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New Chapters In Life, Why I’m Starting Over And How We’re Going To Disrupt Our Industry

So recently I’ve been exploring a new philosophy on life called essentialism, thanks to a book I recently read called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. What really intrigued me about the book was that it walks you through how to regain control of our own choices so we can channel our time, energy and […]

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TOP 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

We’re a few days into New Year and you’re likely in the process of putting the finishing touches on your 2016 Business Plan. Included in that plan is probably how to increase the digital marketing presence in your practice. After all, obtaining new clients is always a top priority and focus of a good business […]

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The Number #1 Secret Used By Top Marketers To Dominate Advertising Online With Fernando Godinez

Fernando has successfully managed huge internet marketing budgets (multiple six figure per month) and today will be sharing with you which numbers matter most in your marketing and how you can beat out your competition once you know the “Number #1” internet marketing secret.

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How To Create Purpose Passion & Meaning In Your Business And Life

Normally I send you content related to growing your business, but I today I wanted to share with you something that’s much different…But before I got into the details, let me ask you if you have ever asked yourself:
“What’s your WHY for building a successful business?”
Well I recently attended a live advisor training event, and that very question was posed to the audience.

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YouTube Marketing Secrets for Financial Advisors

Episode 12 of “Hangout Madness” was AWESOME!  Partly because it was on one of our favorite topics (YouTube Marketing), but more importantly because we had such an amazing guest.  Bill Winterberg, the technology wizard that caters to Financial Advisors (and the brains behind, gave our viewers some incredible tips and tricks to be utilizing while doing YouTube Marketing for Financial Advisors.

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