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Financial Advisor Appointment Setting Secrets

We all can agree that seminar marketing for financial professionals works.  It has proven to be one of the most effective ways to share your message in a face-to-face setting available to financial advisors.  But what most people don’t realize is just how crucial the entire appointment setting process in regards to getting the appointment booked from the seminar, and then exactly what you should (and shouldn’t d0) in the crucial first and second appointments.  That’s why we had on Abe Ashton, the $30 million annual annuity producer, to give us all of his best financial advisor appointment setting secrets.

What do you need to know in regards to Financial Advisor Appointment Setting Secrets?

To begin, Abe lets us know that you must have a process in place for each and every step.  One of the biggest mistakes that we seminar producers make it just trying to “wing it” on their sales ability alone.  Because no matter how captivating and contagious of a speaker that you are, you will certainly miss out on a large chunk of clients each seminar if you don’t have a specific method and call to action to move them through your sales cycle.  Just having a process in place can separate the $10 million seminar producer from the $30 million producer.  And in many cases, rare $30 million producers like Abe are doing the exact same amount of seminars (and sometimes less) than the $5-$10 million producers.  They just do it smarter.

The biggest takeaways from Abe Ashton on Financial Advisor Appointment Setting

Abe gave some incredible tips on exactly what to do and say (he also talked about what not to do), and we highly encourage any financial professional to watch the entire interview.  And for those of you who want a recap and some highlights, here are some of the main points that I wrote down as Abe talked:

  1. Seminar attendees are just like fish at the fish market.  After 48 hours, the start to go bad
  2. Never give the client a reason to say “No” in the first appointment.  Meaning, never talk product or specific plans
  3. The first appointment is only meant to build a relationship, build trust, zero in on the nerve, find out the facts, and show your credibility
  4. Always leave them hungry for more on the first appointment
  5. Set the agenda for the next 2 appointments
  6. Always book the appointment yourself and let the prospect know that they have committed to an appointment with you, not your office or your staff.  Hold them accountable
  7. The second appointment should zero in even more on the prospects “nerve”
  8. The second appointment is where you start the education process as well
  9. The second appointment is when you finally present a product or plan that will fit them and help the prospect reach their goals
  10. The second appointment close is crucial.  This is where you must read their body language to see if they are ready to move forward that day, or if they need a 3rd appointment

To receive the two power-packed PDF’s explaining Abe’s first and second appointments, either call or email Impact Partnership at (800)380-5040 or email – [email protected]

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