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Here’s What Your “Ghosted” Prospects Are Missing

Have you ever experienced that eerie silence from prospects who seemed keen but suddenly vanish after a few meetings? Or perhaps diligently crafted and shared detailed illustrations, only to receive no response?

Have you ever wondered what your “ghosted” prospects are missing to get them to write the business with you?

These situations are often accepted as part of the territory in our industry. Yet, they might hold deeper clues than we give credit for.

The truth is, these scenarios might not be about the merits of our products or services. Instead, they could be signs of a missing, vital element in our conversations with clients—a crucial “sale” that very few in our industry are aware of.

In today’s virtual advising arena, this pivotal aspect often remains unaddressed, contributing to the common experience of being “ghosted” by prospects.

Our Inner Circle mastermind call aimed to uncover this overlooked element, seeking mastery in this key “sale” to mitigate these instances of clients mysteriously fading away.

Here’s What Your “Ghosted” Prospects Are Missing


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Here’s a peek into what we discuss:

  • Why revealing personal financial information and receiving illustrations does NOT signal “belief” in annuities (and what to focus on instead).
  • What your prospects are really looking for when they speak with you (give them this, and the prospect will likely “sell themselves”).
  • The single most powerful question to ask a client to get them to tell you their desired outcome.

In today’s digital landscape, it’s increasingly common for prospects to vanish after showing initial interest in annuities.

Our goal is to equip you with insights on navigating and minimizing these instances of “ghosting” while fostering genuine trust with your clients.

Explore the episode above to uncover what might have been missing in your client conversations.

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Jovan Will

He has gained a reputation as the go-to-guy for internet marketing for financial advisors. Jovan has worked with some of the top financial advisors in the country and helped them scale their practice to unprecedented heights.

He has been the mastermind behind some of the most successful financial services lead generation programs, having produced over 200,000 leads and $500MM in financial product sales.

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