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How You Can Divert Traffic From Big Named Websites

Do you have a Traffic Problem on your website?

If you are like most financial professionals (including me back in the early days of starting my first site, then I am guessing that you need a whole lot more online traffic than you currently have. And there are probably some of you reading this that have almost no traffic at all to your website. But regardless of the case, I am going to show you an effective way to legally divert traffic from big named websites with no out of pocket expenses.

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How You Can Increase Your Chances of Getting Found on YouTube

Getting Found on YouTube doesn’t have to be that hard…

Last week we posted Video #1 of a 4 part series that reveals a simple way that you could be using a free video idea (you don’t even need a camera) which could help you getting found on YouTube even that much easier. In this power-packed video (watch it above) Luke and I start off by discussing the five main components of successful content marketing, how each one works in tandem with your website, and how “breaking the code” for Internet Marketing for financial advisors isn’t as tough as you might think it is.

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How to Get Other People to Share Your Content

How nice would it be if other people spread your message for you?

One of the most crucial pieces of the digital marketing secret sauce is getting your content shared and spread. Do you recall the old adage, “If you tell 2 people, and then they each tell 2 people, and then they each tell 2 people, and so forth? At some point, you have hundreds upon hundreds of people hearing the message. Of course in the real world, it never did and never will work that way unfortunately.

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Does Your Website have all 8 of these MUST HAVE features?

The Website Checklist for Financial Advisors

Luke and I (aka the Digital Doctor Brothers) have dissected and diagnosed countless amounts of financial advisor websites over the past couple of years. Some bad, some good, and some flat out UGLY. But at the end of the day, we have found that all of the very best converting (as in converting new leads) websites have about 8 things in common. So we decided to publish this powerful “Perfect” website checklist for financial advisors.

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How a mere $10 increased lead conversions 80.3% in 19 days [Case Study]

The $10 investment that increased leads 80.3% in 19 days…

I can’t wait to share all the details on this wild financial marketing case study! And one of the coolest facts is that many of you reading this blog today played a role in this case study and didn’t even know it. Moreover, for those of you financial professionals who are currently implementing digital marketing into your practice, you know just how incredible an 80% increase in leads can be.

However, if you have followed Luke and I for any amount of time you probably know that any incredible breakthrough like this is also associated with a lesson learned the hard way, or some “Digital Dunce” move that I had to laugh at myself about after the fact.

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The Most Common Mistake On Financial Advisor Websites

Play along with me for a quick minute and pretend that you are a financial professional that does seminar marketing, and you take the following steps with each of your dinner seminars in order to attempt to maximize your return on investment.

You mail out 7,000 high-end glossy mailers to high net-worth prospects in your area inviting them to a seminar that you are doing at the Bonefish Grill

You reserve the entire Bonefish Grill for an afternoon, and pay $1,800 for all of the food to feed 50 people that you anticipate being there, and to reserve Bonefish for the lunch period

You pay for a proven seminar presentation and rehearse it numerous times to get it down pat prior to your big day

The big day arrives and you and your entire staff shut down the office and head over to Bonefish early to set up the projector and make sure everything is in order…

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Do You Want to See a Direct Response Website for Financial Advisors?

What exactly is a Direct Response Website for Financial Advisors?

If you don’t even know that direct response marketing is, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea as well. Moreover, I am willing to bet that many financial advisors and insurance agents don’t know exactly what it means either. In simple terms, direct response marketing is marketing or advertising that intends to drive a specific call to action, also known as a direct response. Usually, direct response marketing is aimed at a specific target or niche, and the targeted prospects are usually given something for free (education, booklet, e-book, real book, all the way to a free cruise) just for giving up their information.

Of course the “size of the prize” (aka “Freebie) is all dependent upon how much each lead is worth to you. Clearly, you wouldn’t give away a cruise if you were selling something that was less than the cost of the cruise.

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Find out if you are an Online “Marketer” or a “Product Pusher”

Are you an actual “Marketer” that is maximizing your website to sell for you, or is your site coming off as an aggressive “Product Pusher” who is having to use force instead of finesse to attract and convert new clients online?

This blog is an incredibly powerful one that will show you one simple step that you can be changing on your website to instantly increase the amount of leads that you receive online.

Of course the irony is that I am willing to bet that every financial professional that reads this considers themselves a “Marketer”, yet I am seeing a completely different story when I look at most of your websites. Well stick around for this entire blog and let me know in the comment section if you were or were not doing what I am about to reveal to you correctly or not. I would love your feedback either way.

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How To Use Social Media to Turn Strangers Into Clients

How to turn strangers into friends using Social Media for Financial Advisors

For those of you financial professionals who are members of Advisor Internet Marketing and have full access to all of our digital marketing secrets in the Ultimate Digital Marketing Recipe, you know that we live, breath, and preach ROI (Return of Investment) using Internet Marketing tactics. Meaning, if we can’t personally show and prove an ROI doing it ourselves, we won’t ask you to do it either.

Because here at Advisor Internet Marketing, we test and track everything. In fact, here are the first two rules that Luke and I live by and even have written out on our walls.

If we can’t Automate it, we don’t do it
If we can’t Track it, we don’t do it

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How Changing Just One Color on our Site Increased Leads 62.5%!!!

Some of you might recall the live Google Hangout that Jason Wenk and I did back on New Year’s Eve of last year that was titled, “How an ex-seminar financial advisor wrote $60 million in 2013”. Although I would highly recommend watching this recording when you have some time, I want to focus on something even more important that happened with this event regarding how to create leads online.

By changing just one color on our landing page, we were able to increase converted leads by 62.5%

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