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Mr Rogers $20 Million YouTube Presentation Secrets

Many of us grew up watching Mr. Rogers, or maybe you have children or grandchildren that tuned into Mr. Rogers on PBS. I stumbled across a video that truly encapsulates how you can be powerfully persuasive with online videos or in-person with your clients. After watching the video below, I was able to see the two biggest […]

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Online Seminar Sales Funnel “Behind the Scenes”

Ever since we released our hit “How To” product that is empowering financial advisors to quickly take ANY seminar presentation (or PowerPoint presentation in general) online, how to drive free and paid traffic to the seminar, and how to convert the traffic into qualified prospects (all without any camera equipment or web developer), we have had many requests to get a “behind the scenes” glimpse before they enroll in the private course.

And the answer is YES!

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Perhaps the WORST Financial Educational Video of all time…

I want to take you back in time.

Back to a time when Joe Simonds was a complete digital dunce.

Back to a time when I knew nothing about how to do videos, when I had no idea how to properly upload videos to YouTube, and I certainly had no idea how to create leads from my videos, or even how to create leads online for that matter.

In fact, I think my first couple of videos were so bad that I probably scared away more people than anything else.

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7 YouTube Marketing Tips in Under 3 Minutes [Free Videos]

Many of you have asked me how I have created so many Internet leads from simple YouTube videos?

After thinking about it, I boiled it down to 7 Must Know YouTube Marketing Tips that really skyrocketed my videos in the YouTube search Engine. And of course with more views, means I get to educate more people, and thus have more people opt-in to have a conversation with me.

So here are the 7 different YouTube Marketing Tips that have been game-changers for me:

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Top 10 FAQs – Financial Advisor YouTube Marketing

My brother Luke and I recently announced that we would finally be taking on a select group of financial advisors that want to take their seminars, presentations, voice, message, and entire sales funnel online.

We call the exclusive training course The Online Seminar Sales Funnel (learn more about the private course here)

After releasing 3 free training videos to give advisors a taste of what is possible with YouTube Marketing, we received some excellent questions (and objections) about creating massive amounts of leads (and authority) through Youtube…

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Announcing The Online Seminar Sales Funnel Training Course

On September 3rd, Luke and I released a 3-part video training series teaching financial advisors how to transform any PowerPoint presentation or seminar into an online lead funnel.

We had some amazing feedback, and many of you have been asking how you can take all of this online marketing to a new level with us.

Well today we are announcing our latest product, called The Online Seminar Sales Funnel.

We are only accepting registrations into the private course for 10 days, and enrollment ends at midnight, September 22nd.

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Creating Leads Online From Scratch [Free Video Training]

Would you like to learn a system that will enable you to be creating leads online from scratch?


Well then you came to the right blog today, as I want to offer you my free video training that reveals all of the secrets, tips, and tricks that my brother Luke and I used to create online sales funnels, massive amounts of free traffic, and ended up generating hundreds of consumer leads.

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The Secret to Creating Leads From Your Seminar Online…

I have been waiting over a year to write this blog!!!

That’s right, last May (2013), my brother Luke and I embarked on a mission to do the following:

Open up a free Youtube account from scratch
Add at least one video per week starting only with “Ugly” black and white PowerPoint presentation (no cameras, microphones, etc.)
Have no associated website with the videos or the YouTube channel except for a simple $10 landing page
We would optimize our videos inside of YouTube (with some of the tactics we have learned over the years) to see just how many views we could get to our “Ugly” videos

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BIG Announcement and a Favor…

Hey there financial advisors,

My brother Luke and I are VERY close to finishing our long-awaited financial advisor training course on “How to take your seminar presentation online without a camera, web developers, or fancy/expensive equipment.”

We have been working on this since May of 2013, but we are finally going to wrap it up. We can’t wait for you to see the full 1-YEAR case study that we did by putting up “UGLY” powerpoint presentations on YouTube without a camera or any equipment. You will be shocked at how much traffic and how many consumer leads that we generated.

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