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Meet 3 Financial Pros Who Will Write $145 Million From The Web This Year

Meet three of the top digital financial advisors in the country

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the handful of top digital financial advisors that are making a killing by marketing and bringing on new clients over the Internet.

Perhaps you have heard the story of the financial advisor who generated over $65 million in new assets from Internet leads in 2013?

Well I am here to tell you that the stories are all true.

And to prove to you just how much business you are missing out on by not having some focus on Internet marketing, I am going to introduce you to three of the top digital financial advisors who are on pace to write over $145 million of combined new business/new assets from marketing and selling over the Internet this year.

Let me begin by saying that all 3 of these digital marketing financial advisors have become personal friends of mine, and we have learned a great deal from one another over the last couple of years.  I will introduce you to each of them below, along with some highlights about each of their business models as well.

To protect them from getting hassled by hundreds of agents (and FMOs), we have kept their identities confidential)

Financial Professional #1

top digital financial advisors

  • On a run rate to capture $30 million of new business in 2014.  This business is being placed in a mixture of annuities, life insurance, and assets under management.
  • 100% of his business originates from the Internet.
  • Has 2 websites that capture leads and this agent shares Internet leads with another group when they get too many to service.
  • This agent receives hundreds of consumer leads per month that are directly opting in from his 2 websites
  • This agent personally calls the leads 2 days per week and sets appointments with the interested leads.  Then he runs his appointments the other 3 days (all over the phone and internet).
  • Does not work weekends.
  • Does not have an office.  Everything is done out of this agent’s house.
  • Has 1 personal assistant to put out fires, help with the applications, send overnights, etc.
  • Licensed in 42 states and has written business in all 42 of those states over the past 2 years
  • Wrote $26 million of annuities last year (2013) using only Internet marketing and closing business over the phone.


Financial Professional # 2

top digital financial advisor

  • On a run rate to capture $50 million of new business in 2014.  This business is being placed in a variety of different annuity products as this advisor is focused primarily on annuities.
  • This agent has no office.  Works from home with very little overhead.
  • This agent only does “content marketing” to create traffic and leads. Meaning, this agent creates new and unique retirement income content and pushes it out on the web in numerous places (just like we teach in our Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe).  This agent also published a book on retirement income that helps the agent spread his/her message and create authority.
  • This agent has 1 website where all of the traffic flows to.
  • This agent receives hundreds of baby boomer consumer leads per month.
  • This agent has never spoken to approximately 20% of these clients and has only seen 10% of his/her clients face to face.  Purely transactional where the agent educates them via white papers and videos, and then they raise their hand and asked for the annuity based on the rates.  At that point, this agent sends them the paperwork.
  • Licensed in all 50 states.


Financial Professional # 3

top digital financial advisors

  • On a run rate to capture $65 million of total new business from his digital platform in 2014.  This business all originates as money under management and then the advisor and his team spread it out into a mix of different conservative portfolios and individual annuities.
  • This advisor has an office with a handful of other advisors that help him run his Internet leads.
  • However, he lives in a different state than his office and goes to the actual office about once every 6 weeks.
  • He captures hundreds of unique consumer leads each month from his handful of different websites.  Each site looks different from each other and has different calls to actions and offers.
  • This advisor has raised over $175 million of total assets using these digital methods so far.

Do any of these business models sound attractive to you?

Would you like to make $1,000,000 or more in commissions (like these advisors do) from the comfort of your home with marketing dollars as your only real overhead? Or in some cases your only expense is approximately $250-$300 per month for website hosting, autoresponders, CRM system, content backup, etc.

Would you like to upgrade your LIFESTYLE and take control of your business, take control of your lead flow, and not have to worry ore rely on other 3rd party companies to help you generate your prospects?

The only thing separating YOU from these advisors is that they took action to create a digital marketing platform.  In all 3 cases, none of them saw overnight success.  In one case, the agent almost gave up.  Long term, each of them was tenacious enough to see their goals to fruition and the hard work and diligent persistency has paid incredible dividends.

Even more exciting is that if you are currently a successful seminar producer or radio marketer, adding digital marketing to your practice could more than double your current production…all with just a slight addition to your workload.

Just imagine the time and freedom of knowing that you are in FULL CONTROL of your sales and prospect pipeline.

Producing consistent leads into your pipeline, closing business every week, and being able to have the same level of production as these advisors that I described above can be recreated by anyone with the desire to do it, regardless of the geographic location of your practice.

When your income goes from $100,000 to $200,000; or $250,000 to $500,000; or $500,000 to $1,000,000 – LIFE GETS SIMPLER. You can do things that you never before imagined:

  • Travel in first class with your family
  • Support charities in a meaningful way
  • Improve your community and the lives of people around you
  • And feel REALLY GOOD about the business you’re building

Not to mention with content marketing, your overhead decreases drastically, you see higher ROIs on your marketing, and your sales pipeline and business can finally begin to run on autopilot, which is the opposite of letting your business run you…

The most frequently asked questions about Internet Marketing among financial professionals:

  1. Can this truly be life changing?  YES
  2. Will it be hard work?  YES
  3. Will it be the most rewarding, liberating, and authoritative work you have done in your career? YES
  4. Can you do it?  YES

If this business model and lifestyle excites you, then here is what you need to do next.

Step 1 – If you are interested but not exactly sure you are ready to create content marketing just yet, then download the $7 e-book called the Digital Marketing Grail as it really is next step to setting up the 3 foundational pillars for your digital marketing practice. For the cost of 2 cups of Starbucks coffee, you will know more than 99% of financial professionals about how to go about having a website that attracts ideal prospects and help convert them.

Step 2 – If you are 99-100% certain that you are ready for content marketing and you have a burning desire to do the following:

  • Create massive amounts of traffic to your website, blogs, and videos using content marketing
  • You want to learn the secrets to how to convert this organic traffic as effectively as possible

Then you really need the Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe.

This is your chance to learn the same secrets the 3 financial professionals above know and use on a weekly basis to create new boomer and retiree prospects online each month.

Stop wishing you could be “one of those lucky agents” and take the steps to liberate yourself by taking control of your sales pipeline.

P.S. – The Recipe will be going up in price on June 1st, 2014 so get in now to save yourself even more money.  For the cost of a $10,000 annuity case or new client, you can learn the exact steps that these top digital financial advisors are using to take control of their sales pipeline. Buy it here today at the discounted price.

P.P.S. You would be doing me a HUGE FAVOR by reading , sharing it via LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and leaving me a comment to let me know what you think.

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

  • jimmy mc
    3:03 PM, 29 May 2014

    just signed with safe money millionaire and for 1,500 month guarantee me 9 preset appts per phone all over country. Get first appts in June so no idea of how or if it works. they do all the work and set a min of 9 appts per month and on some leads that will not set appt on spot send me those leads as well.

    • Joe Simonds
      3:19 PM, 29 May 2014

      Hey Jimmy,

      Thanks for sharing. I have heard great things about the Safe Money Millionaire guys, and I hope you see big success with it.

      But do keep in mind it is quite different than what I am talking about above in this blog, where you (instead of another expert) would actually be putting out the content and controlling your own leads and your own destiny.

      All the best.

  • Dave
    9:31 AM, 31 May 2014

    Hi Joe,

    Great Article, Do you have the names of who the advisers are?

    • Joe Simonds
      10:07 AM, 31 May 2014

      Thanks Dave. As I mentioned early in the article, I have purposely left off the names to protect the 3 advisors from a flood of calls (per their request). You are welcome to call me and I can tell you via the phone. Unfortunately I can’t release it via a public forum like this.

      All the best, Joe

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