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EXPOSED: The Fatal Flaw in Your Financial Practice

You are either going to love me or hate me after reading the hard hitting truth in this blog…

But before I show you the fatal flaw that is holding you back from breakthrough success, let me first show you something that your competition is completely ignoring.

Laser Targeted Prospects Right Under Your Nose

Did you know that Facebook teamed up with three of the largest data companies in the world to create the largest database of consumer information in the universe?

That’s right. Facebook, who already knows more about Americans than any retailer, company, or even government entity, now knows even more about all of us after teaming up with data giants Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon.

And did you know that when Facebook users go on vacation, when they tag their family, kids, pets, etc. in pics, when they post a picture of where they are eating, or of their car, their office, or comment on certain topics or political posts, or even put in their passcodes to other sites…

Facebook is keeping tabs on every single piece of information.

In other words, they know how much your house is worth, they know what kinds of cars you drive, they know where you go on vacation, they know if you are married, have kids, pets, they know how much money you make, they know where you shop, what movies you watched, what books you have read, where you go out to eat, they know who you voted for, and they know your buying habits (thanks to the teaming up with the Big 3 Data companies).

Yep, it is safe to assume that Facebook knows more about all of us (including your ideal prospects) than any other group in the world…including our very own government and CIA.

Facebook even knows information on you that you have never given them.

They even know things about you if don’t even have a Facebook account!

(Oh by the way, you don’t have to be active on Facebook to do the kind of crazy-cool things that I am about to tell you about below)

And what does Google know?

Google knows what people actually search for better than anyone else…

AND they know how to charge the heck out of you for clicks.

They also have much more revenue from advertisers coming in than Facebook does. Mostly because Facebook ads are so new, and Google ads have had a decade plus head start.

Not to mention, Google already makes an ungodly amount of money already (over $10 billion of revenue from ads just in the first 3 months of 2014 to put it in perspective), and doesn’t need to give discounts, etc.

Why is this important?

Because Facebook is DYING to get more revenue, and is willing to give you the traffic for a fraction of what Google is charging right now!

This kind of opportunity will never happen again in our lifetime!

This is the financial advisor marketing strategy of ALL financial advisor marketing strategies today!

Just to reiterate what the amazing opportunity is – Facebook, who has more information and consumer buying data than anyone (or any group) in the country, is practically giving away ready to buy, laser targeted prospects at pennies on the dollar!

Let me give you just one of a million different examples of an ideal prospect that you could be placing your message, your sales funnel, and even your online seminar in front of today:

Let’s say that I was a financial advisor in Atlanta, who specialized in working with physicians (doctors, dentists, chiropractors)…

Inside of my Facebook Ad Manager, I can specify that I want to target the following person with my ads in his or her newsfeed, on their cell phone, and even follow them around every day when they are on Facebook…

  • Men and women age 45 – 62
  • Living in the Atlanta area
  • Doctors, chiropractors, or dentist only
  • Making at least $125,000 per year
  • Own their own home
  • Home value is $750,000 or more
  • Own life insurance
  • They are interested in golf
  • Voted Republican
  • Follow Rush Limbaugh

Assuming that was your ideal client, can you start to see how powerful it would be to place your super-targeted message in front of this crowd on their Facebook news feed (and while they are on their phone, at home, or at work J)?

Keep in mind, this is just one of many millions of scenarios in regards to targeting your ideal (Avatar) client on Facebook.

On the other extreme, if your ideal client is a married female trapeze artist who loves the band U2, and drives a VW bug, you can target her as well.

Facebook can literally help you find and target any given prospect out there.

Here is the BEST news with these targeted Facebook ads…They are incredibly inexpensive!

I have been testing different Facebook ads for a while now, and even for super targeted prospects (similar to the example above with the physicians) I am seeing the average cost per click to get them to my landing page ad around the $1.00 – $3.00 range.

And for my better performing ads, I am getting clicks directly to my ad, by my most ideal prospects, for just under $1.00 per click!

That is almost disturbingly cheap.

Keep in mind that when I have my ideal clients clicking on my ad, they must opt-in (give me their contact information) before I show them my video funnel, which is essentially the same presentation I would give people if I had them in front of me…let’s say somewhere like…a dinner seminar presentation!

So even if my landing page is average and only converts 1 out of 10 ideal prospects into my video presentation, assuming a $2.00 average per click rate, that means I would be paying $20 to have my most ideal (hand-picked) prospect watch my powerful seminar presentation online.

A whole heck of a lot cheaper than mailing them, feeding them, and taking up my valuable time to weed out the ideal prospects from the “tire-kickers”

In other words, you could:

  1. Have your VERY BEST seminar presentation working for you on autopilot online
  2. Drive super targeted ideal prospects to go watch it
  3. Send them through your entire sales funnel without ever lifting a finger, feeding them, or even speaking to them
  4. And then having them book a phone appointment on your calendar (online without having to speak to anyone)
  5. All automated, all evergreen, all without any web developer or expensive staff
  6. All for under $20 per lead (potentially – if done correctly)
  7. Don’t be like your competition and let this opportunity pass you by!

