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How A Former Teacher Turned Advisor Built A Thriving And Profitable Virtual Practice – Without Sacrificing Her Health Or Family

Finding that perfect balance between success and personal fulfillment can be challenging for advisors.

The truth is, anyone can build a successful practice around their dream life if they plug into the right system (and we have proof).

Let me tell you about one of our 5-star advisors, Barbara Halperin.

Barbara is a successful “virtual” advisor who gets rave reviews from her clients on her outstanding service and support throughout the annuity buying process.

Here’s just a sample of the types of glowing reviews from Barbara’s clients:

Although she continues to build a successful practice…

… she also values time with her family (has 11 grandkids) and is passionate about her physical health as well (loves pilates).

However, it wasn’t always rainbows and roses for Barbara, at the start she struggled to get in front of a consistent stream of high-quality leads. She tried different types of marketing and lead programs that produced very little if any results.

When I first met Barbara back in March of 2020 she was afraid she would have to choose between her practice and personal life.

She was a former teacher turned advisor who found out the hard way that selling annuities isn’t something just anyone can do successfully.

However, with a little commitment and plugging into the right system, things really started to change.

Fast forward to today, Barbara has a top-performing practice, has time to spend with her grandkids every day, and can do pilates whenever she wants to. Now her biggest decision of the day is whether to play hide-and-seek or make a healthy green smoothie.

Barbara is the perfect example of someone who built a successful practice around her dream life (and you can too, with the right marketing system).

Her journey from struggling to success wasn’t always easy, but what she did to turn it all around may inspire you to make some efficient changes to your practice.

Now, Barbara is a perfect example of someone who built a successful business around her dream life.

And we’ll reveal how she does it on the next livestream.

Here’s a hint…

She has no fancy office.

  • No staff on payroll.
  • No radio interviews.
  • No retirement workshops.
  • No dinner seminars.
  • No TV interviews.
  • And works from home.

Which is why Barbara Halperin is our special guest on this episode of the Annuity Experts Show.

In this episode, we’ll get an inside look at how Barbara built and runs her practice around her dream life.

How A Former Teacher Turned Advisor Built A Thriving And Profitable Virtual Practice – Without Sacrificing Her Health Or Family

Here’s what she covers in this episode:

  • Barbara shares how many leads she is buying per month, and the annual production that she’s on pace to hit for 2022.
  • How she organizes and runs her virtual practice from the 1st meeting to after the close.
  • How she educates and informs clients about the best annuity products available.
  • What technology she relies on to deliver first-class service from her home office.
  • How she handles advisor “shopping” potential clients (this alone could save you hours of dealing with non-committed clients).
  • The mindset and attitude that sets her apart from other advisors and consistently gets her 5-star rave reviews from her clients.

You’ll hear her inspiring story of how she turned her struggling practice into a successful virtual firm (with no office, no staff and no seminars)…

You’ll see how she organizes her sales process in a way that allows her to deliver first-class service to each client…

And we’ll dive into how she runs her business from home and still gets rave reviews from her clients (we’ll even show you a few).

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to watch the episode…

Reason #1 – Barbara is the perfect example of how a struggling advisor can plug into the right digital marketing system and build a lifestyle practice around her family time and personal health goals.

If you like the idea of working less, serving more clients, and still having time for a personal life, you’ll love this.

Reason #2 – She gives an inside look at how she organizes and runs her “virtual” practice, from setting appointments to closing sales.

Even if you don’t want a 100% virtual practice you’ll pick up some ideas to streamline your practice and get more done in less time.

Reason #3 – She reveals the research tools and presentation techniques to deliver first-class service from appointment #1 to after the close of the sale.

If you want to close more business you need to watch this.

Reason #4 – She shows some of the technology and digital tools she uses to run her “virtual” practice from home.

These can make virtual meetings more effective and informative to your clients.

Reason #5 – She gives her up-front sales technique for dealing with “advisor shopping” clients and gets them to ethically commit or move on.

This alone could save you hours of dealing with non-committed prospects and avoid wasting time.

Reason #6 – She shares her winning mindset and confident attitude that sets her apart from other advisors.

If you want to stand out above the competition, and collect raving reviews from your clients, you’ll love this one.

Here are a few time stamps if you want to jump to what you need:

  • 5:24 – Why working with Annuity Gator “was really the best thing that ever happened for my career”.
  • 8:42 – The one key that allows her to speak with authority to any client she works with (that anyone can do).
  • 12:30 – How Barbara directs prospects to share her screen and how to guide prospects throughout the 1st appointment.
  • 22:45 – The single 5-word phrase that prevents her from wasting a second on “advisor shoppers” (use this technique to gather commitments early on from prospects).
  • 29:30 – The single biggest objection potential clients have… master this, and you’ll master selling annuities “virtually”.
  • 32:40 – Why all of Barbara’s potential clients see her as an annuity expert… without her lifting a finger (anyone can do this).
  • 35:27 – The technique she uses to instantly beat other “brick and mortar” advisors out there.
  • 40:30 – Advice she’d give to anyone who isn’t sure if they’re ready to take the leap in selling virtually.
  • 43:05 – The powerful sales tool she uses that’s behind her success with the program.
  • 45:40 – The one difference between Annuity Gator and other lead programs (this is the key ingredient to a successful partnership with an FMO).

No matter how you run your practice you’ll walk away with powerful takeaways you can use to boost your business right away.

→ Annuity Experts Show – How A Former Teacher Turned Advisor Built A Thriving And Profitable Virtual Practice – Without Sacrificing Her Health Or Family

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