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Top 10 FAQs – Financial Advisor YouTube Marketing

The Top FAQs – Financial Advisor YouTube Marketing

My brother Luke and I recently announced that we would be coaching a select group of financial advisors that want to take their seminars, presentations, voice, message, and entire sales funnel online.

We call the exclusive training course The Online Seminar Sales Funnel.

After releasing 3 free training videos to give advisors a taste of what is possible with YouTube Marketing, we received some excellent questions (and objections) about creating massive amounts of leads (and authority) through Youtube.

Below, we will address each question that you gave us.

1. I am worried about my competitors seeing my presentations and videos

Would you agree that Luke and I give away a lot of free information? I am guessing most of you would say yes. And I assume you know that all of our competitors have the exact same access that you do to our very public, and very visible training videos, articles, and reports.

Well do you think that Luke and I gain or lose credibility and authority by providing so much free value and training?

And are you more or less excited about working with us since we give so openly and freely? What if we had kept that entire free training course hidden only to people who came into my office to see me face to face. How many advisors would I have been able to help?

Moreover, would you even be reading this right now if we had kept everything hidden? Would you have any idea who we are or what we offer if we kept everything behind the scenes?

I want my competitors to see how much stuff I put out there for free, and I want it to cause them to panic. I want them to have to rethink their career and business model because they are scared I will take all of their clients. It’s called content warfare.

What kind of emotion would you have if your #1 competitor in your town launched an over the top awesome website, an over the top YouTube page and starting putting out really good, high-content training to the public? Do you think you would think he or she is an idiot, or would you be scared to death that you might lose some of your clients?

That latter of course.

Sad to say, but many financial advisors have never really experienced true authority in their field or niche. I promise you that once you do, your competitors are the last thing that you are worried about.

On the subject, Luke and I have a mission to be the go-to guys that help more financial advisors experience that feeling of authority.

Most importantly, always remember that the amount you give is proportional to the amount you receive.

2. What if I give my ideal prospect too much information in my videos? Will they still need me?

There will always be 50% of people who are “do it themselves-ers”. It has been that way for over a decade, and will probably look similar in 10 years. It is incredibly tough to change their mindset, and vice versa on changing someone’s mind who has relied on a financial advisor their entire life.

Now there is also a very small segment of people who are just dishonest, who will take your information, give it your competitor (or even worse their nephew that just passed their life insurance or Series 7 exam), and abuse your information.

You won’t be able to avoid or stop this either.

Knowing that, what would you rather have happen?

The “information thief” to come to your dinner seminar, costing you money, booking an appointment with you (thus taking up a spot that could have been used for a legit prospect), and then coming into your office and wasting hours of your time…


Would you rather just have them get some of the same info on your video without ever costing you a dime or any of your time?

You just can’t avoid the 1% of bad people out there. But I would rather deal with them in a way that is not costing me time or money.

Finally remember that being an authority always prevails the small percentage that will abuse your information.

And if you really do give so much information that it enables the consumer to never need a financial advisor again, then your information will be so good then the amount of new clients that you’ll attract from your information will far surpass the few who may no longer need help.

FYI, I have yet to meet any advisor who has this much “proprietary” information. People are not buying some stock tip, annuity, or special product you have…

They are buying YOU! So you need to be out there so they can find you.

3. How many leads can financial advisors create from YouTube marketing?

Somewhere between zero and 129,732 new leads per month…

In all honesty, I can’t really answer this because it all depends on your content, if you actually implement, how much value and education you bring to your ideal prospects, and how well your optimize your videos.

I can share with you how many leads we personally created from nothing but simple YouTube videos and a 1-page website with 50 total words on it.

(These are the total leads per month from our YouTube channel during months of no advertising. Some of you who implement what we teach, and bring tons of value to your prospects will blow through these numbers below)

financial advisor youtube marketing

Important note on leads from YouTube: We didn’t receive many leads in the first few months. But after consistently adding solid content, and not giving up, it slowly started paying us huge dividends in regards to consistent leads. We began the case study in May’13, so the results above show results from months 9-14.

4. What do I need in terms of camera equipment, lighting, microphones, etc?


Seriously, you can have an incredibly robust YouTube channel that is getting views, educating, and even creating a steady flow of leads without any camera or video equipment.


By doing simple screen-casting (where you capture what is on your screen) any PowerPoint presentation. So instead of getting in front of a camera to say something, you can build the entire message in a PowerPoint presentation, capture it with easy to use software, use your own voice with the computer microphone, the free ear-piece/mic that comes with an iPhone (or buy a cheap headset), and then take it live on YouTube.

In fact, this is how we started our very own YouTube channel that has performed so well. And although we have added some videos later in the year that used an actual camera, our best performing (in terms of total views and total leads) were the black and white PowerPoint screen-captured presentations.

Our little financial advisor YouTube marketing tip to you is “Don’t try to be fancy. Keep it simple.”

Anytime we tried too hard with graphics and nice backgrounds, we never did that well. It was clear that the baby boomer and retiree segment on YouTube prefers it simple and to the point.

