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“Evolve or Dissolve” – Live Interview with Tom Hamlin

In Episode 10 of March Hangout Madness, we have the pleasure of interviewing the annuity legend, Tom Hamlin, who discusses everything from how he started, his passion for helping people, and why advisors must “Evolve or Dissolve”.

For those of you not familiar with Tom Hamlin, he is the original founder of AnnuityFYI and quite possibly the Godfather of internet marketing in the annuity world.  Tom has also been featured and quotes in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal about his expertise with annuities, and he even coined the term “Secondary Market Annuities” a few years ago.  His site,, is the leading authority on secondary market annuities and includes some of the best secondary annuity inventory in the country.  Tom prides himself and his company on consumer education and takes every opportunity to educate and to create a pleasant experience that he can.

Evolve or Dissolve

So just what is “Evolve or Dissolve”?  Tom passionately believes (just like I do) that the biggest mistake he sees financial advisors making is not evolving or adapting with the times.  In essence, if you don’t evolve and expand, you will end up extinct and dissolve into thin air.  It was this kind of forward thinking that has enabled Tom to always stay ahead of the competition, on how he came up things like Secondary Market Annuities, and how he has provided so many thousands of consumers a positive experience in regards to their retirement.

Make sure to check out the full video above and then watch all of our Hangout Madness Episodes here.


evolve or dissolve


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