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How Changing Just One Color on our Site Increased Leads 62.5%!!!

How To Create Leads Online: Real Case Study from Advisor Internet Marketing

Some of you might recall the live Google Hangout that Jason Wenk and I did back on New Year’s Eve of last year that was titled, “How an ex-seminar financial advisor wrote $60 million in 2013“.  Although I would highly recommend watching this recording when you have some time, I want to focus on something even more important that happened with this event regarding how to create leads online (I have embedded the replay of the event at the very bottom of the blog so you can watch after you read this eye-opening case study).

By changing just one color on our landing page, we were able to increase converted leads by 62.5%

Let me first give you some quick background on how Jason and I promoted this live hangout event:

  • I created a “webinar landing page” where visitors who landed on it had two options:
    • Register for the event and give us their first name and email address
    • Leave the site
  • I sent an email out to our list of loyal financial professionals about 10 days before the event was going live
  • Jason sent an email out to his list of loyal financial professionals about 7 days before the event was going live
  • We both posted the links on our social media platforms
  • We ended up having over 1,200 total financial professionals register for this event
  • No advertising or any other costs were incurred with this hangout
  • Although all of these stats sounds amazing, had we not tested out just one color on the landing page, it would have costs us a few hundred financial professional leads

Here is what the original webinar landing page looked like below.

how to create leads online

Shortly after taking this beautiful webinar registration landing page live (by the way, if you are wondering how I create these landing pages, I use a popular company LeadPages. Check them out here – they have all kinds of amazing landing page templates and you can use them unlimited for a very cheap monthly price), I received a call from my friend Ford Stokes, the CMO at Impact Partnership.  Ford had the wild idea for me to change the great looking aqua blue color in the background of my webinar page to black!

Honestly, I was appalled!  Not only do I love this incredible blue color, but I believed that I really knew something about how to create leads online, as I had already started sharing the registration link on our social media sites, and it was getting a 45% conversation rate!  For those of you not familiar with what that is, it means for every 100 people who came to this webinar registration landing page, 45 of them were opting-in by giving me their name and email.

But I also know that without testing something, you just never know.  And I trusted Ford as he and his team have tested countless colors, fonts, etc on their mailing pieces, websites, and branding for advisors.  So I created what is known as an split A/B test situation where I created a duplicate landing page to my original where I could make any changes, and then keep both of them live where every other visitor sees a different version.  So if Bob visited the landing page at 9:00am, he would see the blue version, and if Karen visited next at 9:02am, she would see the black version.  And then the next visitor would see the blue…and so forth (this is actually incredibly easy to do by the way – we teach our Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe members precisely how to do this and many other cool testing tricks).

Here is the black version of the exact same webinar registration page (we didn’t change anything else at all on the page)

how to create leads online

So what did we find out in regards to conversions after testing out these two color variation versions side by side in the real world?

I was shocked!  The black background version outperformed the blue by a LARGE margin.  In fact, here were the final conversion numbers from the inception of starting the A/B test (this does not include the numbers or leads created in the brief period before the A/B test started).

  • “Blue Background Webinar Page” – 32% conversion rate (32 registrations for every 100 visitors)
  • “Black Background Webinar Page” – 52% conversion rate (52 registrations for every 100 visitors)

That is a 62.5% Increase in Lead Conversions all from just changing one background color!  That means I would have lost 20 leads for every 100 that visited the original blue site.

So had I just stuck with the original blue background that I liked so much, it would have cost me a few hundred leads.  Talk about re-thinking that I know everything about how to create leads online!  And that really brings me to my final point, and learning lesson from this webinar landing page case study.

The Main Lesson on How to Close Leads Online

  1. Don’t ever fall in love with your website (including colors, pictures, fonts, headlines, etc).  Smart real estate investors know that they must never get emotionally attached to any property, or else they usually lose their butt on the property.  Same goes for websites!  Do not get emotionally attached to any website.  Most of the time, it will cost you money and/or leads.
  2. Always TEST.  Even when you think your site is perfectly optimized (which is impossible by the way), always test.
  3. When you do test, start out by testing just 1 variable at a time so you can TRACK everything.
  4. A/B split testing is highly recommended.  And there exists all kinds of A/B split testing software that will automatically assign visitors to your different versions at whatever rate you prefer (meaning, you can even have it set up where the first 3 visitors go to version 1, and then the next visitor goes to version 2, etc)
  5. Get feedback and opinions from other marketers and experts that you know.  Sometimes just having a fresh perspective can lead to breakthroughs.


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P.P.S – Here is the replay of the hangout that is mentioned above called “How an ex-seminar financial advisor wrote $60 million in 2013”

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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