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Understanding Baby Boomer Buying Behavior

On a power-packed Episode 19 of Hangout Madness, we have special guest Dr. Nic Lucas of Australia who gives us the best advice we have ever heard on baby boomer buying behavior.  In particular, how buying behavior plays a crucial role on how well your website works as a financial professional.

Dr. Lucas talks about the importance of knowing your client’s 7 different personalities, and how crucial it is to talk differently to each personality.  Nic compares each personality to talking to a 7-person board of directors where in order to sell all 7 board members, many times you need to speak to (and sell to) one at a time.  And just like a diversified board of directors where each member has different pain points and hot buttons, the same goes for baby boomer personalities.  And knowing how to make each personality take action is crucial!

Here are some of the main baby boomer buying behavior takeaway points from this awesome live event:

  • The power of the 7 Baby Boomer Personalities and how they play a role in baby boomer buying behavior.
  • Scarcity doesn’t work as well on baby boomers.  For instance, they don’t respond as well to things such as “Only 10 hours left to download this report”.
  • Don’t overwhelm baby boomers with too many things on your website.  Baby boomer buying behavior studies have proven time and time again that boomers do not want to be overwhelmed.  A confused brain will not buy.
  • Your website should always be a “Tool of Influence”
  • RCMA (Relationship, Certainty, Motivated, Action (You REALLY need to watch the video to see this part.  It was the most eye-opening advice on baby boomer buying behavior that we have heard this year).  And best news is that it can be applied to all parts of your business, both online and offline.
  • DON’T ever have a website ONLY for credibility.
  • Your website is YOU.  Replicate your story, the benefits of working with you, your credentials, and sell yourself 24 hours per day.

Finally, you will even learn how to say “Razor Blades” in Australian, why I love Vegemite, and what Nic Lucas thinks about living the future.  FUN TIMES!  But not as fun as going to Manly Beach.

P.S. – To find out more about Dr. Nic Lucas and some of his free behavior information, check out

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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