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008 – The “Safe Money Maximizer” – The Protected Growth Product That Few Advisors Know About

Do you have clients who have made a great deal of money over the last 12-year bull run?

Do you have clients that are concerned about committing to a 3, 5, 7 or 10-year surrender period?

On last week’s episode of the Annuity Experts Show, we revealed a protected growth product that we refer to as the “Safe Money Maximizer.”

Since we got so many questions about this unique protected growth product…

…we decided to host a dedicated livestream this week to explain how to use this protected growth product to go after “big money” or high-value clients who have sold businesses and/or real estate investments).

We’ll be doing a deep dive into the “Safe Money Maximizer” that very few advisors even know exists.

Annuity Experts Show – Episode 008
The “Safe Money Maximizer” – The Protected Growth Product That Few Advisors Know About

Here are some things you should know:

  • This product has a potential upside of 8-10%, with no downside, it’s completely liquid and has no surrender charges.
  • It also has a legacy benefit which can pay up to 1.5X whatever the client pays into it, if something happens to the contract owner.
  • It’s ideally suited for clients that want to get off the “market roller coaster” and don’t know where the market is going or headed.
  • Because there is no surrender penalty, this product may work well for clients that are concerned about committing to a 3, 5, 7 or 10-year surrender period (as with most annuities).

As always, here’s a list of the topics we covered and when:

🔥 02:35 – Why are protected growth products important to your clients right now?

🔥 03:05 – The 2 different “types” of our target audience, and how to best serve each of them differently.

🔥 03:59 – Why we’re seeing explosive growth with protected growth products (due to these economic ‘headwinds’).

🔥 09:19 – How to go “whale-hunting” with the “Safe Money Maximizer” (this works well for HNW clients).

🔥 11:39 – The issuing carrier and product name of what we call the “Safe Money Maximizer”.

🔥 12:52 – The ideal client profile that this product works best for.

🔥 14:19 – Where would the clients’ funds come from?

🔥 15:01 – The 3 scripts that you can use right now with your prospects and clients to get them interested in this protected growth product (swipe and deploy these immediately).

🔥 16:29 – How to easily guide a prospect through getting an illustration (so they can see exactly how it works).

🔥 18:28 – The 4 key points to properly communicate how this product works (commit these to memory).

🔥 18:49 – The simple whiteboard explanation that you can use to easily explain this product to your clients.

🔥 21:06 – How to explain the ‘net potential returns’ to your clients (impress them with these numbers).

🔥 22:05 – How to calculate the actual cost of this product.

🔥 22:31 – See a sample, hypothetical illustration and how to easily explain the best-case and worst-case scenarios.

🔥 22:49 – How the commissions work (see the 3 different ways to structure your commission).

🔥 33:27 – See creative ways to structure this protected growth product.

If you’d like to learn about this compelling protected growth product that few advisors even know exist, then you’ll definitely want to watch this week’s livestream replay:

→ Annuity Experts Show – Episode 8 – The “Safe Money Maximizer” – The Protected Growth Product That Few Advisors Know About

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