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019 – How To Secure Your Clients’ Retirement During Uncertain Times – Relevant Economic Updates and “Safe Money Strategies” To Share With Your Clients Right Now

Over the past few weeks, economic headlines have been forecasting gloom and doom as interest rates climb to combat inflation.

According to many market observers, tough times are ahead for the stock market.

“Wall Street slumps as investors absorb hawkish Fed rate message” – Reuters

“Markets Drop on Recession Fears” – Barron’s

“The Fed to reset the U.S. housing market through a ‘difficult correction’” – Fortune

“Global stocks fall on recession fears as new data shows shrinking activity in US…” – Fortune

Billionaire Ray Dalio warned that stocks could “plunge 20% if interest rates rise”.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of FedEx, was quoted recently as saying he expects the economy to enter a “Worldwide Recession”.

Legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller warns there is a “’high probability’ the stock market will be ‘flat’ for an entire decade”.

The Federal Reserve recently announced a .75% rise in interest rates…

The Fed also stated that they will continue to increase interest rates until they are able to get inflation under control…

And whenever financial headlines speak of inflation, recessions, and rising interest rates… your clients may feel like their retirement nest egg is under attack.

What does all of this mean for annuities?

Right now, as the Fed increases interest rates and industry leaders and financial experts alike are singing about uncertain times ahead…

…this gives you an unprecedented opportunity, as an advisor, to be the trusted source of safe money alternatives for clients who are ready to retire.

Because while everyone is singing about gloom and doom – advisors who have mastered providing “safe money” strategies have the opportunity to be the safe haven their clients flock to.

That’s exactly what we want to cover on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show.

Annuity Experts Show – Episode 019
How To Secure Your Clients’ Retirement During Uncertain Times – Relevant Economic Updates and “Safe Money Strategies” To Share With Your Clients Right Now

In this week’s livestream, we will cover:

  • The most important market updates your clients need to be aware of (don’t focus on the media noise).
  • The 4 main benefits of “protected growth” annuities that your clients must be aware of.
  • The specific economic opportunities that have been unlocked for retirees and savers thanks to this rising interest rate environment.
  • Which “safe money” alternatives may provide a reasonable rate of return and have downside protection for your clients.
  • The 2 specific benefits of annuities that are most relevant in today’s economic environment (learning this is worth watching the show).

And much more.

This episode is geared towards helping you better guide your clients who are nearing the age of retirement…

…as an advisor, you’ll take away insights and knowledge you can share with your prospects and clients to make you the trusted source of “safe money” strategies during uncertain times.

Here is a rundown of topics covered, with timestamps, so you can jump to what interests you most:

  • 4:29 – The single factor that has turned this environment into something we haven’t seen for over a decade.
  • 5:54 – Why the next 12-24 months are set to be better than the last 15 years for safe money strategies.
  • 11:42 – The message your clients must hear and understand before thinking about an annuity.
  • 15:20 – What period in the market you can reference that will let clients know what to expect in today’s environment.
  • 15:40 – The single macro-economic reason to avoid a 60/40 portfolio (be sure to mention this to clients).
  • 22:13 – The latest news headlines you need to be aware of and tell your clients about (this positions annuities as the ideal safe strategy).
  • 24:37 – Which billionaire warned that the stock market could be flat for an entire decade (every annuity expert must read this article).
  • 35:00 – An exact A-Z sales process you can use that incorporates all the major economic news of today.
  • 39:11 – How to explain what historically high cap rates mean to potential clients using a simple example.
  • 40:52 The single best investment for what Stanley Druckenmiller is calling “The Lost Decade”.
  • 42:13 – A unique insight into what our investors want from a 30-year Wall Street veteran.

During the show, our resident in-house annuity expert, Terry Heys, takes you through the exact presentation he will be sharing with thousands of interested ready-to-retire prospects.

It’s packed with all the information your prospects are looking for about safe money strategies to protect their retirement nest egg over the coming years.

You’ll be able to unpack, repurpose, and model everything from Terry’s presentation and deploy it in your practice right away.

So if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what your clients are looking for and how to serve them best…

Then now is the time to arm yourself with the knowledge your clients will be searching for to protect their retirement during uncertain times.

→ Annuity Experts Show – Episode 19 – How to Secure Your Clients’ Retirement During Uncertain Times

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