I will talk about how easy you could build out this entire system I explained above (including the step-by-step instructions to do Facebook marketing like a PRO) in just a little bit.

First, let me address “The Fatal Flaw” with your marketing as I promised in the very beginning of this blog.

Do you REALLY have Freedom & Control over your business…Or does it run you most of the time?

After speaking with countless financial advisors over the last 13 years, I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of advisors wish they had more control of their leads, their marketing, and their sales funnels.

Do you?

In fact, I have had some advisors call me up over the years, literally breaking down in panic when they found out their “Honey-Hole” lead generation company had to make drastic changes, charge more for the same services, or even worse, go out of business.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Just wait until you hear the story below…

Let me share with you a quick story of a financial advisor’s worst nightmare…

One of my financial advisor friends in Texas woke up one day to something that would end up changing his successful practice forever.

For the last 18 months, this advisor has been exclusively relying on three different direct mail pieces, all coming from one direct mail company, to generate all of his business.

Yes, he received some referrals here and there, but 95% of his revenue (he was making over $700,000 per year) was a result of the direct mail from this one company.

And he had been using them for almost 18 months without a single glitch (besides the occasional direct mail piece getting lost or making its way to the wrong zip code).

But then the dreaded phone call came that he will never forget.

It was a Friday.

And he was just about to head out of the office to enjoy the day with his family.

But he picked up the phone because he saw that it was his 3rd party lead generation company that he had been using.

On the other end of phone line was the sales rep at the 3rd party direct mail company, calling the advisor to tell him that it was his last day they would be working together…because they were shutting down the office.

No warning.

No “I’m sorry, we will find a way to make it up to you”.

Simply, “We’re done. We’re broke. We are shutting everything down today.”

My advisor friend was devastated as you can imagine.

He went from feeling like he was in full control, at the top of his game, having a tried and true marketing funnel that was almost “printing off money”…


An advisor that saw his prospect funnel dry up in the matter of one phone call.

An advisor that realized he had zero control.

An advisor who called himself an “entrepreneur”, but came to realize the harsh reality that a real entrepreneur would never let himself get in this kind of situation.

Can you imagine making $700,000 with not much overhead, to all of a sudden waking up one day wondering how you were going to see your next prospect?

Waking up in complete FEAR just a day after being at the top of your game. With no control, and no ability to generate prospects on your own.

Not a pleasant position for anyone, and my wish is that it never happens to you.

Have you picked up on what the “Big Flaw” is yet?

Well this is where you will get my candid feedback, and what could cause some of you to either love me or hate me

Here goes.

The “Big Flaw” is that most of you have absolutely NO CONTROL over your most important asset as a financial advisor – your prospects and your marketing.

And when you have no control, then you have no long-term freedom, and it also means you are tied down (and being held back from breakthrough success), whether you want to admit it or not.

Way too many of you are relying on 3rd party marketing groups to do ALL of your marketing for you.

That seems crazy after hearing my friend’s story doesn’t it?

Did you know that many of these groups assign you a sales reps right out of college that has never done a single direct response piece in their life. And they certainly don’t know what keeps your ideal prospects up at night.

And you are relying on that person to help you attract your ideal prospects?

Not to mention, you might be relying on a company that is financial trouble, or one that has lawsuits from misleading marketing pieces, or one that is just days away from making drastic changes (or even going out of business).

This is not a fun position to be in…especially when the cards come tumbling down, and they always do given enough time.

And if you are completely handicapped from getting any more leads without the full assistance from a “trusted 3rd party group”, then my friend, you aren’t a real entrepreneur.

Sorry for the tough love, but you need to hear this kind of candid feedback

It’s really a shame that after all of these years in the business, that no one else is telling you the truth about marketing isn’t it?

Have you figured out why that is the case?

It’s really pretty simple…

The 3rd party marketing groups that you rely on for your marketing are too busy cashing in your checks, and hoping and praying that you never discover how to do marketing on your own.

So why would they ever have any incentive to empower you to do marketing on your own?

Most of them dislike people like me who are trying to empower you, they dislike articles like this that expose the big issue, and they certainly will be out of business if every financial advisor had the ability and freedom to do their own marketing.

On top of that, your competitors won’t tell you the truth because they know you would have an instant edge on them if you didn’t have to rely on the same groups that they do for their marketing.

And the small group of advisors that have “figured it out” certainly aren’t going to help you out.

Nothing would excite them more than seeing you continue down the path of only using the cookie-cutter 3rd party marketing groups that every other advisor is using out there.

