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How To Predictably Close Annuity Business With Just An Internet Connection And Cell Phone

Read on or watch the video to see how advisors are closing more annuity business than ever before, after partnering with AIM.


Can you relate to any of these common problems financial advisors are facing today?


Your dinner seminars, retirement workshops, or educational classes have been canceled and you’re unable to meet with your clients in person.


You’ve tried “virtual” or “online” retirement classes, webinars, or online funnels that have failed to produce predictable and scalable results.


Your FMO or marketing agency lacks the expertise in digital marketing and is unable to help you attract more qualified annuity prospects.


You’ve bought expensive, but lousy Internet leads, or called leads that have been resold to several different advisors.

If you’ve felt any of these frustrations yourself – it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Our entire industry is scrambling to adapt to the “new normal”

These difficult times are creating unprecedented opportunities for unscrupulous marketers hawking their wares to advisors. FMOs are all now jumping on the “virtual advisor” bandwagon and pushing “virtual advisor” ideas and “online” retirement classes or webinars using advisors. Most of these marketing groups were promoting dinner seminars and workshops just a few short months ago. 

Many of these new marketing programs haven’t actually been battle-tested in the field; which results in advisors being used as guinea pigs to “test” out these new marketing ideas.

The biggest threat to an advisor’s business is partnering with an FMO that has failed to innovate…

Sadly, most FMOs and marketing agencies are ill-equipped and unprepared at helping financial advisors adapt to this “new normal” — leaving many advisors scrambling to figure out where to go from here.

The game has changed. Advisors need a modern, more efficient marketing approach to attract qualified prospects – now more than ever.

We’re leading the charge by helping financial advisors grow their practice, plugging into our 100% done-for-you digital marketing program.

Advisor Internet Marketing (AIM) is the first and only Field Marketing Organization (FMO) that helps advisors grow their practice exclusively through our done-for-you digital marketing program and our proven virtual sales methodology.

We focus specifically on 3 key areas to drive advisor’s business growth:

Done-For-You Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing specialists manages annuity campaigns that deliver targeted annuity leads and scheduled appointments.

Virtual Client Acquisition

Advisors get access to our proprietary and modern approach of closing annuity business virtually – without meeting with prospects or clients in person.

World-Class Back Office Support

Our wholesaling team will help you with advanced case design strategies and ensure that your deals get properly funded.

Introducing AIM’s Annuity Leads[on]Autopilot™ Program

Annuity Leads[ON]Autopilot helps advisors predictably close annuity business every month. Our process enables advisors to meet with clients with just an Internet connection and a cell phone.

We do this by using smart and automated marketing programs that completely bypass traditional methods; thereby eliminating the need of having a fancy office, large staff, dinner seminars, or in-person meetings with prospects.

Kiss dinner seminars and webinars goodbye!

Our automated and digital approach completely replaces traditional dinner seminars, retirement workshops, and webinars by delivering sales presentations to your prospects that are working 24/7, 365 days per year.

Automated leads and scheduled appointments

Our technology platform generates targeted annuity prospects and scheduled appointments on autopilot. Advisors plug into a fully turnkey done-for-you system that predictably attracts qualified prospects without any complicated tech setup or implementation headaches.

Our team of virtual sales assistants call your prospects to assist in setting up and confirming appointments.

Close business virtually

Advisors use our proprietary virtual sales methodology to  close annuity business 100% virtually. Our process completely bypasses traditional methods, thereby eliminating the need for having a fancy office, large staff, or in-person meetings with prospects.

The best-in-business back-office support and annuity contracting

We have access to the best annuity contracts from top-rated insurance companies and all of our advisors keep 100% of their commission on annuity business closed from our leads.

Want to Learn More?

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Here’s How The Program Works

Our campaigns are working 24/7 (365 days per year) and consistently generate leads and appointments for our advisors while they sleep.

We use a proven formula powered by advanced machine learning and A.I. to generate hundreds of thousands of leads online by focusing on 3 critical components:

Driving Traffic (attracting targeted and qualified prospects)

We use a combination of proprietary traffic strategies that target prospects ranging from people approaching retirement to folks that want to buy an annuity.

Generating Leads (predictably and consistently)

We educate retirees and annuity prospects with online video presentations (sales funnels) to address their biggest retirement challenges.

Setting Appointments (on auto-pilot)

We use automated email sequences to inform, educate and inspire prospects to request an appointment with you.

This is the exact system that advisors are using to sell MILLIONS of dollars in annuity premium and provides them the freedom and ideal lifestyle that they desire.

AIM’s Annuity Leads[on]Autopilot™ system utilizes our 7-step digital marketing proprietary process.

Our system is working 24/7, 365 days per year like “sales robots” that deliver educational presentations to prospects and ultimately produce leads and appointments for our advisors while they sleep. Our advisors literally wake up to leads in their inbox and appointments on their calendar — without lifting a finger.

What makes our program different?

Advisors are not required to meet clients in their office or their client’s home.

Advisors don’t need a fancy office, expensive website, large staff, or overhead.

