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How to Get Other People to Share Your Content

How nice would it be if other people spread your message for you?

One of the most crucial pieces of the digital marketing secret sauce is getting your content shared and spread. Do you recall the old adage, “If you tell 2 people, and then they each tell 2 people, and then they each tell 2 people, and so forth? At some point, you have hundreds upon hundreds of people hearing the message. Of course in the real world, it never did and never will work that way unfortunately.

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Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors

In this exciting live Google Hangout interview, we cover all of the basics of Facebook marketing for financial advisors with special guest Nathan Lee.  Normally, everything we teach financial advisors revolves around organic search and organic marketing.  Meaning, we teach you how to be found online for free, without having to pay for advertising, banner ads, pay-per-click, etc.  However, it is too tough to ignore the power of Facebook marketing for financial advisors as Facebook has so much information on everyone, and they have made it incredibly easy and cheap to advertise (for as little as $25).

What are the best practices for Facebook Marketing for Financial Advisors?

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Why Financial Professionals Need “Google+” Now!

Let me begin by saying that I get incredibly frustrated (and sometimes feel like my head is going to explode) every time that I am told that there is a new social media platform that I need to be on.  Don’t we have enough of them already!  However, let me tell you the story of why financial professionals need Google+.

Likewise, yes, I also realize that many of you financial professionals finally mastered LinkedIn or Facebook recently, and the last thing that you need is another social media platform to become an expert at.  But Google+ isn’t just some new “fad” social media outlet that may or may not be around this time next year…this is Google we are talking about.  And when Google speaks, we should all be listening (especially since they control the 2 largest search engines in the country being Google and YouTube).  Just wait until you see the Google+ infographic below!

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How Financial Professionals Can Create Instant Traffic Using LinkedIn

In this replay of a Google Hangout that went live on December 12, 2013, Amy McIlwain, President of Financial Social Media, and myself (Joe Simonds), give a power-packed 47 minute breakdown of exactly how financial professionals can be using LinkedIn within their practice.

Amy and I reveal LinkedIn tactics such as using the LinkedIn advanced search feature to find and target any kind of ideal prospect that you are hoping to speak to from doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, CEO’s, etc.  The advanced search tool is basically the largest free database in the entire nation.  Not only that, they let you refine your searches down the most minute details…yet most financial professionals don’t even know it exists!

However, we have heard of numerous financial professionals that are using LinkedIn as their exclusive marketing arm, and even filling up seminar simply by using the advanced search techniques, in conjunction with building their own LinkedIn Group from scratch.

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Facebook Marketing Secrets for Financial Professionals

On Thursday, February 20th at 12pm (eastern), Joe Simonds (the Digital Marketing Maverick) and Amy McIlwain (the Social Media Maven) will be joining forces to reveal some big news on Facebook Marketing for Financial Professionals.  If you aren’t aware, Facebook has recently made some big changes to their algorithms.  This directly impacts how, when, and why your content will (or will not) be displayed.   For instance, did you know that if you aren’t putting good content out on Facebook that you might not be showing up at ALL in your followers (fans) feeds?

Moreover, this live event will have some powerful new ideas that you can be using to maximize Facebook and your Facebook business page (or pages).

You will also learn the following:

  • The 3 most important tweaks you should be making to your Facebook Company Page in 2014
  • How to easily create a Facebook landing page in minutes that can start generating leads for you.
  • How to properly post on Facebook so that your content gets clicked, gets read, and makes people take action.
  • Amy and Joe’s Top Facebook Marketing Secrets for Financial Advisors.  Don’t miss this event where you are surely to learn some tricks that will boost your Facebook Fans and build a larger audience!
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