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012 – The Real Truth About Annuities – Timeless Truths To Educate And Ethically Sell Annuities

Remember Clint Eastwood’s 1966 iconic film, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”?

Well, this movie’s memorable title inspired this week’s livestream topic — which we’ll reveal in just a moment…

But first, I’ve got a question for you…
Ever seen ads from people like Ken Fisher hating on annuities?



Let’s face it, annuities can be a polarizing word. Some people hate annuities, while on the other hand, some people love annuities. These products can be difficult to understand, and in some cases, misrepresented by financial salespeople.

Here at Annuity Experts, it’s obvious that we believe in annuities — but only if they are used correctly and explained correctly.

In this episode of the Annuity Experts Show, we revealed all the critical “must knows” about annuities so you can help your clients make an informed decision as to whether annuities may be a good addition to their retirement portfolio.

Research has indicated that those who add annuities to their retirement plan end up with more lasting happiness because they have guaranteed income coming in every month.

And we want you to use this presentation to help your clients make an informed and educated decision if an annuity may fit into their retirement plan.

Annuity Experts Show – Episode 012
The Real Truth About Annuities – Timeless Truths To Educate And Ethically Sell Annuities

Here’s what we discuss in this episode of the Annuity Experts Show:

  • An overview of all the different types of annuities (and like the Clint Eastwood movie, we’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly).
  • How to overcome some of the harshest annuity critics (like Ken Fisher and Dave Ramsey).
  • How to easily explain the pros and cons of each annuity.
  • How each type of annuity works.
  • How annuities fit perfectly into a retirement plan, and where they do not fit at all!

Remember, this is 100% free. FYI, nothing is for sale on this webinar and you do NOT need to worry about giving out your email address or phone number to watch the replay.

This episode is for:

  • An informational opportunity designed to help empower those retired or approaching retirement with the facts about how specific annuities work.
  • Designed for people who own or are thinking about buying an annuity.
  • Going to help people fully understand how annuities may work for their situation.

→Annuity Experts Show – Episode 12 – The Real Truth About Annuities – Timeless Truths To Educate And Ethically Sell Annuities

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