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Top 10 MUST READ Books for Financial Advisors [Part 2]

After hearing so much positive feedback from the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors” blog that went semi-viral in our industry, I knew that I had to publish a second round for you.

So here you go, in no particular order, the “Top 10 Must Read Books for Financial Advisors, Part Deux…”

Finally, just like last time, I have provided you the direct link to buy it on Amazon as a live link in the title, and in the picture of the book below each description.

1. “The Authority Advisor” by Joe Simonds

I am obviously a bit partial to this one since I wrote it, but it really is a MUST READ for financial advisors. The sub-title of this book says it all…

“If Your Prospects Can’t Find You Online, Then You Don’t Exist”

The coolest part about this book is that it was created exclusively for financial advisors. In fact, the fictional storyline about an RIA from Florida named Steve Kennedy is based on a couple of true stories I have heard from advisors like you.

Make sure to put this book on your reading list. I can personally guarantee that you will learn something new about marketing yourself and your practice in the future.


2. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini

This book is quoted by more successful marketers and successful salespeople than almost any other book out there in regards to getting in the mind of your prospect. It even made Warren Buffett’s top business books of all time, and he claims to have re-read it a couple of times.

If you haven’t read this book yet as a financial advisor, then you have certainly left business on the table by not knowing the “triggers” that the author discusses in the book. Must read for sure!


3. “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon

If you are in sales, then you must read this book. The author, Matthew Dixon, takes years of research among thousands of different companies to study their salesforce, and which type of “salesperson” is consistently the top earner in each company. What he discovers goes completely against what sales managers and common knowledge have led us to believe about the most successful salespeople.

I won’t spoil the fun for you. Read this one to find out if you are maximizing your sales ability.


4. “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath

This must read book for financial advisors tells us exactly how some stories and messages “stick” and make people take action, while others go unnoticed or die off quickly.

For any of you that have goals to be more “memorable” and create “sticky stories”, you definitely need to read this one.


5. “There’s A Customer Born Every Minute” by Joe Vitale

This must read book for any financial advisor is all of the marketing, sales, and promotional lessons that you can learn from the wildly successful (and mega rich for his day) P.T. Barnum.

Probably one of the most enjoyable books I have read this year as I really liked reading about all of the outside the box ideas old Barnum came up with and tested.

Don’t skip this one, you can learn a TON about marketing yourself and your brand.


6. “No B.S. Marketing To The Affluent” by Dan Kennedy

The title and subtitle make this pretty clear why you should read it as a financial advisor. Besides learning how to market to the affluent, here is powerful the sub-headline.

“No holds barred, kick butt, guide to getting really rich”

Don’t skip this one if you want to get in front of more affluent boomers.


7. “YouTility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype” by Jay Baer

I actually gave this book its very own review because it had such an impact on me and my marketing. You can read it here, or just trust me that THIS BOOK is an absolute MUST READ book for financial advisors.


8. “Duct Tape Selling” by John Jantsch

From the same author that brought the world “Duct Tape Marketing“, this book was tailor-made for anyone who has to sell for a living. More importantly, anyone who has to sell in the present and future. John Jantsch makes it incredibly clear that the old techniques that many of us were taught in the past about selling and influencing are quickly becoming irrelevant and extinct.

This book is another one that I wrote an entire review on. Check out the review and video here.


9. “How To Talk To Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime” by Larry King

Who would have ever guessed that the talk show host Larry King would have a book that would make a top 10 must read book list for financial advisors.

But he did, and this book was packed with very solid communication tips that any financial advisor could use to “interview” and persuade others.

If you ever struggle doing “small talk” and gaining control of conversations, then definitely read this book.


10. “New Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz

I saved one of my favorites for last.

This book has sold many millions, and made this top 10 must read books for financial advisors as it teaches us how to convert any negative energy or experience into a profitable endeavor. Famous pro football coaches, million dollar athletes, and even salespeople have had their life changed with this book.

P.S. – make sure to get the paperback version. You are going to want to go back to this one on your bookshelf often.


One thing I have continued to notice in our industry is that many of the top paid financial advisors are avid readers. In particular, avid readers of self-help, marketing, and popular business books.

This top 10 must read books for financial advisors (part 2) is enough awesome content to keep any financial advisor busy implementing ideas for a year.

So I strongly suggest you get started today. You never know which of these books could change your business or life with an idea you had never thought of.

Finally, let me know your thoughts on this list. Have you read many of these already? Did you enjoy them?

Were some of these new? Any other suggestions or favorites on or off this list?

Make sure to leave your comments below. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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