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The Authority Advisor (Book Review)


Attention Financial Advisors:

Have you read The Authority Advisor yet?

Are you unsure what it is about and what you can learn from it?

If so, I believe the sub-title sums it up pretty well…

“If your prospects can’t find you online, then you don’t exist…”

Don’t make the same mistake that fiction financial advisor Steve Kennedy of Winter Park, FL makes within his practice as a financial advisor.

Relying solely on the “old ways” of marketing and prospecting in our industry isn’t just costly, it is downright dangerous to your existence in the future as an advisor. And this book tells a powerful story (based on some real financial advisor’s own stories) of how costly it is to not adapt and make use of the “new ways” of marketing.

And don’t take my word for it, here are a few reviews from The Authority Advisor page so far from other financial advisors just like you:

Public Service Announcement for Advisors

by Pirate Nation

Amazing book, amazing content. The story is strong because it resonates with what many financial professionals go through. It paints a picture of helplessness that comes from depending on anyone other than ourselves for our marketing. Think of these two scenarios: say every morning you leave for work and close your garage door as to not let your dog run out. This morning you forgot to close the door in your hurry to get to work. Your heart drops and you then frantically call each neighbor hoping they will go do it for you. One does answer and said he will do it when he gets a chance today. The obvious choice would be for you to personally shut it as you leave and not have to worry about it. Even if you have the greatest neighbor in the world, they don’t care nearly as much as your dog or your house as you do. The difference between you and them is: if you forget, you freak out and feel helpless. If they forget: no big deal, they feel bad but don’t have same emotions towards it.

Joe does a great job highlighting a huge flaw that a massive majority of advisers have present in their firm and refuse to change. Instead of closing the door ourselves, which may take a bit more effort at first, we simply look for the newest and greatest neighbor to do it for us.

The problem with traditional financial marketing is that it works. Point blank it works. You will see results. “How could the fact something works be a problem?” Because it works just well enough for there not to be a sense of urgency to change. Joe is on the forefront of the sweeping change that will affect this industry regardless of whether we like it or not. I’ve used his site for reference many times and each time I’m more and more convinced of this coming change. The days of advisers sticking their heads in the sand are coming to a close.

Typewriters used to be the best thing since pockets. Cassette tapes made music mobile. Follow Joe and Luke as they are a few of the early adapters turned experts who, if we’re not careful, will run laps around the laggards who refuse to adapt.

Great Wake-Up Call for Financial Advisors

by “Chris Hammond”

The Authority Advisor is a story of a fictional advisor that starts out having no real authority and is not in control of his business. Although the story is fictional it is all too real. Simonds tells this story, (and he even admits that it is loosely based on real life advisors he has spoken with) from the advisor’s perspective. It gets into the details of how lack of control and authority in one’s business can have huge negative effects on one’s personal life. You get the idea that the advisor is on a continuous hamster wheel, never able to get ahead, but has a hope that one day, somehow, things will finally change and he will be in control.

In the second half of the book the advisor finally learns how to take control of his business and become an authority in the eyes of his prospects and clients. The positive results of this change not only affect his business but his personal life too.

Financial advisors will instantly relate to the main character in the story, as they have probably gone through similar ordeals. By Chapter 14 the main character meets the marketing guru that changes his life. This section, which is from pages 106-153, is filled with great marketing tips that any advisor could use. It even served as a reminder for me of things I should have been doing. Especially the second paragraph of page 131 that shows the 3 steps you can always follow to write an effective blog post.

The remainder of the book is dedicated to the main character implementing the guru’s advice. His life is changed for the better, both business-wise and personal.

A very good read!


Check out the actual Amazon page here to see more of The Authority Advisor book reviews.


P.S. – If you want to learn more on how The Authority Advisor can help your practice as a financial advisor, check out the main page for the book here.


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