I also want you to know that this isn’t your fault.

The financial services industry has taught us to believe that always hiring out 3rd party marketing groups for all of our leads and marketing is okay.

It was the way that grandpa ran his financial practice, so it must be good enough for me…

You know what, I believe that 20 years ago, hiring out all of you marketing was probably okay.

Times were different. There was no Internet. The competition wasn’t as fierce. People hired advisors and insurance agents based on what their parents did, or who the closest and most trusted advisor was in their town.

Clients referred other friends so often that many advisors in the past didn’t even need much in the way of marketing. You just needed to have an office that was easy to find, with ample parking for the customers.

But certainly not today!

Times have changed, marketing is now critical for the survival of any financial advisor more than ever before, and given the wild changes in they way consumers get information and hire advisors, if you can’t learn to market yourself, then you are in for a rough ride ahead…

And possibly even extinction.

You won’t like reading this, but…

Here is what I have seen in this industry time and time again – Even the absolute best salespeople in our industry end up as product pitching commodities over time if they don’t learn how to market themselves.

In fact, here is what the 10-step “No Control” cycle looks like for a financial advisor over time:

  1. The advisor is at the top of their game after finally finding a great lead generation magnet that seems to be working very well
  2. Of course it is something that a 3rd party marketing group has offered, so they have no real control over what happens long term with the lead flow
  3. But it continues to work…so they ignore the old rule of diversifying (or god-forbid, learning how to market and attract prospects themselves)
  4. So the advisor dumps more and more money, resources, time, and energy into this system that seems to be working like magic
  5. But one day it stops working as well as it had been for so long
  6. So the advisor gets worried, and starts to look elsewhere for a few more leads to supplement the slowdown from his/her current lead flow
  7. Nothing else the advisor comes across seems to work as well, so now they are out quite a bit of money from testing. Not to mention, the 3rd party marketing group the advisor once loved and couldn’t do wrong, seems to be falling apart in terms of quality leads
  8. Because the advisor was hitting all-time sales records, they had invested in a new office, new staff, and tons of overhead to accommodate all of this incredible traffic that this 3rd party was sending his/her way
  9. But now sales are down, and the advisor has back to back months where there are more expenses going out than income coming in
  10. People are fired, the advisor has zero momentum, no control, no freedom, tons of stress, and hardly resembles the entrepreneur they once were. The advisor has become a desperate, product-pushing, commodity.

So it begs the question?

Why rely on 3rd party groups to do ALL of your marketing?

I mean, aren’t you sick and tired of bouncing around from lead source to lead source, with no control over how you get in front of your ideal prospects every week?

Are you sick and tired of hearing worn out phrases from 3rd party groups (who are spending your money) like this:

“Whoever spends the most, wins the game”

“You just need to mail out MORE invitations”

After seeing it happen over and over again to advisors both big and small, I can only guess that most financial advisors do not know the meaning behind this incredibly crucial formula.

Marketing Know How + Systems = Massive Profit

What does this mean? Let me explain.

In simple terms, if you know how to do true direct response marketing, you will always be able to create income.

More particular, if you know how to do true direct response marketing AND you have a system in place, you will not just be able to create income, you will be able to scale massive amounts of profits with your marketing.

The big misconception among most businesses (small and large) is that marketing is the same as branding or advertising.

Many Fortune 500 executives just think that marketing is “just something we do to keep our name out there”.

But that kind of thinking makes you BROKE as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Marketing is not the same as normal advertising that we see on TV, and it certainly isn’t the same as branding.

The kind of marketing that I am talking about is where you spent X amount of dollars to get Y amount of dollars back in return.

Dollars that are traceable down to the last penny.

True direct response marketing can only be compared to legally printing money when you know how to do it correctly

For instance, if you knew that for every $100 you spent on Facebook ads, that one new client worth $12,000 in lifetime commissions would pop out, what do you think this would do to your business?

Could you see how it could be like printing off money?

What if for every $1,000 you spent on Facebook ads, it spit out 7 new clients worth $84,000 in lifetime commissions to you?

I am hoping that most of you would continue to add money into this funnel until it hit a point of decreasing returns.

Ideally, what you would do is build a system around this, where everything is automated, tracked, and working like a well oiled machine, regardless of what you were doing while your ideal prospects went through your sales funnel.

And you know what?

Even if Facebook was shut down and went away tomorrow, you wouldn’t even stress about it.


Because you could take the EXACT same sales funnel system, the same ads, and the same copy, and employ it somewhere else the following day.



Take a second to think about the most successful financial advisor you have ever met, or even heard of.

Do you think that they have full control of their marketing and prospecting funnel?

I am willing to bet that they do.

Now it doesn’t mean that they don’t hire out consultants, coaches, or expert 3rd party groups to do special things like their Facebook ads, media buys, etc.

