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Are You Acting Like A “Used Annuity Salesman”?

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being part of a digital mastermind group where we discussed some really cool “out of the box” digital marketing and sales ideas in the financial services industry.  The mastermind meeting was incredibly powerful and we all walked away smarter and full of new ideas to implement.  One of the guys at the meeting named Stevie told a funny (but sad) story about what he sees going on in our industry, and he called it the “Used Annuity Salesman” disease.  The long and short of it is, that a huge chunk of insurance agents today act just like used car salesman.  They show up to work every single day having no business plan, having no idea who will walk up on the car lot that day, have to use misleading sales practices to close deals, live month to month, never get referrals, and bounce around from car lot to car lot in search of the next great silver bullet.

So how can you avoid ever being stuck in the Used Annuity Salesman rut?

To begin, start thinking more like an entrepreneur and build a business with a foundation.  There are too many of you that bounce around from FMO to FMO hoping to find the holy grail of marketing ideas where you dream about closing low hanging fruit all day and never having to learn marketing skills.  It simply doesn’t exist.  Every incredible marketing idea takes some money, some energy, and a foundation.  So stop acting like a used annuity salesman and start building something that will generate both short term and long term results!  How nice would it be to wake up each year knowing that you had a solid stream of leads and referrals coming in whether you did any marketing that day or not?

Well I am here to tell you that it can be done.

Some bad news first…it isn’t easy and it does take some time.  However, because of that fact alone (and because there are so many financial professionals with the used annuity salesman attitude of needing things today), there will never be much competition for you if you do what I am suggesting.  And unless you have plans to get out of the business in the next year then you have plenty of time.  Not to mention, you would be crazy not to build a business with a solid foundation where leads and referrals come in on a regular basis instead of “praying that someone walks onto your car lot each day”.

Long story short is all you have to do is tell your story and get it out on the internet (I talk about this in more depth in the video above).  Now before many of you roll your eyes and say that sounds like a ton of work, or that you have no idea how to do videos, blogs, or build websites, let me tell you that none of that matters.  Some of the largest (not to mention wealthiest and fastest growing) financial professionals in the industry are doing this.  And all of them started out as complete digital dunces just like I did.

But I would be lying if I said that it didn’t take me quite a bit of time and money figuring it out the hard way.  So that is why I have decided to put my entire step-by-step digital marketing process (and all of my Digital Secrets) in an easy to follow video tutorial.  The information contained in this “Ultimate Digital Recipe” has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me personally.  It is everything that I am currently using to create many hundreds of internet leads each and every month without having to spend a single dollar on advertising or pay per click.

And it really is built for financial professionals who know absolutely nothing about digital marketing or website building.  I even put a 60 day 100% money back guarantee on the system because I am that confident that there isn’t a financial  professional out there who can’t learn a great deal from this.  Think of it like peaking over my shoulder for a month and videotaping everything that I am doing to create hundreds of free leads each and every month.

To learn more about this step-by-step digital system, click The Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe…and stop being a “Used Annuity Salesman” once and for all.


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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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