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023 – Win More Business With This Top-Rated Annuity – That Most Advisors Don’t Know About Yet

It’s safe to say that most clients believe they’re getting access to the newest top-rated annuity.

As advisors, this can create a big advantage for selling annuities.

But let’s face it, most advisors don’t have access to all the best annuity products available.

In some cases, it’s because their FMO only recommends what’s best for them (based on the FMO’s override or bonuses paid out by the carrier) versus what’s best for your clients (as far as what they need).

To the average person, annuities can seem complex, complicated, and confusing (even scary).

It’s our job to simplify the complex into concepts that are easy to understand.

But, not only that, we must do it in such a way to make clients feel confident they are making the best decision.

Which leads us to Occam’s Razor principle, which states “The simplest explanation is preferable to the one that is more complex”.

The fact is, the wealthiest advisors are the ones who are skilled at taking the complex and making it easy to understand.

And I’ve seen this time and time again… our advisors can beat out, even a local advisor because they have a little more knowledge and access to the best products.

On top of that, the client will actually thank the advisor for recommending a better product (and strategy) and saving them from a less beneficial contract.

When the markets drop and interest rates rise, people typically search for safe money strategies.

And I believe we’ve found a protected growth annuity that can beat out almost anything your competition is recommending…

…a top-rated annuity you should know about (and share with your clients right away).

Here’s why…

It can beat out most annuities on:

  • Rating (A+)
  • Provider rating (A+)
  • Surrender periods (shorter than anyone else)
  • Guaranteed index rates (9% S&P cap for the full term)

And the best part… most advisors don’t even know about it yet.

Whatever annuity your competition is recommending, we believe this top-rated protected-growth annuity may be able to beat it (we’ll let you be the judge).

Which is why our resident Annuity Expert, Terry Heys, will be explaining everything you need to know about this top-rated annuity on this week’s Annuity Experts Show.

Annuity Experts Show – Episode 023
Win More Business With This Top-Rated Annuity – That Most Advisors Don’t Know About Yet

Terry will give you the ins-and-outs of this top-rated annuity so you can start offering it to your clients right away.

We want you to go into your next prospect or client meeting with confidence knowing that you have access to one of the best-protected growth annuities currently available in the industry.

Let’s face it, there are many advisors looking to compete for your client’s business, however, having access to the BEST annuities gives you a HUGE advantage.

I believe this will be one of the top 3 protected growth annuities in your annuity toolbox to beat out the competition and win you more business.

Here are 5 reasons why…

Reason #1 – It’s an A+ rated product from an A+ rated provider.

When you’re dealing with someone’s livelihood, 2 A+’s can be hard to beat.

Reason #2 – S&P 500 cap guaranteed for the full term at 9%.

While some annuities offer higher caps, do they guarantee them? This one does. This product can offer gain when the market is good and zero loss when the market is bad. Plus, so much more.

Reason #3 – Shorter surrender periods.

It’s no secret that our clients may prefer a shorter surrender period, and that’s definitely a key selling point with this annuity (it has a 7-year surrender period).

Reason #4 – It does what it says it’s going to do.

There are no “teaser rates” or “rug pull” conditions that surprise your clients years down the road. This is a simple and straightforward product that can deliver what it promises (and clients typically love that).

Reason #5 – Few advisors know about it yet.

When you know even a little bit more than your competition, it can give you a big advantage to win more cases (and better serve your clients)! Few FMOs are sharing this with their advisors, so this could give you an advantage over the competition.

This annuity may give your clients exactly what they’re looking for in a protected growth annuity.

Here are some timestamps so you can just skip to the good parts:

9:40 – How to get the most value out of watching our shows.

10:10 – Why advisors need to stay on top of new annuities to ensure closing the deal.

10:40 – What potential clients do after an advisor appointment and how to anticipate it and ensure they remain your client.

11:25 – How to win cases when you’re competing with other advisors (if you’re not doing this, you may be losing cases).

12:18 – How rising interest rates have affected advisors.

13:20 – What insurance companies are doing due to higher interest rates that could affect annuity sales.

14:40 – What A+ rated companies are now offering that we don’t see very often (making this a prime time to be an advisor).

15:10 – An annuity you need to know about (and should be in your top 3 of protected growth annuities).

16:45 – Terry’s online annuity presentation (use this on your next prospect meeting).

19:35 – How the “Occam’s Razor” principle applies to selling annuities and why it makes this annuity attractive.

21:30 – The A+ rated company that is selling this annuity.

22:05 – What this annuity has that 99% of other annuities don’t have (share this with your clients right away).

23:30 – The annuity rundown, surrender periods, caps, rates, and why you want to know about it (use this info on your next appointment).

25:10 – What the guaranteed S&P caps are for this particular annuity.

26:50 – How this annuity can potentially hedge against inflation.

29:30 – Where Terry believes the markets are going and what to do about it (great annuity strategy revealed).

31:35 – The top 5 reasons you need to know about this annuity (use these when talking to clients).

35:40 – How this annuity could potentially avoid the uncomfortable conversation when the markets zig zag.

36:40 – Why your clients may thank you for recommending this annuity (this will help you serve clients better).

39:00 – Why you’ll be happy you watched this webinar and started recommending this annuity.

39:50 – How to look at retirement planning and what to consider before recommending an annuity.

40:35 – What the “Fed Pivot” is and how it can affect annuity rates (and how to protect yourself from it).

43:00 – How this annuity could save you from the uncomfortable conversation that results if rates change (tell this to clients right away).

45:12 – Why it’s important to know about this annuity before your competition does (this could help you win more cases).

46:25 – 4 ways to beat out the competition when presenting this annuity (without smoke and mirrors).

48:50 – How to use Occam’s Razor rule with your clients that may help you close more deals.

50:00 – How to get access to this top-rated annuity.

56:45 – How this annuity compares to other similar products (get sales tactics revealed here).

59:25 – What the street-level commissions are on this annuity.

And much more!

There’s even more to learn and Terry has explained all the ins and outs of this top-rated product in this episode…

… so you could be ready to start recommending this potentially case-winning annuity to clients right away.

We believe this top-rated protected growth annuity could potentially beat out anything your competition is recommending and help you win more cases.

We’ll tell you all about it on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show.

→ Annuity Experts Show – Episode 23 – Win More Business With This Top-Rated Annuity – That Most Advisors Don’t Know About Yet

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