All smart entrepreneurs know when (and when not) to outsource, when to get coaching to make them better, and when to get an expert on board for certain tasks.

But what they would NEVER do is give any ONE outside group full control over their entire prospect and marketing funnel.

It could mean business suicide for them if something went wrong with that 3rd party group (which they personally have little to no control of).

So it is time to start thinking like an entrepreneur, like the most successful financial advisors that you would like to emulate, and like the superstar that you know you are!

Not like a salesperson who “just wants to get in front of qualified prospects, and doesn’t care how or who gets them there”

Marketing is the new sales.

These days, if you can’t market, you are going to have a tough time hitting the kinds of numbers, goals, and long-term growth you desire just relying on your sales skills.

The game has changed, and it isn’t going to reward the old-school financial advisor “slick salesperson” anymore.

In fact, the future is going to bury them.

It is pretty evident that the new world is rewarding the marketer that has control of their sales and marketing funnels, that know how to get in front of their ideal clients, and that aren’t 100% reliant on some 3rd party marketing group.

So your next goal as a financial advisor should be to get control back of your business, of your marketing, and of our prospect funnel.

Finally, something big is coming…

I also promised you earlier that I would teach you how to:

  • Do your own super-targeted Facebook ads like a PRO
  • How to build an evergreen sales funnel online that could be working for you on autopilot WITHOUT a web developer
  • How to finally gain the Control and Freedom as an entrepreneur that you demand and deserve

And this is NOT where I pitch you something to buy.

In fact, I am going to give you an entire training course on all of this for free.

So here is what I need you to do next 

Go watch the incredibly HIGH-CONTENT videos that I created exclusively for financial advisors here at “The Advisor Black Box”


P.S. – You can INSTANTLY get access to all of the FREE TRAINING videos by registering on this site.

P.P.S – If there is any specific question(s) that you have regarding Facebook marketing, building out funnels, YouTube marketing, or any other targeted marketing that gets your ideal prospect into an online funnel, then please post your comments below. Or wait until you get into the actual training to post a comment. Thank you either way. It really helps me out big time in creating these trainings when I hear from you.

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

  • Randy Mogle
    11:19 AM, 30 October 2014

    Joe, I hope you get enough comments to create the course because it would be great!  As you no doubt know, there are many many ways that I could spend money on learning Facebook, and you will do it for free!?  Wow, incredible!  What would I need?  You have convinced me as to the why, I need the how.  You and Luke are a great help, thank you.

    • Joe Simonds
      11:22 AM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks for being the first person to comment Randy! That equates to FREE TRAINING for you. And thanks for the feedback. If you think of anything else over the next few days, let us know. We are working like crazy behind the scenes to make this our best free training yet.

      • Randy Mogle
        11:28 AM, 30 October 2014

        I have no doubt that it will be Joe!

  • Bill
    11:30 AM, 30 October 2014

    How do I keep track of all the different marketing programs I am using?Can I incorporate my FB advertising along with my Twitter, LinkedIn, G for one click marketing?

    • Joe Simonds
      12:18 PM, 30 October 2014

      Excellent. Thanks Bill

  • Mark Harwanko
    11:49 AM, 30 October 2014

    Joe,  I need help with most of the above.  (Don’t even have a Facebook acct.)  My Google campaign was a total waste of money.  So fire it up!  What could be even better is if for a one time fee you set it up and train me to run it. 

    • Joe Simonds
      12:19 PM, 30 October 2014

      Mark, send all money here…

      Just kidding. Great input. I think you will like the training videos.

  • jim mckennon
    11:51 AM, 30 October 2014

    Not on facebook and have no clue how to do anything so not much help from me but hopefully you are smarter and can provide a dummy some real help

    • Joe Simonds
      12:19 PM, 30 October 2014

      Facebook for Dummies coming to a blog near you

  • Charles
    11:54 AM, 30 October 2014

    Joe thanks for the information and story, one of your best blogs yet. Joe I need to know how to market on Facebook efficiently to my ideal minority clients

    • Joe Simonds
      12:20 PM, 30 October 2014

      Roger that Charles.

      Just wait until you see how targeted you can get with Facebook and YouTube ads.

  • Travis
    12:00 PM, 30 October 2014

    Hi Joe, appreciate the post and the offer. It would be nice to see a step by step list of the process laid out. Such as:1. turn on your computer2. go to facebook3. sign in4. go to account settings… Okay okay, maybe not every single step 🙂  but a somewhat comprehensive task list covering all of the necessary items. I’d like to see a resource/tool list for the individual items that will be discussed in the training.I.E. Ad Copy writing (if outsourced), Ad Creation (if outsourced), Landing Page Creator, Email autoresponder, Email autoresponder content etc…

    • Joe Simonds
      12:20 PM, 30 October 2014

      Great feedback.

