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Find out if you are an Online “Marketer” or a “Product Pusher”

Are you an actual “Marketer” that is maximizing your website to sell for you, or is your site mistakingly coming off as an aggressive “Product Pusher” site that uses brute force instead of finesse marketing to attract and convert new clients online?

This blog is an incredibly powerful one that will show you one simple step that you can be changing on your website to instantly increase the amount of leads that you receive online.

Of course the irony is that I am willing to bet that every financial professional that reads this considers themselves a “Marketer”, yet I am seeing a completely different story when I look at most of your websites.  Well stick around for this entire blog and let me know in the comment section if you were or were not doing what I am about to reveal to you correctly or not.  I would love your feedback either way.

So let me show you exactly what financial advisor online marketing is all about, how to change your site that screams “product pusher” into a website that does your selling for you.

Here is the problem that I am seeing with the majority of the financial advisor’s websites out there:

  • You assume that your website visitor’s are as smart as you and will miraculously be motivated by anything that you plop on your site
  • You list all of the things that you do and all of the products you offer in very broad, boring, and non-descriptive terms
  • You don’t give them any reason to be motivated to buy from you or to want to work with you
  • You forget that most of your visitors are lazy and want things explained to them in very specific and obvious detail
  • You list tons of features of your products and services, but rarely describe how it will benefit anyone

Let me explain with a real life example that I came across on one of your websites this weekend.  It was the opposite of what smart financial advisor online marketing is all about, and you might find that your website has some similar issues.

So I am on this financial advisor’s website this weekend and both on the main page and his “Our Services” page, he listed out the four things that his company specializes in.  Here is what it looked it.

“We Specialize in the Following Services for our Clients”


Life Insurance

Estate Planning

401(k) Rollovers

In the financial advisor online marketing world, this is what I call “Product Pushing Mistake 101”.

Let me tell you why this common error among websites in the financial advisor arena is pure product pushing.

Product pushers shove features down people’s throats and then get upset when your prospect or client doesn’t get as excited as you do about your product offering.  Product pushers make bad assumptions that they can simply list a bunch of titles and features and the average person will “just figure it out on their own“.  Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to financial advisor online marketing.  

Let me pick on myself for a minute to prove this point.  In real life, I am not what you would consider lazy or dumb (at least that is what I want to believe).  But as soon as I get in search mode on the Internet for something in particular, I turn into a “lazy and dumb person” who is in search of an answer to my problems with the least amount of work on my part.  And if I get on a site that makes me think, that forces me to do calculations in my head, or makes me try to figure something out in order to understand how they can help me, then “Adios Amigo“, the Joe-meister is gone faster than Speedy Gonzales himself.

I am willing to bet you are the exact same when you are surfing the web, because hardly anyone goes to the web to have to think more.  You want problems solved!  And you want them solved quickly, with minimal thinking on your part!

So how do you turn this product pushing disaster into a lean, mean, marketing machine that does the selling for you?

By selling benefits, not features.

financial advisor online marketing

This theory applies to offline selling and marketing as well, but for this blog, we will remain focused on the advisor’s site that that I mentioned above, and I will continue to critique and introduce some powerful updates that he can make immediately.

Remember earlier when I said that the visitors to your website are lazy and don’t want to use their brain to figure out what is good and what is bad?  Well they are lazy, and so are people like you and me when we are online looking for information.  Psychologically, our minds process what we read on a website, but the second that our brain has to hit overdrive to do things such as figuring out pros and cons, trying to figure out the benefits of a product, or doing calculations, the average web surfer will actually leave in search of a simpler site.

I know that sounds crazy but it has proven to be true time and time again.  Our friend Dr Nic Lucas of Australia explained why this happens in our incredible interview with him about baby boomer buying behavior – watch it here.

So this means that we MUST spell out everything if we want our website to do the selling and marketing for us.

That means we need to start painting a picture of PRECISELY what you, your products, or your services will do for them.  It means sell the BENEFITS, not the Features.  It means the only thing you want to overwhelm them with is benefit rich explanations of how much better their life is going to be with your product or service.

