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30 Year Old Advisor Reveals How He Went From ZERO to $50 Million in AUM in less than 2.5 years With Wes White

Today’s guest went from being a predominantly annuity-based advisor to building a thriving $50M AUM firm in less than 2.5 years. My guest’s name is Wes White, he is the founder of Patriot Wealth. Together with his father, Wes runs a thriving practice that integrates digital and offline marketing to consistently attract new clients. If […]

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How To Use “Lifestyle Design” To Boost Your Business, Energy & Happiness With Jason Wenk

One of my first podcast episodes that I released was episode #4 with Jason Wenk, which continues to be one of the highest downloaded episode ever, where we discussed How To Build A 7 Figure Business And Live Life On Your Own Terms. Apparently, Jason’s message struck a chord with advisors. Well, we decided to […]

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Discover How To Transform Your Fitness And Health Without Sacrificing Your Business And Family Life With IFBB Pro Jeff Willet

Today we’re going to be diving deep into a topic that we rarely discuss…we’re going to be talking about how to transform your fitness and health (without sacrificing your business and family life). Most of our episodes are about sales, marketing and business, but today I wanted to discuss something that’s been a major focus […]

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Discover How Olympians, Billionaires And Entrepreneurs Break-Through To New Levels Of Performance

Since we’ve put our podcast on pause, we’ve been getting a ton of emails and calls asking about our podcast. So we’ve decided it’s time once again to resume our podcast… We’ve got a series of interviews with heavy hitters and thought leaders lined up that want to share with you actionable tips and ideas […]

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Discover the Internet Marketing Secrets of Jovan Will and How He Used them to Help Grow One of the Top Annuity Firms in the Country

Guests of my Podcast have really been open to sharing valuable “inside information” that keeps them on the cutting-edge and keeps the profits pouring in… This week I turn the table and last week’s guest Seth Greene interviews me about how I got started and ultimately founded Advisor Internet Marketing. I feel a little funny […]

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How to Use Simple Persuasion Techniques to Effortlessly Build Trust with Prospects and Increase Sales

In last week’s podcast episode, I interviewed Justin Christianson who revealed how to increase the number of leads and appointments for your practice…without spending more on traffic. Today I interview Dave Lahkani, one of the nation’s most recognized experts on applied persuasion, human influence and business growth strategies.   How much easier would your job […]

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How to Increase the Number of Leads and Appointments For Your Practice… Without Spending More On Traffic

Have you ever thought… “if I could only get more eyeballs on my website, I could grow my business faster?” If so, you’re not alone.   It’s common for financial advisors to chase the next “hot” traffic spot and believe if they just get more web visitors, they can make more money.   However, today […]

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