      Resource list, check.

  • Jeff
    12:05 PM, 30 October 2014

    This is very interesting. I am having a hard time grasping the Facebook concept and could use help with it. I’m not familiar with how to place ads on it but sounds like it would be very targeted for the price. 

    • Joe Simonds
      12:22 PM, 30 October 2014

      Yes sir. I thought some of my other Internet Marketing friends were nuts when they told me what they were doing with Facebook ads. But once I saw it for myself, and starting doing some ads to test out the validity (even among 55+ consumers), I was blown away.

      Stay tuned.

  • John
    12:19 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe,I’m almost done building my you tube sales funnel. NOW is a perfect time to learn how to drive traffic to my masterpiece. (actually it is more a paint by numbers since all I did was follow yours and Luke’s instructions)

    • Joe Simonds
      12:31 PM, 30 October 2014

      Haha. Make sure to shoot us your first funnel so we can give some feedback as well.

      Get ready!

  • Brian Neff
    12:24 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe,This sounds great. Here is what I would like to see.1. Should I use Facebook implementation as my personal name, business name, or marketing program? Or, all 3?2. How to implement in steps the preferred Facebook marketing program.3. Connecting all marketing programs, website, blog, social, etc. to maximize the total campaigns.4. Step by step guide, videos work for me best, as I can go back and review them at my convenience.Thanks again for all you do. Our firm has bought every program you have released, and we are implementing them step by step, as suggested. P.S. Got the book today…..

    • Joe Simonds
      12:29 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thank you for being a raving fan along with the excellent feedback Brian. Much more great stuff to come with the help of input like this.

  • Doug Myrick
    12:27 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe – Just received your book, “The Authority Advisor”, so far a great read! My suggestion for a training topic is how to do the actual ad set-up in FB.

    • Joe Simonds
      12:30 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks Doug. Can’t wait to hear how you like the book once complete.

      Actual ad setup will certainly be in the training. Stay tuned.

  • Matt
    12:34 PM, 30 October 2014

    Thanks Joe, Very motivational to say the least. I continue to work on this and the successes are starting to grow just not as fast as i would like. I feel like some personal coaching and hand holding might be the answer but what do i know……it is a challenge to implement when we are constantly being pounded over the head with old school strategies and tactics….

    • Joe Simonds
      12:38 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks Matt. Hoping to give you what you want soon.

  • Brad Bergeron
    12:50 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe, What an epic post. One thing that you NEED to cover is  The value of Facebook retarget ads and YouTube channel branding. Just couple things  i’m personally interested in learning more about. But have not seen anything that does a good a good job of explaining how to actually do it. P.s. – Nice retarget ad on my newsfeed 🙂 

    • Joe Simonds
      12:52 PM, 30 October 2014

      Hahaha. I am following you around Facebook like an ex-girlfriend stalker…haha

      Great feedback Brad. Stay tuned.

  • Sarah
    1:10 PM, 30 October 2014

    Some thoughts: 1) What kind of questions to ask on the signup form. 2) How to create a good video that does not give too much away, but attracts people. 3) How to find what keywords work best. 4) How to know who your ideal person is? 5) What to know when starting out.

    • Joe Simonds
      1:11 PM, 30 October 2014

      Excellent feedback Sarah! Noted.

  • Larry
    1:19 PM, 30 October 2014

    Some training or just your experience or opinion i would find helpful is can this be used to point to a lead page for a report/guide/book or does it work best with videos?  Compliance is a nightmare for us FINRA folks and i can possibly get a report/guide up and running a lot quicker then a video or video series.  All things are possible, some just are possible a lot quicker  : )

    • Joe Simonds
      1:49 PM, 30 October 2014

      Great comment Larry. We will address PDF’s vs Videos for sure. What I have found is that in an ideal world, you have both. I have found that some people love videos, while others would prefer to read everything so they can take notes, highlight, reference it quicker, etc. On the flip side, there are many consumers who refuse to read anything and only want to watch videos. The cool thing that I am starting to do with all of my videos is have them transcribed (for super cheap) and turning the single piece of content into two avenues of creating new prospects for me. We will talk about all of this on the training.

  • CM
    1:19 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe,I tried a facebook ad campaign to drive people towards my new business FB page. While inexpensive, the analytics seem wonky. While getting 2500 page views I got only 3 or 4 likes and one nutjob posting nonsense on the page. I thought I targeted properly and checked the right boxes but was overall very unimpressed. Any thoughts?CM

    • Joe Simonds
      1:54 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks for the comment Collie.