Let’s breakdown the advisor’s website above and I will show you how it is possible to take that same text and transform it from a “product pusher” to an automated sales machine. Here is an example of taking the same content and turning it into your own personalized “Marketer”.  Notice how I keep the four main features, but I now add Benefit-rich bullet points that fully sell each main feature.

The correct way to finesse, benefit-rich, marketing…

“We Specialize in the Following Services for our Clients”


  • Our annuities are designed to always contractually guarantee you higher returns than your bank CD, while also deferring any taxes you would have to pay on interest each year as well.  Don’t accept the low CD renewal rates until you look at the annuity rates that we can provide you.
  • The annuities that we provide all avoid Probate, so your children will never have to wait many months to have full control of these assets.
  • How would you like your own private pension plan?  We specialize in tailoring our annuities with lifetime income benefits that will contractually keep giving you a paycheck for as long as you live.  You can even have the income go for both you and your spouse’s life.

Life Insurance

  • Designed to provide a tax-free, lump sum to your spouse and children in the case you pass away.  The emotional scars will be hard enough with the loss of a parent, don’t make it worse by leaving them having to sell things like your home, cars, and other assets just to make ends meet.
  • You will have the ability to get a life insurance plan that is so flexible it can change with your changing needs so you will never be stuck paying the same premiums every year, and you can even alter the death benefit as well with no penalties!
  • Some of our life insurance plans even offer tax-free loans so you won’t have to go to the bank to get loans for big purchases like cars or other large expenses.  Become your own banker and avoid paying bank interest rates ever again!

Estate Planning

  • With have over 25 years of Estate Planning expertise and our goal with each client is to make sure that your beneficiaries never pay an extra dollar to the government.  We have helped some clients reposition their estate which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars that went to their children instead of Uncle Sam.
  • Did you know that many families lose upwards of 60% of everything they own to the government if their estate plan isn’t properly designed?  Don’t wait until it too late like many of these unfortunate families did.  Once an unexpected death occurs, we can’t help you any longer.  Make an appointment for a free estate planning review with us today.

401(k) Rollovers

  • Have you switched jobs in the past few years or have plans to switch jobs in the near future?  Did you know that you can instantly “upgrade” your 401(k) into a new private plan where you now have unlimited investment choices and no longer are forced into your administrator’s choices?
  • Did you know that you could possible be losing up to 2% every year in mandatory (and sometime hidden) fees in your current 401(k) plan?  It is time to get a review today to ensure you never pay these high fees again.  Over a 20 year period, this is 40% of your hard earned money gone to pay Wall Street!
  • We can save you from costly tax pitfalls that could cost you up to 20% of your entire 401(k)!

* I fully realize that some of the points above are not 100% correct.  Just trying to give you an idea of how to properly explain benefits

Now don’t think you are immune to this just because your “speciality” isn’t listed above.  I have seen this exact “product pusher” problem occur on countless sites with offerings such as:

    • Financial Planning
    • Preservation
    • Tax Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Portfolio Management
    • IRA’s
    • Income Planning
    • and many more

Moral of the story is don’t ever just list the product name, and don’t even stop with just listing a feature or two of the product.  Spell out the precise benefits to the end user by painting an incredibly clear picture of EXACTLY how their life will be better.

This will not only transform you from a “product pusher” to a “marketer”, but you should also see your converted leads and sales go up as a result as well.

Finally, if you received some value (aka Benefit) from this article, please SHARE using the social share buttons on the left.  Sharing is caring! Thank you.  And make sure to give me your feedback below on any funny stories where you learned the hard way about benefits vs features.

financial advisor online marketing

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

  • Matthew Oaks
    10:23 AM, 8 May 2014

    Great points. Thanks for the post!

    • Joe Simonds
      10:47 AM, 8 May 2014

      Thanks Matthew. Hope you received some value and “benefit” from this one.

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