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How To Bring Back To Life Cold Leads And Old Prospects – Messaging Templates, Tips & Tricks To Revive & Re-Engage With Prospects & Clients

If you happened to miss our livestream last week, we revealed a compelling protected growth product that few advisors even know exists, click here to check out the “Safe Money Maximizer.”

This week, we’re going to mix it up a bit…

  • Have you ever had a prospect “ghost” you?
  • Have you ever struggled to find a compelling reason for a client to “re-engage” with you, without coming across needy, pushy or salesy?
  • Would you like to get access to simple email templates that you can use to immediately “revive” old prospects and clients to return your call?

On last week’s episode of the Annuity Experts Show, we shared 3 email templates that you can start using to promote a specific protected growth product. Because we were short on time, we weren’t able to spend much time explaining how to use these email templates and scripts in the field.

Which is why on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show, we’ll be covering specific “revive” strategies that you can use to win-back cold prospects and re-engage with clients – and ultimately get them booked on your calendar.

We all remember the ‘ol Sunday School story of Lazarus being brought back to life – well, that’s exactly what we’re out to accomplish with this livestream.

You’ll walk away with proven email templates that we’ve used to bring back to life prospects that we previously thought were gone forever.

Here’s what we’re covering:

  • 3 email templates and scripts that you can use to re-engage with clients by promoting a protected growth product.
  • How to craft a subject line that actually gets opened (including subject lines to use immediately).
  • 4 “Lazarus” email templates that you can use to bring cold prospects back to life.
  • Proven methods to “contact with value” so that prospects and clients are compelled to book appointments with you.
  • How to harness the power of video follow-up via email, and text to win-back prospects and cement the sale with clients (very few advisors are doing this, this tip alone is worth watching).

How To Bring Back To Life Cold Leads And Old Prospects – Messaging Templates, Tips & Tricks To Revive & Re-Engage With Prospects & Clients

Here are some key points that we discussed on this Episode 9 of the Annuity Experts Show:

  • 4:02 – Why the Safe Money Maximizer™ is so beneficial to clients right now.
  • 9:56 – 3 quick and easy email templates that you can use to re-engage and warm up cold prospects or clients.
  • 15:09 – How to craft simple and persuasive subject lines that compel prospects to open their email (get access to 10 proven sample subject lines).
  • 17:59 – 3 “Lazarus” email templates to perform a miracle of bringing back to life cold leads and prospects (fill in the blanks).
  • 20:36 – 3 “Revival” email templates that will prompt a response from prospects (simple technique to get prospects booked on your calendar).
  • 25:39 – A 90-second sample video email to send to your prospects (how to use video to get prospects interested in meeting with you).
  • 28:19 – Why is it now more important than ever to “contact with value”, so that prospects and clients are compelled to book appointments with you (proven method).
  • 29:33 – CONTACTING WITH VALUE: “…keep in mind that to a group of people, some people and to your target audience you are a respectable source of information.”
  • 35:47 – Inflation vs. Recession: which one is more dangerous?
  • 39:24 – Is Mailchimp, Gmail or BombBomb the best way to message your clients? (the messaging tools & technology you’ll want to consider)

If you’d like to learn about using technology and persuasive messaging to get more appointments booked on your calendar, then you’ll definitely want to watch this episode:

As always, we’re giving everything out for free. Absolutely no obligation on your part.

→ Annuity Experts Show – How To Bring Back To Life Cold Leads And Old Prospects

We’ll make sure to share with you the actual email templates that you can literally download, swipe and deploy immediately.

But you’ll need to be a part of our Annuity Experts group in order to access these email templates.

If you’re not a member of our private group, click here to join: Annuity Experts Facebook Group

P.S. Need some help “reviving” old prospects or clients? Book a 1:1 chat with my team so that we can point you in the right direction.

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