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Financial Advisor Landing Page Optimization Secrets

Have you ever wondered how some of the most “minimalist looking” websites convert so many consumer leads while your website (with all of the great content and pictures) continues to be nothing more than a “credibility website”?  Well much of it has to do with first understanding the difference between a “landing page” and a corporate website (which most of you financial professionals have).  From what I continue to see out there, most financial advisors are not using landing pages correctly (or at all), so this blog should help you out tremendously if you are interested in creating more leads from your website.

Financial Advisor Landing Page Optimization and Explanation

To begin, let’s define exactly what a landing page is (and isn’t).  Many people misunderstand a landing page to be any webpage that you might land on.  Not really the case, especially not in the context that I am about to teach you.  Digital marketers refer to landing pages as a page on the web where you land that has the following two things:

  1. Some kind of call to action that all leads to a form for a visitor to put their information into
  2. Landing pages exist solely to capture a visitor’s information.  Meaning, usually the only two options on a landing page are to put your information in the form or leave

Landing pages are also called “squeeze pages” or “opt-in pages”.  And the main goal of a landing page is Conversion (also known as having visitors give their information in return for some widget, report, or video that you give them).  Now that you know exactly what a landing page is, let’s talk about how you can optimize it.

Here are some of the core financial advisor landing page optimization secrets that I have learned through testing over the last couple of years:

  • The headline is the most crucial piece on the page.  It must be benefit rich (letting the visitor know exactly what they will be receiving for staying on this page) because consumers aren’t dumb.  When they find themselves on a landing page, they know what is going on, and they basically take about 3 seconds to decide if they are going to leave or take a chance at giving up their information to you.  So your headline better be awesome!
  • Try to eliminate or minimize any links or distractions that would alter your visitor off course from giving you their information.
  • An image or a brief video has been found to help increase conversions on a landing page.
  • If you use a picture, make sure the object or person is aiming or pointing towards the opt-in box where you want them to go (see a good example of this here).  Meaning, don’t ever use a picture where the people or main object is looking or pointing the opposite way of the opt-in box.
  • Make sure to use Bullet points listing the benefits of your Free Widget (report, video, e-book, etc)
  • Testimonials or third party credibility is huge
  • Have an incredibly obvious call to action!
  • Use a button (where they will click to opt-in) that stands out
  • Split test whenever possible!
  • Finally, one of the best tactics I have found is to create multiple landing pages that all feed from your main site.  If you would like to see an example, just check out the main page of Advisor Internet Marketing.  Notice that once you scroll down into the blog area that the entire right hand column is made up of individual offers.  Well each one of those goes to a separate landing page.  This not only gives me the ability to have multiple messages, but it is also an excellent way to test what is working and what isn’t working.  Check out all of them and I would love your feedback in the comment section below as to which landing page you like the best.

Next, check out this incredible infographic from the main man Neil Patel that breaks down landing page conversion even more.


How to Optimize a Landing Page
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Finally, we encourage you to always create as many separate landing pages for each of your different niches, areas of expertise, offers, and events.  For instance, if you are an expert at Social Security Maximization and have an incredible Social Security e-book that you give on a certain landing page, don’t use that same offer and headline for an Assets Under Management event that you are hosting.

It is important to always have a congruent and clear message on each and every landing page for maximum ROI.


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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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