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“Riches are made from Niches” – Episode 3 of Hangout Madness

“Riches are made from Niches”, says Stan the Annuity Man on Episode 3 of Hangout Madness with Joe and Luke Simonds.  A phrase so simple, so powerful, yet few in the financial services industry have the gumshoe or courage to actually do it.  I can imagine it was even a pretty big leap of faith for Stan as he went from a “suit wearing” stuffy stock broker at a large investment firm, to a “Run DMC” sweat suit wearing annuity celebrity who calls himself “Stan the Annuity Man”.

Stan basically lives and breathes by his “riches are made from niches” statement as his business cards, his custom hats, custom shirts, custom shoes, custom jump suits, and anything else he can legally stamp his name on says “Stan the Annuity Man”.  I would be willing to bet that most of his clients don’t even know his last name.  And frankly, they don’t care.  They have bought into Stan.  They have bought into his honesty, his blunt description of what is really going on in the annuity world, and his ability to convey what annuities do without having to sugarcoat anything, or conveniently leave any “fine details” out like some agents have been known to do.

And that is one reason that I believe Stan does so well and has achieved such a celebrity status where new doors keep opening for him…to the point he is now getting paid some great money just to write content…and consumers are ASKING HIM to buy an annuity from Stan.

When I have written about certain agents and advisors who have figured out the secret to writing tens of millions of annuity business (or assets under management) from the comfort of their home in their shorts (or Run DMC Adidas jump suit), Stan certainly comes to mind in my writing.  He has not only proven it can work, but he has mastered it.  Stan even shared that among his last 200 or so new clients, he only met a couple of them face to face.  In fact, he says the only way he usually knows what his clients look like is from seeing a copy of their driver’s license that they are forced to send in to buy an annuity.

We want to thank Stan again for the time, for his killer content, and his powerful message to the annuity community.  He is proof that clients will flock to you when you are 100% transparent, have a niche, and speak your voice.  Well done Stan.

We encourage you to buy his new book, “The Annuity Stanifesto” on Amazon today!

riches are made from niches

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