      I am guessing the issue might have been who you are targeting. If you do a Facebook “Page Like” Campaign, you have two choices. First choice is to let Facebook do all of your targeting for you, where they base their targets on similar people who have already liked your page. Second option (which is smarter by far) is to hand-pick the audience you want to target based on your “Avatar” ideal prospect. It sounds like you might have taken this option, but it is very possible it wasn’t targeted enough. Either that, or the information on the page (including the background and thumbnail picture) weren’t engaging enough. All of those little things go a long way in terms of getting a stranger to like your page.

      Finally, the BEST way to get fans is to skip the “page like” campaign completely, do an ad that gives your ideal prospect awesome value (like a free video, article, or PDF), and then the likes will come naturally for free.

      • collie
        2:00 PM, 30 October 2014

        Thanks Joe…I did try to whittle it down but…I am working on a landing page that will offer freebies, etc. Perhaps you have already addressed it buy maybe you further flesh out the fb ad campaign that you refer to above. Does it drive traffic to a landing page or a website. Thanks again Joe, I have enjoyed your videos and have your book on the way.

        • Joe Simonds
          2:11 PM, 30 October 2014

          We will discuss this for sure.

          We have sent the traffic to both landing pages and “unprotected” free content on our site that would have a call to action to opt-in for more on the page.

          What we found was that we definitely had more traffic to the target content when we had no landing page, but we also had less leads. In my opinion, if you clearly tell your prospect what you are offering for FREE, and clearly explain the benefits of how you can help them, and they still won’t opt-in their information, then they probably aren’t ready to become clients right now anyways.

          Think about it this way – if you have given them a clear path to help and they refuse to put their name and email address in, then it is going to be incredibly hard to get them to pull their pocketbook out and become a client. And most of the time, this is NOT the consumer’s fault. It is the fault of the ad, the promise, or the benefit not being a fit from the advisor. That is why it is so incredibly important to know your Avatar client, and how to market to them.

  • Carl Ostenson
    1:38 PM, 30 October 2014

    Great post. 1) since facebook is mainly mobile, best practices on widgets and landing pages. 2) how to use the re targeting pixel 3) ideas for first 3 emails in autoresponder4) call to actions to start the conversation either by email or on the phone 

    • Joe Simonds
      1:55 PM, 30 October 2014

      Great feedback Carl.

      We will have you retargeting your website visitors (who left your site without giving you their information) in no time at all.

  • Anton Hendler
    2:03 PM, 30 October 2014

    Awesome as always Joe, thank you! We have successfully set up  and are currently running our YouTube channel and have started some advertising as well. I am interested in how to do Facebook ads, and how (if possible) this would work in conjunction with YouTube. In addition and probably more important at this time is to identify and target “Avatar” clients effectively in prospecting.

    • Joe Simonds
      2:04 PM, 30 October 2014

      Excellent Anton. And big props to you for getting going on YouTube. We plan on teaching both Facebook ads and YouTube ads in the upcoming training. So stay tuned.

  • mark
    2:34 PM, 30 October 2014

    I think something as basic as help defining your “avatar’ client would be helpful.

    • Joe Simonds
      2:48 PM, 30 October 2014

      All over it Mark. Thanks for the feedback my friend.

  • Kirk Andersen
    2:38 PM, 30 October 2014

    Finra/ BD Compliance.  That is the ongoing challenge.  I have no desire to mislead consumers, and am disgusted by producers who do.  Often times these producers have developed the ability to promote on a national level.  But many BDs are quite leery of Facebook and LinkedIn.  Others are nervous about videos, but not as scared witless as they are about live audio i.e. radio shows.  I want to help people because I truly believe I deliver a unique to my market suite of solutions.  But it still requires marketing to deliver the results.

    • Joe Simonds
      2:52 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks for the comment Kirk. And yes, this is an ongoing dilemma/debate that will probably never end, unfortunately.

      I the good news about Facebook/YouTube/LinkedIn ads is that they are static (none of the content, headlines, language, copy, etc. ever changes), so once a BD/RIA approves the full sequence (including accompanying landing page, free report, etc.) then you should be off to the races. Of course, that assumes they approve it.

      At the end of the day, if I had a BD that was so stuck in the past and afraid of the future that they wouldn’t approve my content that I knew could help people (and further my authority and income), then I would be looking for a new BD the next day…just my 2-cents

  • Fred Belman
    2:50 PM, 30 October 2014

    Hi Joe. Great Blog.  Have run my facebook campaign for the last 2 months and we have generated almost 4,000 page likers.  But what do I do now.  How to convert some business.  This is what I would like to know. Also would it be the same procedures for the international market.  Also would like to know more about using YouTube for marketing.

    • Joe Simonds
      2:59 PM, 30 October 2014

      Well done on the 4,000 likes Fred. Now on to monetize it!

      We will hit on this along with the very inexpensive YouTube ads. Stay tuned and thank you for the feedback!