(To see an example of a screen-captured presentation on YouTube, click here)

5. If no camera is needed, then what software do I need to capture my screen and to build out the entire sales funnel?

The great news is that you only need a couple of tools. And for the value that they bring to your practice, they are incredibly affordable for anyone. In fact, I think for everything below it comes to $57 per month with a one-time fee of $99 to $299 depending on your computer set-up (it is cheaper with Macs).

Here is a brief breakdown of each one:

  • Camtasia Screen-capturing software – Only $99 for a Mac, which is a heck of deal. I use this once per week. Worth every penny and then some.
  • LeadPages – This is the landing page template company that completely changed our business. If you plan on doing any kind of Internet Marketing or hope to create leads online, you MUST buy this today. It will not only save you tens of thousands of dollars per year compared to hiring out a web developer for all of your landing pages and sites, but it is also proven to convert traffic into leads.
  • Email Autoresponder: This is another MUST HAVE for any financial advisor, regardless if you do YouTube marketing or not. This is mandatory just to be in business today. Check out our review of the best email autoresponders/CRM systems for advisors here.

6. Do I need a website?

My personal take is that you need a website in order to “be in business”, but you don’t necessarily need a website for YouTube marketing. All you must have is a proven landing pages to convert the traffic into leads.

For instance, during our one-year “Financial Advisor YouTube Marketing Case Study,” we created hundreds of consumer leads with nothing but a one-page landing website. No “corporate” website, no about us, nothing but a simple landing page.

7. How long should these PowerPoint presentation videos be?

We found that many of our best performing videos were between 3 – 7 minutes. Most consumers hate searching for something in particular, finding a video that could answer their burning question, and then finding out that it is 45 minutes long. Not many people will sit through that.

On the other hand, a couple of our very best performers were around 14 minutes.

So the answer to this question is the video should be as long as it takes to get your point across, with as little wasted time and “fluff” as possible.

Just like some books or movies can be short to make their point, while others need to be 500 pages or 3 hours to get their entire message out there properly, a great video can be 2 minutes, or 20. Just keep in mind that it must be engaging, and continue to build anticipation, and add value.

If not, people will drop off pretty quick.

8. Are there any issues with compliance and the YouTube videos?

As long as you add value, educate, and never say anything misleading or that you can’t back up, then no.

We tell all of our financial advisor clients that you should never do the following:

  • NEVER give misleading information
  • NEVER give investment advice
  • NEVER talk about, discuss, or even mention company or insurance carrier names or products
  • NEVER sell, ALWAYS educate and inform
  • NEVER say or even infer anything that you wouldn’t want the head of the SEC or FINRA to see

In fact, our rule of thumb for all videos is to assume that it is being viewed by the head of SEC and FINRA. You should have the same mindset in your live seminar presentations.

And of course, if you have a BD or RIA, then you need to submit it to your OSJ or compliance office before taking the video public.

9. How do I drive free traffic to my videos on YouTube?

That is all done by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is what I have personally become an expert at. Optimizing my videos to not only show up in the YouTube search engine, but to show up in the “Suggested” and “Recommended” videos of my competitor’s videos.

And this is EXACTLY what I teach you in the Online Seminar Sales Funnel Training Course.

You can have the very best video in the world on a given subject, but if no one can find it, it is of little value.

Knowing the secrets to YouTube SEO is really the most critical aspect of the entire sales funnel.

10. How can I get targeted traffic to my videos? Such as consumers in my backyard vs. just anyone on the web.

You can actually get super targeted YouTube traffic down to your actual zip code for less than $.09 per view using YouTube pay per view. It is the best deal in all of paid Internet advertising by far, and it shocks me how little Google promotes this (probably because they are so incredibly profitable with their Google pay per click that they don’t want to take any focus away from it).

But with this YouTube paid views, you can target all of the following criteria:

  • The age of the viewer
  • Where they live (down to zip codes)
  • What they are searching for on YouTube
  • Their interests
  • What they have searched for in the past
  • You can even target your competitor’s videos and people that are watching them

I actually teach this in the Online Seminar Sales Funnel Training as well. And I show you exactly how to get the $.09 views (in my real life example, I was getting them around $.07 per view)

But I will say that one of the indirect value-added features of taking our course is that it will open your eyes to take on business outside of your city, and even your state. You will be shocked at how easy it becomes to attract and bring on new clients when you have national authority. We had some people send us emails with ALL of their financial information, completely unsolicited. In fact, we had no idea who they were until they emailed us and told us about what they were looking for, how much money they had, etc.

Final Question – How can I learn to do all of this from scratch?

What does it take to build out the entire sales funnel, driving free traffic to my videos, and creating a steady flow on qualified leads?

Can anyone teach me this in a simple, yet comprehensive way?

YES! The Answer Can Only Be Found In This Exclusive Training Course called The Online Seminar Sales Funnel.

It is built for financial advisors like you that want to “Go Digital,” that want more Authority, that want control of their lead pipeline, and want to work smarter by recreating yourself over and over and over again…

Find out if you are a fit for this course here.

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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