Advisors do not need to host dinner seminars, workshops, live events, or webinars.

Advisors can feasibly expand their target market far beyond their local area to include the entire country.

Here’s what to expect…

Prospects are expecting a phone call (virtual meeting) – no home visits or office visits are required. ​Advisors can predictably rely on a steady stream of leads and closing new clients. ​Advisors do not have to host seminars, events, webinars or radio shows to get in front of new clients.

​Advisors can focus on what they’re really good at: serving clients well (and more of them).

Who this program is for

Advisors who want a modern, convenient and predictable way to get in front of more qualified prospects. ​Advisors who are open and coachable and want to put clients’ needs FIRST and foremost (while maintaining a healthy work, life & family balance).

It’s for experienced financial advisors who have a thorough understanding of annuities and are willing to put the work in to be successful with our leads.

We’re redefining the rules of success for the modern financial advisor.

Do you want to build a highly profitable practice, while still having the freedom and flexibility to live a lifestyle that few advisors know is even possible?

Want to work from home today? No problem.

How about running a client review meeting from your lake house or boat? Enjoy the view! Want to travel with your family, while continuing to build your practice? Bon, voyage! We help advisors work less and make more.

Want to Learn More?

See how AIM can help you predictably grow your practice by clicking the button below to request a risk-free, no-pressure, Discovery Call with our team.


We provide our digital marketing management services at-cost, so we can pass those savings on to you.

Unlike FMOs, marketing agencies, third-party lead vendors, or marketing agencies that drastically mark up their marketing services, we offer our digital marketing programs at a wholesale cost to our advisors. This means that we provide leads “at-cost” to our advisors and our profits are solely tied to annuity business that is closed, not by applying a margin to our leads.

The harsh reality is that most FMOs are better at marketing themselves than they are at helping advisors market their practices. This leads many advisors to hire marketing agencies or buy leads from third-party vendors that drastically mark up their marketing services in order to turn a profit.

Here at AIM, we are not in the business of making a profit from selling leads or charging advisors for our marketing services. Our entire business model is predicated on the success of the financial advisors that we work with which is why we have a vested interest in our advisors closing business.

Our National Averages


Our average annuity case size.


The gross revenue and commissions generated for dollars spent on advertising.


Our national average cost per lead offered to our advisors.


The average volume of annuity premium closed based on 10 leads per month.

Here are some of the results advisors are experiencing after plugging into our marketing platform: 

“2.5 million in FIA premium in less than 5 months…”

Mike was frustrated with hosting seminars and old-school marketing. Mike had never sold an annuity virtually, but after joining our program, he was able to close over $2.5 million in FIA business in less than 5 months.

Here’s the best part, in addition to the $2.5 million he closed in 5 months, he closed an additional $1.5 million in FIAs over the following two months. He’s since doubled his monthly lead flow in our program.

Michael Kalisch, CFP®, MBA
Kalisch Private Wealth

“I got 2 annuity apps signed within 60 days…”

After taking a sabbatical from the business due to serious health issues, he’s back and off to a strong start.

Terry and his son tried to make digital marketing work for their practice by doing it themselves and got frustrated with all the implementation, time, and money required. 

Terry Ciotti, RFC
Artista Investments

Barbara submitted $1M in just one month in new business and is now mentoring other advisors in our process.

“[Terry] you are a great teacher and mentor — always for help and support…it means everything. I have learned so much from you in the last several months and I am looking forward to working with you and your team for years to come.”

Barbara Halperin
New Horizon Financial

5 Reasons To Apply For Our Annuity Leads[on]Autopilot™ Program

Consistently attract targeted annuity leads and appointments on autopilot.

Predictably close new business without having to meet with prospects and clients in person.

Design your ideal practice with a freedom that suits your ideal lifestyle with the ongoing expert support and coaching from our team.

Expand your market beyond your local area and connect with other like-minded “digital-minded” advisors.

Gain an unfair competitive advantage over other advisors with advanced virtual sales tools, income-planning techniques, and technology.

A Message From Our Leadership

The traditional FMO model is broken and lacks real tangible value at a time when advisors need it most. We launched our done-for-you marketing programs in an effort to fix this.

After working in this industry for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of marketing programs that have failed to produce consistent results for advisors.

If you’re at all skeptical – you absolutely should be! We all know the old adage, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” That’s pretty much what we’re seeing right now, from webinar funnel systems and online classes to virtual advisor training programs.

My hope is that this page offers you some real insights into how you can realistically close more annuity business by leveraging our digital marketing and virtual sales expertise (without all the hype or fear-mongering).

Our program is not for everybody, but for some advisors, it could be the difference between struggling versus thriving in this new normal. If you’d like to learn more, I’d encourage you to click on the button below to set up a one-on-one conversation with either myself or one of my principal partners.

On behalf of the entire AIM team, we hope you, your friends, and your family are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Jovan Will
Co-Founder, AIM

Want to Learn More?

See how AIM can help you predictably grow your practice by clicking the button below to request a risk-free, no-pressure, Discovery Call with our team.

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