  • Kevin Startt
    4:25 PM, 30 October 2014

    Have looked at all the comments and your call Captain on organizing a lot of the considerations and concerns that would make it more feasible. My RIA/BD is good about LinkedIn, You Tube and blogs but don’t know about Facebook

    • Joe Simonds
      5:29 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks Kevin! Always great to hear from you man. Hope your RIA biz is going well, and keep up the awesome work as always.

  • Kraig Overholt
    5:30 PM, 30 October 2014

    Great stuff Joe.  I always appreciate your training.  I’d like to see everything you mentioned!  I need a sales funnel.  This might be off topic a bit but I’d love to network with your group of financial advisers.  I sell Medicare Supplement Insurance and most financial advisers don’t bother with this as the commission is too.  I could help them out.  A networking group I guess.  I’m looking forward to reading the book too.

    • Joe Simonds
      5:36 PM, 30 October 2014

      Thanks for the feedback Kevin.

      And for sure on the networking part of things. We recently created a Google+ community for our Tribe to interact, post questions, and network with each other. Definitely join for free here –

  • Marvin Bales
    5:51 PM, 30 October 2014

    Joe, I would be interested in seeing some benchmarks for Click Thru Rate, Cost Per Click, etc. to know what a good performing Facebook ad campaign should look like, so I can know whether a campaign is working like it should or not.  BTW – finished the book today – very nice job. 

    • Joe Simonds
      8:29 PM, 30 October 2014

      Hey Marvin, great feedback. And super important measurements for a successful Facebook ad.

      I will address both of them throughout the training, but here is my quick input.

      If you aren’t getting somewhere in the range of a .6% to .8% Click through Rate (CTR) then I would go back to the drawing board and do some more testing. Personally, if I have an ad that isn’t pulling a minimum of 1% CTR after 48 hours, then I pull it. What that tells me is that I either have a bad picture (which is the key factor in a Facebook ad), a bad headline, or that I haven’t dialed in on my ideal prospect well enough. Because if I did, my CTR would be high as my ideal client should find my offer irresistible since it was tailored for them.

      Hope that makes sense.

      On the cost per click, that can vary all over the place depending on how much you are willing to spend for a new client (measured up against the overall revenue that a new client brings to you). The most important piece of a Facebook ad really isn’t either of those metrics though. It all comes down to cost per acquisition (new lead, client, etc), and that can only be done by tracking everything long term (as your leads don’t tend to convert overnight).

      Stay tuned for more.

  • Neal Angel
    10:20 PM, 30 October 2014

    I’d like to know how to “pixelate” my FB ads so that they are remarketed to prospects as they visit other sites.

    • Joe Simonds
      9:21 AM, 31 October 2014

      Roger that Neal. We will have you “following around” your website visitors in no time.

  • Mark Ruhlen
    11:14 AM, 31 October 2014

    Joe, a FaceBook novice. My wife is the tech guru.Have to get my son, an IT sales guy, to help me set up the marketing.

    • Joe Simonds
      11:17 AM, 31 October 2014

      Thanks Mark. Well keep me posted if there is anything in particular that you or your wife want to see in the training. Stay tuned.

      • Sean Ruhlen
        12:49 PM, 31 October 2014

        Joe: Just spoke to son Sean in Phoenix. He is more media marketing savvy than I am. His best friend did internet marketing right out of college. I will talk to them Sunday with what questions to ask you. I will put his email in box below so he will have your contact info.Mark Ruhlen.

        • Joe Simonds
          1:40 PM, 31 October 2014


  • John
    11:35 AM, 31 October 2014

    How can I use this as an IAR whose compliance department does not allow us to have a business Facebook account due to supervisory problems in monitoring the link?

    • Joe Simonds
      12:45 PM, 31 October 2014

      Hey John,

      Two words of advice.

      1) Facebook ads are dynamic and only consist of a picture, a short headline, maximum two lines of copy, and a short description. Ends up maxing out around 150- 175 words on average. I would create an “mock ad”, send it to your compliance, and tell them where you want to run it (Facebook). If they are still stuck in the past and don’t see the value in using Facebook as an educational, branding, and prospecting platform


      2) Move to an RIA that does (which I am finding is the majority of them these days, especially the RIA’s that are growing and are forward thinkers).

  • Steve
    3:04 PM, 1 November 2014

    I understand just by the sheer size of Facebook that i need to be “working it”. My problem is that I just don’t know where to start, and as FB is a “foreign language” I’m going to need an Interpreter!

    • Joe Simonds
      3:16 PM, 1 November 2014

      Comprendo Steve! I think that is the #1 reason most advisors haven’t harnessed the power yet…because no one is spelling out how to market on Facebook correctly, from start to finish. My goal for our training is that even someone new to Facebook can “get it”. Thanks for the comment.

