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Financial Advisor Blogging Tips

To blog, or not to blog…

Out of all of the organic, content driven Internet Marketing pieces of the puzzle, the one that you can’t really live without if you have any intention of mastering online marketing is blogging. And that is why we put together this powerful video called Financial Advisor Blogging Tips.

The best analogy that I can think of to show you the importance of blogging is to compare it to your house. Could you ever imagine buying a home for you and your family that didn’t have a kitchen?

Yes, the home would still work in terms of shelter and a place to lay your head, but without a kitchen you would have to eat out every single meal. There would be no family unity, there would be no conversations around the kitchen table, and it would certainly be hard to ever have friends over.

Having a digital marketing footprint without a blog is just like having a house without a kitchen. And just as very few people would likely come over if you had no kitchen refrigerator, oven, countertops, microwave, and all of the other kitchen appliances you might take for granted, the same theory applies with your blog. Because in most cases, the blog content is what is being found and attracting people to your site.

financial advisor blogging tips

Financial Advisor Blogging Tips

Although we cover most of the financial advisor blogging tips pretty thoroughly in this video (above), here are a few things that we forgot to mention in our tutorial that should benefit you.

  • We highly recommend that you use a paid WordPress platform/theme for your blogging. And don’t be cheap and use the free version either (like or It might look good and you might get it for free, but you will have an awful tough time moving the content over to a real site that you actually own down the road.
  • Stay consistent with your blogs. Just like a TV station has a regimented TV Guide of what shows come on during certain days/time, the same should go for your blog. For instance, we let our viewers know that every Thursday we publish a new blog for financial advisors. Every once in a while we throw in an extra blog (like this one) that doesn’t fall on a Thursday, but our loyal followers know to visit our site every Thursday like clockwork.
  • Keep your blogs interesting and fun by telling stories and making it unique to you. No one wants to come to a boring blog that just regurgitates the same thing that they can find on big named financial sites. Make it FUN!


Blogging is to Organic Internet Marketing as gasoline is to a car, as a kitchen is to a home, as yeast is to bread…

All jokes aside, a blog really is the most crucial piece of creating leads online the organic (free) way. Although we have proven that creating leads online with the bare minimums like a YouTube page and a landing page can be done, it certainly isn’t as effective.

So start a blog, tell some stories, and create a following. You might be surprised on the asset that it turns into for you…

P.S. – To watch all 4 Internet Marketing Tutorial Videos, check out this power-packed page.


financial advisor blogging tips

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Fernando Godinez

Fernando Godinez is the CEO of Advisor Internet Marketing. He’s been the architect behind some of the top financial advisors online presence in the country and help them triple their practice through online lead generation. Over the past few years he has been responsible for generating over 500k leads through online marketing and lead generation campaigns for independent financial advisors.

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