial strategy. We’ll demonstrate precisely how to uncover this hidden aspect for any prospect while showcasing the potential of annuities to enhance their investment performance.

How To Sell Annuities In Any Market


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Given the current landscape of soaring cap rates, identifying underperforming segments within a client’s portfolio has become a potent sales approach. This video will provide a comprehensive guide on precisely how to achieve this. Moreover, it’ll reveal strategies to build credibility and trust with your clients, setting the stage for impactful discussions.

Watch the video above to discover how to position annuities effectively, regardless of the market scenario.

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He has been the mastermind behind some of the most successful financial services lead generation programs, having produced over 200,000 leads and $500MM in financial product sales.

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