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Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors

If you have watched any of the 31 Episodes of Hangout Madness you will know that we are pretty passionate about Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors.  In fact, that is our entire mission here at Advisor Internet Marketing…to help financial advisors “Go Digital“.  And in this final Episode of #HangoutMadness #31in31, Luke and I give financial advisors like you every reason why you will become extinct over time if you do not adapt and have a digital footprint.

Internet Marketing for Financial Advisors does not mean you stop what you are doing!

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Email Marketing for Financial Advisors Made Easy

Everyone these days seems to own an email.  And everyone seems to send and receive emails on a daily basis in our industry.  Yet, very few financial advisors truly understand the right and wrong way to achieve the highest possible ROI on your emails.  Because believe it or not, email marketing boils down to a science, and you must have the proper systems in place to maximize it.

How we make email Marketing for Financial Advisors Easy

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Financial Advisor Video Marketing for Dummies

Earlier this month on Hangout Madness, we had guest Bill Winterberg (technology guru for financial advisors) on our live show to discuss all kinds of great tips on YouTube Marketing for Financial Advisors.   That hangout also spurred a bunch of other questions regarding financial advisor video marketing, so we decided to do a follow up live hangout that gave two very powerful video marketing tips that any financial advisor could implement in the next 48 hours.


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Should Financial Professionals Use Google+?

Out of the 4 largest social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+), Google+ seems to be the most underused and misunderstood for financial professionals.  I continue to see financial professionals all over LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but there seem to be just a small group of “digital advisors” on Google+.  Ironically, Google+ is now much larger in terms of registered users than even most financial advisor’s favorite go-to social media platform, LinkedIn.

So why should Financial Professionals use Google+?

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Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors

In this exciting live Google Hangout interview, we cover all of the basics of Facebook marketing for financial advisors with special guest Nathan Lee.  Normally, everything we teach financial advisors revolves around organic search and organic marketing.  Meaning, we teach you how to be found online for free, without having to pay for advertising, banner ads, pay-per-click, etc.  However, it is too tough to ignore the power of Facebook marketing for financial advisors as Facebook has so much information on everyone, and they have made it incredibly easy and cheap to advertise (for as little as $25).

What are the best practices for Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors?

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Financial Advisor Appointment Setting Secrets

We all can agree that seminar marketing for financial professionals works.  It has proven to be one of the most effective ways to share your message in a face-to-face setting available to financial advisors.  But what most people don’t realize is just how crucial the entire appointment setting process in regards to getting the appointment booked from the seminar, and then exactly what you should (and shouldn’t d0) in the crucial first and second appointments.  That’s why we had on Abe Ashton, the $30 million annual annuity producer, to give us all of his best financial advisor appointment setting secrets.

What do you need to know in regards to Financial Advisor Appointment Setting Secrets?

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The Best Financial Advisor Referral System In North America

What an awesome live interview with Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems today!  Although we did have a couple technical difficulties due to a massive snowstorm in Canada, it didn’t stop Duncan from delivering a massive message about how to create an incredibly powerful financial advisor referral system.  And his platform and process isn’t just the best one in America, it is the best in all of North America!

Just how does one go about building the best Financial Advisor Referral System?


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How to Legally Steal Traffic and Ideas Like an Artist

Have you haven’t read Austin Kleon’s book “Steal like an Artist”, I highly recommend that you do.  But in the meantime, you can watch me give my book review (along with some tomfoolery), and I will also teach  you how to legally steal traffic and ideas like an artist.  Because let’s face it, nothing today is really “original”.

How can you legally steal traffic and ideas like an artist?

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Are You A “Purple Cow” Financial Professional?

Are you a Purple Cow Financial Professional?  Do you even know what that means?  Let me explain.  Author Seth Godin wrote a book called “Purple Cow” where he describes the importance of standing out in whatever industry you are in, just like a purple cow would in a field of all normal looking, brown cows.  For instance, imagine what you would do if you were driving along through the country and all of a sudden saw a purple cow sitting out in a field amongst all brown cows.  You would most likely pull your car over, take pictures, share the picture with everyone you know, and continue to tell the story about the purple cow to anyone who would listen to you.

This same theory applies to businesses, brands, and even financial professionals.

And if you can become a Purple Cow Financial Professional, you will have a business and brand that your clients are talking about, sharing, and telling their friends about.

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Are You Acting Like A “Used Annuity Salesman”?

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being part of a digital mastermind group where we discussed some really cool “out of the box” digital marketing and sales ideas in the financial services industry.  The mastermind meeting was incredibly powerful and we all walked away smarter and full of new ideas to implement.  One of the guys at the meeting named Stevie told a funny (but sad) story about what he sees going on in our industry, and he called it the “Used Annuity Salesman” disease.  The long and short of it is, that a huge chunk of insurance agents today act just like used car salesman.  They show up to work every single day having no business plan, having no idea who will walk up on the car lot that day, have to use misleading sales practices to close deals, live month to month, never get referrals, and bounce around from car lot to car lot in search of the next great silver bullet.

So how can you avoid ever being stuck in the Used Annuity Salesman rut?

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