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Top 10 Reasons You Know That You Are An Annuity Producer [VIDEO]

In this hilarious David Letterman Top 10 parody, Joe Simonds gives you the Top 10 Reasons You Know That are an Annuity Producer.

After being in the annuity industry for over a decade, I saw the good, the bad, and even some ugly.  And just like any industry, the annuity producer industry has its shares of pros, cons, quirks, and even some pretty funny things like a high amount of mustaches and short sleeve shirts with ties…sometimes you can’t help but smile.

So in this video, I wanted to have a little fun and remind annuity producers that it is okay to laugh and make light of what many times seems to be a dull industry sometimes.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons you know that you are an annuity producer today.

10. You have given out more free meals than most soup kitchens

9. You finally hired your first assistant who ended up spending 30% of her time filling out annuity apps, and the other 70% fending off FMO calls

8. You have been burned by at least one fly by night lead company based out of California

7. You are in the only industry that has so many reward trips that your spouse is actually burnt out on going to Mexico, Hawaii, and the Bahamas

6. You cherish that Free subscription to Retirement Advisor Magazine each month.

5. Anytime that you put a new article on ProducersWeb, you make bets to see if Steve Savant, Paul Cross, Stephen Foreman, or Coach Pete will be the first to comment

4. You have actually considered moving to a new state just to get access to better annuity products

3. You have had to tell at least one FMO recruiter to NEVER call you again…ever again

2. You have had the moment in a conference with other “so called” top annuity producers where you look around the room and you say under your breath, “There is no way that some of these clowns are producing more than me”

And the #1 Reason that you know you are an Annuity Producer today is…

1. You simply enjoy being part of an industry where the mustache ratio is 3:1


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