  • Nick
    6:40 PM, 1 November 2014

    Great post! Like others, it would be great to see a step by step mini manual for dummies.  Not just the FB component but all stages from advertisement to client.  Thanks.  

    • Joe Simonds
      10:12 PM, 1 November 2014

      Excellent Nick. A comprehensive Facebook ad manual for dummies coming soon.

      Thank you for the comment.


  • Filip
    11:44 AM, 2 November 2014

    Hi Joe, what you teach is so many steps in front of what we know and do here in Europe! To me, you are really on the leading edge of financial advisor marketing. What I am looking out for is to know exactly how to have prospects ask for a phone call or live meeting, once they are in the funnel. Thanks again, Filip (Belgium)

    • Joe Simonds
      3:06 PM, 2 November 2014

      Excellent question Filip. And we will certainly address.

      Long story short is all about putting through an engaging sales/educational funnel that highly encourages qualified prospects to “raise their hand” for a phone appointment. Notice I said phone appointment and not a live meeting. There is a very critical reason behind this that I will share in the training.

      Thanks again for the great comment across the pond.

  • tony
    11:39 PM, 2 November 2014

    Joe..setting up autoresponder (infusionsoft).  Where do we get the email templates that show them the upcoming videos in the next couple days and the option to watch past videos already emailed if they have not already viewed?

    • Joe Simonds
      8:23 AM, 3 November 2014

      Roger that Tony.

      Thanks for the great feedback.

  • Pat
    10:38 AM, 3 November 2014

    Hi Joe, after reading through all of the great comments, I found myself requesting much of the same information. Specifically, it would be nice to see a step by step list of the marketing process. How to get the ad to a specific demographic, where it would show up, what the ad should say, what happens when the prospect clicks on the ad, keeping them in a database for continual marketing, funneling the prospect all the way to the meeting.  Also, the software to make all of this happen!

    • Joe Simonds
      11:08 AM, 3 November 2014

      Well done Pat. Excellent feedback my friend.

      All of it duly noted, and I think you will like all of the training and “how to” content that we have coming soon.

      Thanks again for commenting!

  • rocky
    2:17 PM, 3 November 2014

    Hey Joe excited to learn more about digital marketing, I am eager to get to as many people as possible

    • Joe Simonds
      4:31 PM, 3 November 2014

      Thanks for the comment Rocky! Stay tuned for the training videos soon!

  • Gary
    2:57 PM, 3 November 2014

    Hello Joe,Need help with all of the above….  Old school guy here, but follows directions and instructions well.  I know just enough about the points that you are talking about to be dangerous….would welcome your help.

    • Joe Simonds
      4:34 PM, 3 November 2014

      Right on Gary!

      We create all of our trainings with a “digital dunce” in mind, as I too started off as a digital dunce.

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Joseph
    2:24 AM, 4 November 2014

    I don’t feel comfortable putting my name and personal info on the world wide stage of Facebook.  How can I market without being “exposed” personally?

    • Joe Simonds
      9:27 AM, 4 November 2014

      Great question Joseph.

      Facebook actually has what they call “Dark Post Ads” that do NOT show up on your Facebook page, and really don’t exist on the web except for brief periods when they show up on your ideal prospect’s Facebook feeds.

      So you get to pick exactly who the ad is exposed to, and who (and who can’t) see it. Of course, once the ad is done, it is just like it never existed on Facebook.

  • James Ball
    9:31 AM, 4 November 2014

    Writing a blog. content and how oftenCan a video presentation by me be tied to the inquiryHow do I position myself to be high on the list as a valued advisor

    • Joe Simonds
      10:14 AM, 4 November 2014

      Hey James, great question.

      However, in this new training we will be hammering away at targeted Facebook ads and building out evergreen sales funnels. So unfortunately we won’t be spending any time on Blogging here.

      But we did create a 4-part course on blogging, SEO, and content marketing that sounds like it is right up your alley. Here is the link to register today for free –

  • Patrick
    12:21 PM, 4 November 2014

    Joe, I received the link to your blog from a senior associate of one of the IMOs I work with, and I’m glad I took the time to read it. I’ve had a website for over 4 years now and also a Facebook page for nearly as long, but neither one has really brought me any business. Needless to say I could use a lot of help in getting the most out of both. Where and how do I begin?

    • Joe Simonds
      2:02 PM, 4 November 2014

      Thanks for the comment Patrick! Stay tuned for help on all of the above, and thank your IMO friend for the referral over to my site.

  • Linda Capozzoli
    10:44 PM, 1 June 2015

    Getting page not found on Advisors Black Box

    • Fernando Godinez
      3:24 PM, 10 June 2015

      Thanks for the heads-up Linda. We are in the process of re-designing our site and missed these links. Please let us know if you have any questions. Have an awesome week.

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