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The Number #1 Secret Used By Top Marketers To Dominate Advertising Online With Fernando Godinez

Fernando has successfully managed huge internet marketing budgets (multiple six figure per month) and today will be sharing with you which numbers matter most in your marketing and how you can beat out your competition once you know the “Number #1” internet marketing secret.

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How To Create Purpose Passion & Meaning In Your Business And Life

Normally I send you content related to growing your business, but I today I wanted to share with you something that’s much different…But before I got into the details, let me ask you if you have ever asked yourself:
“What’s your WHY for building a successful business?”
Well I recently attended a live advisor training event, and that very question was posed to the audience.

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How to Target Your Ideal Prospects With Laser-like Accuracy

Do you know precisely who your “Ideal” prospect is?

If you have read the Digital Marketing Grail for Financial Advisors then you certainly understand just how important it is to PRECISELY know who your Ideal (aka Avatar) client is when marketing online. Not to say that it isn’t crucial in offline marketing (because it is), but it is even more so when you are trying to get someone to take action on the Internet, as the ability to leave your site to go to one of your competitor’s websites is as simple as a click of the mouse…

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Do You “Feel Alive” in your Business as a Financial Professional?

Do You Want To Have An Ideal Financial Advisor Lifestyle?

My clients have been financial professionals since 2001. And over that time (13+ years), I have had the opportunity to meet, speak to, and coach some really incredible financial professionals. I have met some of the most successful financial advisors in the country, and I have also met and spoke to some that continue to struggle every year. However, one thing that has always perplexed me is how few of you are really living the “ideal financial advisor lifestyle” that I believe you deserve.

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Financial Marketing Secrets from an ex-Digital Dunce…

Find out what you can learn from an ex-Digital Dunce turned Digital Maverick…

Last night Luke and I did an impromptu live Google Hangout as we felt the need to share a few financial marketing secrets that we have learned along the way. Much of it was spawned due to some of the questions that we are receiving from financial professionals like you. And some of it originated from us just loving to share our knowledge and help out after we have a long week of seeing financial professionals struggle with marketing online.

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Do You Want to See a Direct Response Website for Financial Advisors?

What exactly is a Direct Response Website for Financial Advisors?

If you don’t even know that direct response marketing is, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea as well. Moreover, I am willing to bet that many financial advisors and insurance agents don’t know exactly what it means either. In simple terms, direct response marketing is marketing or advertising that intends to drive a specific call to action, also known as a direct response. Usually, direct response marketing is aimed at a specific target or niche, and the targeted prospects are usually given something for free (education, booklet, e-book, real book, all the way to a free cruise) just for giving up their information.

Of course the “size of the prize” (aka “Freebie) is all dependent upon how much each lead is worth to you. Clearly, you wouldn’t give away a cruise if you were selling something that was less than the cost of the cruise.

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How Are Financial Advisors Closing Business Online?

Here at Advisor Internet Marketing, the topic of financial advisors closing business online and over the phone is a REALLY HOT topic.  In fact, what we have found is that many financial professionals don’t even believe it can really be done.  Perhaps it is because we have all been led to believe that baby boomers and retirees only want to do business with a handshake and a face-to-face meeting?  Or perhaps it is because it seems so unnatural for someone to part ways with their retirement money to someone that the met online…

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Is it possible to do 31 Google Hangouts in 31 days…only in March Hangout Madness

When I told my brother Luke what I wanted to do something called March Hangout Madness for the entire month of March he quickly replied…

“Have you completely lost your mind?  You are nuts man!”

I will let you be the judge of my craziness factor…

You see, I have not only decided to show you every single step-by-step instruction on how to create thousands of consumer prospects online without spending a dollar in advertising costs…

But I have also decided to do 31 Live Google Hangout Events in the month of March while I let you guys and gals take my entire war chest of digital secrets for pennies on the dollar.

That’s right!

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Facebook Marketing For Financial Professionals

Are you a financial professional that keeps hearing that you should be using Facebook in your practice, but you have no idea how to maximize your time and effort on the social media platform?  Perhaps you don’t even know where to begin to set up your business “Facebook Fan Page”, how to create events for your business, or how to boost your posts?

Well I have some great news for you then!

Amy McIlwain, the Social Media Maven, and myself go over all of the basics (and a few advanced strategies) of Facebook marketing for financial professionals in this 40-minute live event.

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Live Replay: How to Write $12 Million or More in 2014

In this unique live Google Hangout, I had the opportunity to interview Ford Stokes, the Chief Marketing Officer at The Impact Partnership (the fastest growing FMO in the annuity arena by a landslide) how he is helping financial professionals have cataclysmic marketing and sales breakthroughs.  In fact, Ford and his marketing team at Impact have a proven multi-step process that essentially guarantees that they can grow your business if  you are coachable and open to new marketing ideas.

Fortunately for you, I was able to get Ford talking  about all of the custom marketing packages and tactics that they are using with their financial advisor clients.  Interesting enough, everything starts with your brand.  Your logo, image, fonts, colors, domain name, etc are the foundation of your business and Ford’s team believes that this area is where many financial professionals do a bad job.  Many seemed more interested in spending money on leads or seminars right out of the gates and completely neglect their brand and image…and then wonder why they aren’t getting referrals or having breakthrough years.  It would be like building a huge, beautiful home as quick as possible and skipping the laying of the foundation because you wanted to get in quicker.  Just doesn’t make sense.

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