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How to Legally Steal Traffic and Ideas Like an Artist

Have you haven’t read Austin Kleon’s book “Steal like an Artist”, I highly recommend that you do.  But in the meantime, you can watch me give my book review (along with some tomfoolery), and I will also teach  you how to legally steal traffic and ideas like an artist.  Because let’s face it, nothing today is really “original”.

How can you legally steal traffic and ideas like an artist?

In the awesome (and easy to read) book by Austin Kleon, he describes how all of the best artists, comedians, musicians, bloggers, and even inventors simply “steal” other ideas and make them their own.  Groups like the Beatles only did cover songs for many years before they found their own voice and started making gold records.  Comedian David Letterman tried to be like (and copied) Johnny Carson before finally making the scene as his own personality known as David Letterman.  So many artists, bloggers, TV stars, celebrities, and everyone in between have copied or mimicked someone or something that they looked up to or liked.  Why should financial professionals be any different?

In my opinion, any financial professional that is trying to come up with brand new content should always be borrowing ideas that he or she saw somewhere else.  As the book mentioned, these days there is rarely a 100% original and new idea.  But don’t misread this to think that it is alright to plagiarize  or literally copy and paste content, because that is illegal and can get you in a ton of trouble.

What I am talking about here is “stealing” good ideas from other industries, people, advertisements, etc and changing them into your own words and own personality.  Think of it like reading a good article and then regurgitating some of the best ideas into your own words and your own style.  It is much easier than trying to come up with an entire new idea that has never been thought of before. Especially in the financial services industry where there is only so much you can talk about.

Finally, make sure to watch the entire video as we get to see if Luke has what it takes to do 15 consecutive push-ups to earn the “Simonds like Diamonds” family slogan.


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